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2015-2016 graduate course descriptions bus 503 organizational management and leadership 3 a review of leadership principles and theories with emphasis on student-related experiences leadership issues and currents theories and practices related to organizational development will be covered bus 504 statistics and research methods for managerial decision making 3 this course explores commonly used statistical methods for analyzing business and financial data in order to develop critical thinking skills examples will cover various academic and professional fields topics include statistical concepts and analysis logical reasoning stochastic processes and probability this course will use data and information generated through statistical processes to make sound managerial decisions students will be expected to have a working knowledge of spreadsheet software and will use spss to analyze data   bus 512 organizational communication and interpersonal development 3 a practical

this course is designed to provide the students with legal concepts and issues within the world of sport topics will include negligence liability control of amateur professional and school sport violence/crowd control product liability risk management and other selected current issues bus 566 international sport 3 this course will be an in-depth study of the nature and scope of sport from a global perspective content focuses on the rise and impact of sport not only in the united states but around the world bus 567 governance in sport 3 this course will include a rigorous study of the nature and scope of governance and the major guidelines of the main sports such as football basketball baseball hockey olympics and intercollegiate athletics   bus 575 organizational systems and strategy development 3 a study of organizational theory and its relationship to modern organizations students will develop an understanding of organizations as dynamic evolving systems through review and

educ 502 advanced educational psychology 3 students will learn contemporary behavior cognitive motivational and developmental theories that describe the characteristics and processes of learning course content focuses on the impact of socio-cultural context diverse learning styles and needs and assessment on student learning class activities and assignments will help students connect human learning in various contexts offered fall summer educ 503 teacher leadership 3 students will learn methods and procedures of teacher leadership students will learn about the contemporary context of teacher leadership and will become familiar with designing professional development activities and events for teachers students will learn to use data collection analysis and interpretation techniques to understand concepts such as group dynamics individual skills organizational development and school leadership dynamics offered spring summer educ 504 contemporary instructional perspectives 3 rationales

educ 522 clinical practicum in reading 3 the candidates will work with primary middle or high school students diagnosing prescribing and implementing a reading plan for improvement to all learners culturally diverse english language learners the exceptional student dyslexia gifted learning disabilities etc the candidates will demonstrate competency in teaching reading and writing assessment and intervention examining and evaluating the school’s reading plan developing partnerships with parents administrators teachers and identifying and designing professional development in support of the school’s reading initiative pre-requisites educ 520 521 546 and 521 80 clinical field hours offered fall spring summer educ 546 reading diagnosis and remediation 3 the study of appropriate reading and writing diagnostic and remedial procedures for assessing strengths and weaknesses in young learners are included the use of the results of these procedures to create appropriate teaching

this course refines and builds upon students’ coaching skills and leadership capacities in sport sport coaching is surveyed from philosophical and pedagogical perspectives while considering tactics and strategies player development and peak performance training theory the functional role of the coach as an administrator is addressed from a variety of perspectives leadership in sport is examined through a social justice transformative lens by considering expert cases i.e biographical studies of those that have made the world more peaceful and just through their work as leaders in sport this course is required for candidates pursuing the sport coaching concentration offered fall educ 605 instructional strategies k-12 mild/moderate educational needs 3 the focus of this course is meeting the instructional needs of learners in grades k-12 with mild to moderate disabilities skills will focus on the design implementation and assessment of educational interventions in the areas of

educ 631 student athlete development 3 the course examines the role of sport as a vehicle for athlete development from physical cognitive and affective domains students then examine specific issues related to sport including health/nutrition personal responsibility positive learning environments and teaching strategies for optimal athlete learning this course aims to provide a framework of professional development from a theoretical and research standpoint educ 632 physical aspects of coaching 3 this course is an overview of the scientific principles of anatomy physiology sports medicine and biomechanics as a foundation for students seeking professional development in sport coaching specific topics will include skeletal and muscular systems injury treatment and prevention biological systems in relation to sport and physical activity nutritional factors use of peds and physical growth and motor development application of course content in a physical setting will allow students to gain