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25 the credit of tuition housing and meals along with the return of unearned federal title iv funds is calculated on a per diem basis up to the 60 percent point in the semester the amount earned is determined by dividing the number of days enrolled by the number of days in the enrollment period including weekends and holidays except thanksgiving break and spring break the credit of meal plan charges will be calculated based on the official date of withdrawal with one additional week added after the 60 percent point in the semester tuition and housing are charged in full and title iv aid is considered to be 100 percent earned a student will not be issued a cash refund on any credit balance until the refund calculation process is complete any credit balance remaining on the student’s account that is from institutional funds will not be issued as a refund to the student any outstanding balance on the student’s account is due immediately the student will also be responsible for any library fines and room damage fines a withdrawal fee of $50 is assessed for withdrawing at any time from the institution the following items are non-refundable activity fee audit fee course related fees deferred payment plan fees finance charges late fees payment plan or registration parking fee returned check/dishonored electronic transaction fee residential charges damages or fines technology fee transient student registration fee withdrawal fee all other institutional fees withdraw from course students who withdraw from a course prior to the drop/add deadline of the semester receive full tuition credit after the drop/add deadline there will be no calculation of tuition credits unless the student withdraws from the college students enrolled in classes held in a sub term a shorter term that starts later in the semester such as the second summer session will only be eligible for a tuition credit if the student drops the course prior to the drop/add deadline for the sub term 2015-2016