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13 category ii category iii previous institutions attended majors awards honors including dean’s list degrees conferred and dates degree candidacy status full or part-time past and present participation in officially recognized sports and activities physical factors height weight of athletes date and place of birth photograph students may request that all directory information or certain categories be withheld by notifying the registrar’s office in writing within the first week of a term additional information about the college policy or to complete the request to prevent disclosure of directory information may be found online at http www defiance.edu/pages/rc_ferpa.html defiance college academic integrity policy all members of the dc community are expected to engage in their academic tasks with integrity and respect for others a major part of the learning accomplished in college is the development of critical thinking skills and these skills are only developed when each person’s work reflects his or her own original thought defiance college is committed to helping each student to understand and practice the highest degree of integrity in his or her academic work and to take from that work the greatest intellectual and ethical benefit responsibilities of members of the defiance community each member of our scholarly community has a responsibility to encourage others to maintain a commitment to academic integrity and honesty faculty and administrators have a responsibility to educate students about the importance of original work and the ways to avoid academic dishonesty students have a responsibility to maintain high standards of honesty in their work and to seek guidance whenever they are in doubt about what constitutes academic integrity it is important to note that in the discovery and sanctioning of an incident of academic dishonesty the intent of the student will not be considered as a factor so it is vital that the student ask the course instructor about any potential issues before they arise students also have an obligation to obtain and be familiar with the dc student handbook the syllabi of each course in which they are enrolled and any bibliographic and/or citation style guides suggested by their instructors academic dishonesty the basic rule for academic honesty is that a student’s work should always be his or her own any misrepresentation in academic work including plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty examples of dishonest academic practices include but are not limited to using unauthorized notes or material during an exam deliberately exchanging information with another student during an exam falsifying data on which the student’s conclusions are based having another student take an exam in 2015-2016