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16 use of human subjects for research graduate students shall work with the supervising professor in developing protocols for research involving human subjects protocols must be submitted to the institutional review board to ensure compliance with federal regulations independent study courses independent study may be either project or research-oriented topics for independent study are not usually part of the curriculum but reflect a student’s special interest or they take a student further into a subject than regular course work allows students must work closely with the appropriate program director in planning executing and evaluating if an independent study course is appropriate in their plan of study all graduate independent study courses must be approved by the program director and chief academic officer approved independent study forms must be submitted to the registrar’s office within two weeks after the beginning of the semester independent study forms are available online atwww.defiance.edu/pages/rc download_forms.html master of art in education independent studies may only be used for elective courses in the mae program such a course will be designed to allow a student to extend their knowledge or skill in an area of interest in the field of education master of business administration only one required course in the mba core may be taken through independent study a course may not be taken as an independent study during the academic term in which the course is being offered undergraduate students enrolled in graduate courses undergraduate students may take up to and including nine semester hours of graduate credit if they have successfully completed 90 or more hours of undergraduate coursework with a minimum cumulative gpa of 2.75 graduate courses taken by undergraduate students above the 120 credit hours required for the baccalaureate degree may count for graduate credit students must get the approval of both their academic advisor and the appropriate program director to schedule for graduate classes grading system to continue in good standing a student must maintain a 3.0 minimum grade point average courses will be graded in the traditional manner a a high quality graduate work b b quality graduate work b c c below expected graduate work but acceptable f failing work defiance college graduate catalog