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the promise ring thediamondisapromiseofeternity reminding us that the true promise of engagement is the sweetest de beers’ iconic promise ring captures the moment when together you open the gates to love eternal like your promise you will never forget your first de beers selected diamond the interlocking micropavé and platinum rings symbolise the loving promise that the voyage through life will now be made together handmadebythefinestcraftsmen thisclassicsettingwitha twist of the contemporary frames the diamond with artful simplicity bringingoutitssparkleandbrilliance 6

de beers aura as lovers as friends you see the world through the shared lens of your dreams these dreams like the sparkling stars that circle the heavens above are symbolised by the halo of the de beers aura ring binding the elemental purity of a diamond to the sanctity of your love the delicate circle of love is reflected in the micropavé ring of diamonds creating a halo of radiant light surrounding the de beers aura solitaire diamond protecting it and showcasing the beauty and brilliance of the centrepiece designed to complement both cushion and round brilliant solitaires the unique aura setting was created to magnify the presence of the centre diamond and allow it to sit flush with its matching wedding band the nature of de beers’ signature floating micropavé setting minimises the metal surroundingthediamondssotheysparklefreely to gethertheserings embody an aura of eternity and universal perfection 12

our diamond experts select only fancy cut diamonds that burn with the passion of fire life and brilliance 18 2 11

“ amonglife ’s preciousjewels genuine and rare the one that we call friendship has worth beyond compare.”

men’s bands in ancient times diamonds were symbols of courage and strength wo rnonlybymen thewearersweredeemedtobeinvincible theringitselfsymboliseseternity thespaceatitscentrea gateway or door leading to things known and unknown to the adventures of a life with the woman you love ourmen ’s bandsarecreatedwiththissymbolisminmind the circle of each band is punctuated with a diamond whether placeddiscreetlyinsidethebandorshowcasedexternally thismark of love expresses the most noble of emotions with a sense of quiet strength and subtly glimmering confidence 30

â„¢ diamonds were once said to have magical powers to bring about love purity and the eternal these mystifying treasures of the earth agelessly modern filled with light link past present and future the sophisticated balance of our timeless designsmakeeachpiecetheperfectcomplementtoyourimportantday the jewellery you wear on your wedding day will be imbued with the memories of those treasured moments of celebration and will live on as the heirlooms of your love 34

beauty of design each ring is designed with your love in mind and each collection is conceived for lasting sophistication elegance and grace inspired by romance and the natural beauty of the diamond at its core there is no more fitting setting for a diamond than an engagement ring of highly polished goldorplatinumthatmirrorsthediamond ’s innersparkle de beers settings lift the natural beauty of the diamond into the light like time itself the rings have no end and no beginning like life they form a perfect circle the diamond ring is a reminder that our ability to feel to love and to nurture are gifts from nature as a creation of nature each diamond is unique and has its ownstory forexceptionaldiamondsofcharacterourbespokeserviceenhancesthisindividuality providingyouwithatrulypersonal experience and an utterly unique engagement ring

ethical t h e wo rlddiamondcouncilhasworkedsuccessfullywith the united nations governments and groups such as global witness and partnership africa canada to introduce a system for the certification of the source of uncut diamonds and to prevent trade in conflict diamonds this system known as the kimberley process certification scheme kpcs was formally adopted in november 2002 and came into operation on january 1 2 0 0 3 debeers withthe wo rlddiamondcouncil hashelpedspearheadthisinitiativeonbehalfofthediamondindustry at de beers diamond jewellers all of our diamonds are accompanied by our guarantee that your jeweller y has been ethically sourced and responsibly crafted de beers requires that each and every supplier operates strictly within the kimberley process certification scheme and requires further written guarantees that the diamonds supplied do not come from other conflict areas or have otherwise come from illegitimate sources this stringent conflict diamond policy and its

the twin test selected by other brands selected by de beers the de beers iris withexpertisethatspansoveracentury debeersselects only diamonds with exceptional inner fire life and brilliance de beers haspioneeredthescanningofdiamondsinsearchofthesublimesymmetry only de beers diamond jewellers demonstrates this to clients each store is equipped with a de beers iris a unique proprietary technology that provides all our clients with an objective way to see the beauty of the diamond through the eyes of an expert slowing down what your eyes see in an instant the de beers iris replicates differing light conditions to illustrate how true beauty in the perfectionofthediamond ’s cutcausesalleightsetsoffacetstoilluminatesimultaneously sparklingwithbrillianceeveninlowlightconditions asymmetrical proportions perfect proportions and and misaligned facets cause facets enable maximum only the most beautiful diamonds are selected to become de beers diamonds to leak light light reflection

the de beers difference celebrating a peerless heritage with over 120 years of diamond expertise debeershasanunrivalledunderstandingofwhatmakesadiamondextraordinary the first to introduce the concept of the 4cs to consumers in 1939 de beers continues topioneerandsetthebenchmarkforassessingdiamonds to d a y weareproudtocombinetheartandscienceofbeautifuldiamonds leveragingthelatestandmostadvancedtechnology we also use our expert eye and unique insight to go well beyond the 4cs to find theworld ’ smostexceptionaldiamondsforourjewellery de beers’ expert analysis and stringent criteria start with an in-depth understandingofthediamond ’s uniquecrystallinestructure itsbasic 4 csand grading report but also go well beyond these conventional assessments experts at thedebeersinstituteofdiamondsindividuallyanalysetheperfectionofeachdiamond ’s c u t and proportions as well as its natural transparency to ensure that every de beers diamond exhibits a sparkle and

carat shape a carat equivalent to 0.2 grams is the standardised unit of weight a well-cut diamond can make light perform in breathtaking ways for diamonds and is not necessarily a reflection of size at de beers we like love itself the luminous blaze of your diamond should sweep you off select only diamonds that are cut with the right proportions where the weight of your feet within the hear t of ever y diamond is a radiance that was billions the diamond is well reflected in its face and not hidden away in its depth of years in the making de beers only selects diamonds that have been sculpted by the most delicate careful and experienced of hands ‘carat’ was originally derived from ‘carob’ a mediterranean “love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination” seed that was used for trade centuries ago although inedible the seeds vo ltaire had a very uniform size and weight and thus were used to balance scales when weighing precious