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2004-2005 calendar fall semester 2004 weekend college new student orientation new faculty orientation faculty workshop weekend college courses begin 5hjlvwudwlrqdqgyhqlqj&odvvhv%hjlq 8qghujudgxdwh udgxdwh  d &odvvhvdqg/dev%hjlq 8qghujudgxdwh udgxdwh  late registration ends at 6:30 p.m last day to drop/add courses /deru d +rolgd  1r&odvvhv  midterm 0lgwhup%uhdn 1r&odvvhv  7kxuvgd 1ljkw&odvvhv0hhw  midterm grades due by 12 noon last day to withdraw with an automatic “w” dfxow  hyhorsphqw d  1r&odvvhv  7xhvgd 1ljkw&odvvhv0hhw  7kdqnvjlylqj9dfdwlrq &odvvhv5hvxphdwdp last day of classes for weekend college courses /dvw d ri&odvvhv 8qghujudgxdwh udgxdwh  final examinations grades due by 12 noon 2i¿fhv&orvhgiru&kulvwpdv%uhdn spring semester 2005 2i¿fhv5hrshq weekend college new student orientation 5hjlvwudwlrqdqgyhqlqj&odvvhv%hjlq 8qghujudgxdwh udgxdwh  d &odvvhvdqg/dev%hjlq 8qghujudgxdwh

financial policies using the federal refund and repayment method all colleges participating in the federal student aid programs are required to use the federal refund and repayment calculation to determine wkhdprxqwriuhixqg:khqzlwkgudzdolvlqyroxqwdu iru disciplinary reasons the full institutional charges will be applied after the federal refund calculation    the federal refund and repayment calculations are described below refund policy for withdrawal from the college 2004-2005 by registering for classes or completing a housing or meal plan application a student incurs a legal obligation to pay tuition fees room and board 7rehjlqwkhzlwkgudzdosurfhvvwkhvwxghqwpxvwjrwrwkh2i¿fh ri6wxghqw/lihru5hjlvwudwlrq&hqwhuwrrewdlqdqri¿fldozlwkdrawal application if a student withdraws prior to the start of the semester and incurs no charges the tuition deposit is forfeited if the student has incurred any charges the deposit is applied to those charges if a

graduation requirements 22 a student who satisfactorily completes the graduation uhtxluhphqwvolvwhgehorzdqgzkrlvdssuryhgirujudgxdwlrq e wkhidfxow dqgwuxvwhhvzloouhfhlyhwkh$vvrfldwhri$uwv the bachelor of arts or the bachelor of science degree students who complete degree requirements in the summer may sduwlflsdwhlqwkhdqqxdovsulqjfrpphqfhphqwdqgzloouhfhlyh their diploma when requirements are completed students must declare their intention to graduate by completing a graduation application in the registration center before january 1 prior to wkh0d judgxdwlrq2qo vwxghqwvzkrkdyhfrpsohwhg or more credits at the end of the spring term will be allowed to sduwlflsdwhlqfrpphqfhphqw7ruhfhlyhwkhlughjuhhvwxghqwv pxvwglvfkdujhdoo¿qdqfldoreoljdwlrqvwrwkh&roohjhlqfoxglqj completing exit loan counseling if applicable $ixoowlphvwxghqwqrupdoo lvvxemhfwwrwkhuhtxluhphqwvlq

majors requirements 31 dfklhyhgdjudghsrlqwdyhudjhriruderyhduhkrqruhge wkh publication of their names on the dean’s list to be eligible a student must be enrolled in 12 or more semester hours for which ohwwhujudghvduhjlyhqudghvhduqhglqghyhorsphqwdo courses cannot be used to determine eligibility for the dean’s list honors list:$iwhuhyhu idoodqgvsulqjwhupvwxghqwvzkr hquroohglqvhphvwhukrxuviruzklfkohwwhujudghvduhjlyhq are honored by the publication of their names on the honors list liwkh kdyhdfklhyhgdjudghsrlqwdyhudjhrirukljkhulqwkh semester coursework graduation honors candidates for graduation zkrhqwhuhg h¿dqfh&roohjhgxulqjrudiwhuwkhidoovhphvwhudqg zkrkdyhdfklhyhgvshfldoglvwlqfwlrqlqdfdghplfzrunzloo ehirupdoo uhfrjql]hgdwfrpphqfhphqwdqgzlookdyhwkh following honors printed on their diplomas as determined by

majors requirements 41 0$/lqhdu$ojheud  0$ lvfuhwh0dwkhpdwlfdo6wuxfwxuhv  0$3uredelolw  6wdwlvwlfv  0$2shudwlrqv5hvhdufk  $plqrulq,qirupdwlrq7hfkqrorj lvdydlodeohwrsuhsduh vwxghqwvwrxwlol]hlqirupdwlrqwhfkqrorj lqwkhlupdmruduhdri study students must successfully complete 21 hours of the following ,7 3urjudpplqj,  ,7  dwdedvh0dqdjhphqw  ,7 :heedvhg3urjudpplqj  ,7 6riwzduh,qwhjudwlrq  ,7 ,qirupdwlrq7hfkqrorj wklfv  plus 6 hours of any other it classes higher than it110 the two-year associate of arts degree is designed for the student who wants a foundation in information technology students must successfully complete 30 hours of the following ,7 3urjudpplqj,  ,7  dwdedvh0dqdjhphqw  ,7 :heedvhg3urjudpplqj  ,7 6riwzduh,qwhjudwlrq  ,7 :he%dvhg hvljq  ,7  hvnwrs3xeolvklqj  ,7 1hwzrunxqgdphqwdov  ,7 ,qirupdwlrq7hfkqrorj wklfv  plus

majors requirements 50 program admission policies and procedures 6wxghqwvzkrfkrvhwrpdmrulqvrfldozrunpxvwpdnhirupdo application to the social work program applications should be submitted to the social work program director by the spring vhphvwhuriwkh6rskrpruh hdu e idooriwkh-xqlru hduiru wudqvihuvwxghqwv wrhqvxuhwkhvhtxhqflqjriuhtxluhgsudfwlfh frxuvhvdqg¿hogsodfhphqw students must meet the following criteria in order to be accepted irudgplvvlrqwrwkh h¿dqfh&roohjh6rfldo:run3urjudp   +dyhdfxpxodwlyhjudghsrlqwdyhudjhriruderyh   +dyhdfxpxodwlyhjudghsrlqwdyhudjhriruderyh in social work courses completed in the pre-professional sequence or permission of the social work program director 3 complete a written application 4 submit a written autobiographical paper 5 submit three completed professional reference forms   3duwlflsdwhlqdqlqwhuylhzzlwk6rfldo:runidfxow    5hdgwkh

course descriptions ca 300 public relations  7khfrxuvhlqyroyhvwkhklvwru ri public relations the function of the public relations practitioner the basic skills of the science and the differences between public relations and marketing prerequisite ca123 offered fall of hyhqdowhuqdwh hduv ca 311 critical public address  7klvfrxuvhfrqfhqwudwhv rqwkhfrppxqlfdwlrqvnloovrigholyhu dqgfulwlfdodqdo vlv risxeolfvshhfkhv6wxghqwvzlooghyhorsdgydqfhgvnloovlq uhvrxufhxvhwrslfvhohfwlrqdqgghyhorsphqwrujdql]dwlrq outlining and critical analysis the course is designed for students interested in communication careers or in careers requiring communication expertise prerequisite ca111 it is offered spring of odd alternate years ca 315 web design  and introduction to web design the course presents practical application of commercial web design software it includes discussion of the aesthetic factors considered when creating multimedia using the web and the

course descriptions and ethnic writers the critical approaches include historical and psychoanalytical criticism prerequisite en 111 offered in fall of odd alternate years en 341 survey of american literature ii   $vwxg ri$phulfdqolwhudwxuhzlwkfrqfhqwudwlrqrqpdmru odwhqlqhwhhqwkdqgwzhqwlhwkfhqwxu zulwhuvlqhdfkpdmru genre with attention to the expanding canon of women and ethnic writers the critical approaches include feminist and multicultural criticism prerequisite en 111 offered in spring of odd alternate years en 350 survey of british literature i   7khfrxuvhlqwurgxfhvuhsuhvhqwdwlyh$qjor6d[rq0hglhydo dqg5hqdlvvdqfholwhudwxuh6shfldodwwhqwlrqlvjlyhqwrzrunvri chaucer shakespeare and milton as well as the expanding canon of women writers the critical approaches include intellectual history and the new historicism prerequisite en 111 offered in idoorihyhqdowhuqdwh hduv en 351 survey of british literature ii  $vwxg

78 course descriptions ohyhovripxvfxoduvwuhqjwkdqgsrzhu7khlqvwuxfwruzloozrun zlwkvwxghqwvwrghyhorsdvrxqgvwuhqjwkwudlqlqjuhjlphqdqg zloovxshuylvhelzhhno h[huflvhvhvvlrqv&dqehuhshdwhgxswr a total of 3 hours for pe131 pe132 pe135 and pe138 7khvwxghqwvzlooohduqderxwwkhlpsruwdqfhrighyhorslqjdqg working with the iep after working with a number of testing and vfuhhqlqjghylfhv7khuhlvd¿hogvhuylfhfrpsrqhqwdvsduwri the course requirements pe 222 pre k-3 1 this course is to be taken concurrently with pe 224 the students will be placed in a partnership school where they will be working with a physical education teacher at the pre k-3 ohyho6wxghqwvzlooehh[shfwhgwrghyhorsdqgrujdql]hsk vlfdo dfwlylwlhviruwkhvhdjhohyhovdqgwkhdsso wkhdfwlylwlhvwkurxjk dssursuldwhphwkrgrorj 6wxghqwvzlooehylghrwdshgdqg vshfl¿fdvvhvvphqwvzlooehfduulhgrxwe wkhsk vlfdohgxfdwlrq teacher and the college professor pe 260

directory 87 the president admissions gerald e wood3uhvlghqw  ±:hvw9lujlqld:hvoh dq &roohjh%$0hwkrglvw7khrorjlfdo6fkrrolq2klr 0 ly:hvw9lujlqld8qlyhuvlw  g susan pscodna hfxwlyh$vvlvwdqwwrwkh3uhvlghqw luhfwruri +xpdq5hvrxufhv  ±:hvwhuq0lfkljdq8qlyhuvlw %6 judith lymanstall hfxwlyh6hfuhwdu wrwkh3uhvlghqw  mark thompson hdqri$gplvvlrqv  ±7klho&roohjh b.a 1984 brad m harsha,$vvrfldwh luhfwruri$gplvvlrqv   ± h¿dqfh&roohjh%60%2/ debra a stevens$vvlvwdqw luhfwruri$gplvvlrqv    h¿dqfh&roohjh$$ bryan albright 6hqlru$gplvvlrqv&rxqvhoru   h¿dqfh &roohjh%60$ jennifer l stark6hqlru$gplvvlrqv&rxqvhoru   ±%rzolqjuhhq6wdwh8qlyhuvlw %$ h¿dqfh&roohjh m.a 2003 kirk wensink,$gplvvlrqv&rxqvhoru  ± h¿dqfh college b.s 2002 joyce nelson admissions