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8 additional master of business administration program information it should be understood that prerequisites for the graduate degree master of business administration mba are intended to provide a minimal common base of knowledge for the required courses in the graduate curriculum the common base of knowledge should include the following basic computer skills with mastery of document production spreadsheets and presentation software quantitative reasoning skills microeconomics basic accounting and financial management skills and marketing these prerequisites must be completed prior to enrolling in the affiliated core mba courses defiance college provides several alternatives to meeting the prerequisite requirements the mba admission committee reviews the applicant file to determine what prerequisites have already been met by previous undergraduate or graduate course work the committee may also waive prerequisites based on interviewing the prospective candidate and evaluating work experience or non-credit training if it can be determined that the applicant possesses knowledge equivalent to the prerequisite course content if prerequisite coursework is needed the following options may be used 1 individual undergraduate courses are available for all prerequisite subjects basic computer skills accounting microeconomics quantitative reasoning finance and marketing 2 successful completion of three semester hours of microeconomics 3 the college offers accounting courses that meet the accounting and finance requirement 4 the college offers courses specifically designed to meet the requirements for marketing and quantitative reasoning 5 successful completion of basic computer skills in word processing spreadsheets and presentations demonstrated proficiency in the college designed examination proficiency tests are offered each semester through the pilgrim library go online to http library.defiance.edu/services testing.html to view additional testing information 6 national clep and dantes tests are available for most subjects this is useful if one has some knowledge of the topic and time and discipline to prepare with some guidance for current clep and dantes course equivalents please view the online guide at http www.defiance.edu/pages sl_arc_testing.html defiance college graduate catalog