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34 master of business administration program description the mba program at defiance college assists students in their abilities to think critically and to react to and make changes in today’s dynamic global business world graduates are prepared to recognize problems in business environments and identify turnaround solutions work productively with teams of colleagues communicate effectively to relevant business audiences and understand the ethical obligations and responsibilities of business    the following is a list of specific undergraduate prerequisite courses for the mba program acct 221 financial accounting 3 buc 350 business finance 3 econ 201 microeconomics 3 math 105 quantitative reasoning 3 mkt 340 principles of marketing 3 this course must be taken at the first available offering see undergraduate course catalog for descriptions     graduation requirements candidates for the mba degree must meet the following requirements for graduation    complete the 36-semeter hour program meet degree requirements within a six-year period unless a petition for extension is approved and on file with the mba program director and file an application for graduation with the registrar’s office master of business administration core curriculum the curriculum consists of nine core courses or 27 semester hours including   bus 503 organizational management and leadership 3 bus 504 statistics and research methods for managerial decision making 3 bus 512 organizational communication and interpersonal development 3 bus 520 managerial economics 3 bus 530 organizational marketing 3 bus 540 accounting issues 3 bus 550 issues in financial management 3 bus 560 global issues 3 bus 580 political social and ethical issues in business 3 defiance college graduate catalog