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42 educ 612 communication and language and reading for diverse populations 3 the focus of this course is speech and language acquisition for the typically and atypically developing child an overview of various disorders and their effects on receptive and expressive language and learning will be part of this course skills will focus on the use of assistive and augmentative communication strategies strategies to enhance and support communication skills of individuals with mild/moderate disabilities and best practices in language use and acquisition a 20-hour field experience is required prerequisites educ 558 offered spring educ 630 sports psychology 3 this course is an overview of current research and theory on the use of psychological skills for peak performance and overall athlete and coach well-being content covers the broad range of contemporary sport psychology sub-themes including counseling mental imagery positive self-talk goal setting team dynamics developmental concerns athlete and coach burnout and mental preparation for optimal performance offered fall summer educ 631 student athlete development 3 the course examines the role of sport as a vehicle for athlete development from physical cognitive and affective domains students then examine specific issues related to sport including health/nutrition personal responsibility positive learning environments and teaching strategies for optimal athlete learning this course aims to provide a framework of professional development from a theoretical and research standpoint educ 632 physical aspects of coaching 3 this course is an overview of the scientific principles of anatomy physiology sports medicine and biomechanics as a foundation for students seeking professional development in sport coaching specific topics will include skeletal and muscular systems injury treatment and prevention biological systems in relation to sport and physical activity nutritional factors use of peds and physical growth and motor development application of course content in a physical setting will allow students to gain a maximal understanding of skills tactics and strategies required for a successful coach this course is required for candidates pursuing the sport coaching concentration offered spring educ 633 family and community partnerships 3 the focus of this course is the understanding of the family and community as partners with the schools in the education of students with mild and moderate disabilities prerequisites educ 601 offered fall summer defiance college graduate catalog