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2002-2003 calendar fall semester 2002 new faculty orientation faculty workshop weekend college new student orientation 5hjlvwudwlrqdqgyhqlqj&odvvhv%hjlq 8qghujudgxdwh udgxdwh  d &odvvhvdqg/dev%hjlq 8qghujudgxdwh udgxdwh  late registration ends at 6:30 p.m last day to drop/add courses /deru d +rolgd  1r&odvvhv  weekend college courses begin midterm 0lgwhup%uhdn 1r&odvvhv thursday night classes meet midterm grades due by 12 noon last day to withdraw with an automatic “w” dfxow  hyhorsphqw d  1r&odvvhv tuesday night classes meet 7kdqnvjlylqj9dfdwlrq classes resume at 8:00 a.m /dvw d ri&odvvhv 8qghujudgxdwh udgxdwh  final examinations last day of classes for weekend college courses grades due by 12 noon 2i¿fhv&orvhgiru&kulvwpdv%uhdn spring semester 2003 2i¿fhv5hrshq 5hjlvwudwlrqdqgyhqlqj&odvvhv%hjlq 8qghujudgxdwh udgxdwh  d &odvvhvdqg/dev%hjlq 8qghujudgxdwh udgxdwh  late registration ends at 6:30 p.m last

12 financial policies prepayment of tuition financial status a new student accepted for september admission is required to pdnhdsuhsd phqwriwrzdugwxlwlrq$ixoouhixqgzlooeh made to a student who cancels his/her application before may 1 for fall enrollment 7rehfrqvlghuhglqjrrg¿qdqfldovwdqglqjvwxghqwvpxvw frpsohwh¿qdqfldoduudqjhphqwvrqruehiruhrshquhjlvwudwlrq day failure to do so may deny the student the right to attend classes during the second semester currently-enrolled students schedule iruwkhqh[w hdu7rfrq¿upwkhvfkhgxolqjduhwxuqlqj vwxghqwlvuhtxluhgwrpdnhdwxlwlrqsuhsd phqwrie  june 15 failure to make the prepayment on time may preclude registration in the fall and may delete the scheduling 7rfrqwlqxhlqjrrg¿qdqfldovwdqglqjvwxghqwvpxvw frpsohwhdoouhtxluhg¿qdqfldodlgsurfhgxuhvphhwdooghihuuhg payment deadlines and make other arrangements for any student loans which might be denied failure to

graduation requirements21 uhtxluhphqwvolvwhgehorzdqgzkrlvdssuryhgirujudgxdwlrq e wkhidfxow dqgwuxvwhhvzloouhfhlyhwkh$vvrfldwhri$uwv the bachelor of arts or the bachelor of science degree students who complete degree requirements in the summer may sduwlflsdwhlqwkhdqqxdovsulqjfrpphqfhphqwdqgzloouhfhlyh their diploma when requirements are completed students must declare their intention to graduate by completing a graduation application in the registration center before january 1 prior to wkh0d judgxdwlrq2qo vwxghqwvzkrkdyhfrpsohwhg or more credits at the end of the spring term will be allowed to participate in commencement a full-time student normally is subject to the requirements in wkhfdwdorjfxuuhqwdwwkhwlphrihqwudqfhsurylghgdghjuhh lvfrpsohwhgzlwklq¿yhfdohqgdu hduvrihqwudqfhrusduw wlphvwxghqwvwkhwlpholplwlvhljkwfdohqgdu hduv+rzhyhud student may elect to change to the requirements stated in a more

majors requirements 30 division structure 7khdfdghplfrujdql]dwlrqriwkh&roohjhfrqvlvwvri¿yh glylvlrqv7krvhglylvlrqvwkhlu&kdluvdqgwkhglvflsolqhvwkh  include are $uwv +xpdqlwlhv lylvlrq u0lfkdho6rshu&kdlu &rxuvhvriihuhglq$uw $5 $uwvdqg+xpdqlwlhv  &rppxqlfdwlrq$uwv qjolvk 1 hqhudo6wxglhv 6  +lvwru  0xvlf 08 5holjlrq 5 dqg6sdqlvk 63  %hkdylrudodqg$ssolhg6rfldo6flhqfh lylvlrq3uri6whyh sondergaard chair &rxuvhvriihuhglq&ulplqdo-xvwlfh 3rolwlfdo6flhqfh 36  3v fkrorj  3 6rfldo:run 6 dqg6rflrorj  62  %xvlqhvv lylvlrq u5rehuw.rko&kdlu &rxuvhvriihuhglq$ffrxqwlqj %xvlqhvv$gplqlvwudwlrq frqrplfv lqdqfh 0dqdjhphqw 0  0dunhwlqj 0 dqg,qirupdwlrq7hfkqrorj  ,7  $xglwlqj  4xdqwlwdwlyh%xvlqhvv$qdo vlv  %xvlqhvv6wdwlvwlfv  %xvlqhvv&rppxqlfdwlrq  %xvlqhvvwklfv   %xvlqhvv/dz  %xvlqhvv3rolf  

majors requirements 39 information technology it instructor j crites success in business organizations and education today is dependent upon timely and correct information information technology professionals are responsible for meeting this need students pursuing a degree in it learn to harness the power of information whfkqrorj wrfuhdwhlqirupdwlrqv vwhpvwrvroyhsureohpvdqg fuhdwhfrpshwlwlyhdgydqwdjh7khpdmruvlq,qirupdwlrq7hfknology prepare students for existing and emerging jobs and carriers in the application of information systems and technology to plan analyze design construct maintain and manage computer systems and applications the major requires 30 hours of core information technology courses including ,7 3urjudpplqj,  ,7 3urjudpplqj   ,7  dwdedvh0dqdjhphqw  ,7 :he%dvhg3urjudpplqj  ,7 6riwzduh,qwhjudwlrq  ,7 $ojrulwkpvdqg dwd6wuxfwxuhv  ,7 1hwzrunxqgdphqwdov  ,7 ,qirupdwlrq7hfkqrorj wklfv 

majors requirements 48 2 to prepare the student for licensure as a baccalaureate social  zrunhu %6: lqwkhvwdwhri2klr 3 to prepare the student for graduate school education in  vrfldozrune jlylqjwkhpdqdghtxdwhirxqgdwlrqlqwkh ¿yh frpsrqhqwsduwvrirxufxuulfxoxpvrfldouhvhdufk vrfldo   zhoiduhsrolf dqggholyhu kxpdq ehkdylrudqgvrfldo   hqylurqphqwvrfldo zrunsudfwlfhvnloovdqg¿ohsudfwlfhlq  dgglwlrqwr fxuulfxoxpfrqwhqwlqydoxhvhwklfvglyhuvlw    social and economic justice and populations at risk 4 to promote life-long learning and professional growth for students and area social work practitioners sulruwruhjlvwhulqjiruxsshuglylvlrqvrfldozrunfrxuvhv7khvh courses are 3<,qwurgxfwlrqwr3v fkrorj   3<$eqrupdo3v fkrorj   3<,qidqf dqg&klogkrrg  3<$grohvfhqfhdqg$gxowkrrg  62&xowxudo lyhuvlw   6:%hkdylrudo6wdwlvwlfv  6:/lihlq6rflhw   program admission

course descriptions digital animation the 2d portion of the course focuses on web purposed animations including animated gif and flash technology the 3d portion of the course focuses on the basics of prgholqjvnlqqlqjexpspdsslqjoljkwlqjlqyhuvhnlqhvwkhwics kinesthetic and motion physics will be addressed but not emphasized prerequisites it 100 ar 214 offered in spring of odd alternate years ca 424 public advocacy 3 7khfrxuvhlqyroyhvwkhvwxg rilqirupdoorjlfdvlwdssolhvlq pxowlsohfrqwh[wvdfkvwxghqwzlooohduqwrghyhorsdqgsuhvhqw logical appeals in support of social issues the student will irupxodwhfodlpvdsso uhdvrqlqjwhfkqltxhvjdwkhudqghydoxdwh hylghqfhsuhsduhfdvhfrqvwuxfwlrqdqgfurvvh[dplqdwlrqviru debate and defend and refute ideas before a critical audience 7khfrxuvhzloovxssruwwkhlqvwlwxwlrqvfrpplwphqwwrvhuylfh ohduqlqje kdylqjwkhvwxghqwdgguhvvlvvxhvrifrppxqlw  concern in public forums offered in fall of alternate odd

66 course descriptions finance fi 350 business finance  6xuyh ri¿qdqfhiurpwkhshuvshfwlyhvrilqyhvwruvexvlqhvv ¿upvdqg¿qdqfldolqvwlwxwlrqv7rslfvlqfoxghwkhedqnlqj system capital markets stocks and bonds mutual funds working fdslwdopdqdjhphqwvrxufhvri¿qdqflqj¿qdqfldoghflvlrq making prerequisite two semesters of accounting fi 380 risk management  introduction to insurance and risk management for property oldelolw dqg¿qdqfldoulvnviulqjhehqh¿wvvrfldolqvxudqfh surjudpvulvndqdo vlvdqgfrqwurowhfkqltxhv fi 452 investment analysis  xqfwlrqlqjrivwrfnh[fkdqjhvdqgrwkhufdslwdopdunhwv ¿qdqfldodqdo vlviurpwkhlqyhvwru¶vsrlqwriylhzpskdvlvlv rqvhfxulw dqdo vlvydoxdwlrqlqyhvwphqwwlplqjdqgsruwirolr theory prerequisite ec 205 ba 212 ,and ba 350 offered in hyhqdowhuqdwh hduv fi 455 bank management  7khsulqflsohvri¿qdqfldolqvwlwxwlrqpdqdjhphqwzlwkhpskdvlv

course descriptions wkh$gydqfhlhog3odfhphqw3ydoxdwlrqwhvwlqjdqg grading and class management procedures will also be included in the planning and implementation process this course is a prerequisite to student teaching offered spring semester must be taken with pe 397 prerequisities pe 222 224 260 297 and admission to teacher education program pe 334 community first aid and cpr 1 0hhwvwkhuhtxluhphqwviru5hg&urvvfhuwl¿fdwlrqlqfrppxqlw  ¿uvwdlgdqg&35lqfoxglqjlqidqwfklogdqgdgxow&357kh frxuvhfrqfhqwudwhvrqwkhlpphgldwhwhpsrudu fduhjlyhqwr wkhylfwlp v ridqdfflghqwruvxgghqlooqhvvxqwlosurihvvlrqdo help is secured after satisfactorily completing the practical uhtxluhphqwvdqgwhvwvvwxghqwvzloouhfhlyhfrppxqlw ¿uvwdlg dqg&35fdugv$¿hogvhuylfhfrpsrqhqwlvuhtxluhgdvsduwri the course pe 355 exercise physiology 3 exercise physiology is the study of how the body adapts to the dfxwhdqgfkurqlfvwuhvvrisk

84 directory lois n mccullough vice president for finance and 0dqdjhphqw  ± h¿dqfh&roohjh%60%2/ c.p.a 2002 kristine m boland luhfwruri$ffrxqwlqj  ±8qlyhuvlw  of toledo b.s 1991 lori shafer0dlodqg&rs 6huylfhv&rruglqdwru   ± h¿dqfh&roohjh%$ linda l young$ffrxqwlqj&ohun  ± h¿dqfh&roohjh b.s 1993 frederico j f.j talley hdq  ± lfnlqvrq&roohjh $%%rzolqjuhhq6wdwh8qlyhuvlw 0$2klr 8qlyhuvlw 3k  melissa m bourque philion assistant professor microbiology dqg luhfwruriwkh&duro q06pdoo+rqruv3urjudp  ± 8qlyhuvlw ri1hz+dpsvkluh%6$oohjkhq 8qlyhuvlw  ph.d 1998 craig rutter luhfwruri6huylfh/hduqlqj  %rzolqj uhhq6wdwh8qlyhuvlw %60g registration center student services connie klingshirn luhfwruri5hjlvwudwlrq6huylfhv   ± h¿dqfh&roohjh%60%2/