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38 bus 591 internship students who are not currently employed in a business environment may be placed in a local business for practical hands-on application of course material    bus 599 independent study 3 this course is designed for the student coming into the program with a particularly strong background in one of the required course areas upon application by the student and approval by the mba program director an independent study course may be designed by the student in cooperation with a specific faculty member to substitute for the course in which the student is particularly proficient educ 501 philosophy of education 3 this course is designed to provide graduate students with a framework for examining the development of educational philosophies aligned with societal events from the end of the common school movement to the current times graduate students will determine how societal events will and have impacted the american public school system activities in this course will assist graduate students with research skills academic writing critical thinking and the analysis of complex issues facing the american public school system offered fall educ 502 advanced educational psychology 3 students will learn contemporary behavior cognitive motivational and developmental theories that describe the characteristics and processes of learning course content focuses on the impact of socio-cultural context diverse learning styles and needs and assessment on student learning class activities and assignments will help students connect human learning in various contexts offered fall summer educ 503 teacher leadership 3 students will learn methods and procedures of teacher leadership students will learn about the contemporary context of teacher leadership and will become familiar with designing professional development activities and events for teachers students will learn to use data collection analysis and interpretation techniques to understand concepts such as group dynamics individual skills organizational development and school leadership dynamics offered spring summer educ 504 contemporary instructional perspectives 3 rationales theoretical bases components for implementation and potential applications for a variety of instructional approaches will be identified and examined models of teaching teacher effectiveness research findings and reflective practices will be emphasized offered fall summer defiance college graduate catalog