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history the history of defiance college is as rich and distinctive as the area in which it is located attacks on pioneer settlements prompted revolutionary war hero “mad” anthony wayne to defy the warring indians and establish fort defiance peace eventually came to the area and fort defiance became defiance ohio in 1836 defiance college was founded in 1850 when the ohio legislature set aside acreage for the newly incorporated defiance female seminary land for the campus was not procured until 1875 when defiance resident william c holgate accepted $1,200 for nine acres in north defiance the seminary held its first classes in 1885 and despite its name graduated its first class of four men and five women in 1888 in 1903 the name became the defiance college shortly thereafter the college became affiliated with the christian church which later became the united church of christ the college’s ucc affiliation continues today mission statement defiance college is an

academic policies graduate process skills all graduate students must demonstrate and document mastery of a set of process skills these are as follows u know how to use library resources and indexes to find references for course projects u know how to read and interpret original research studies to determine their foci and findings u understand that the most credible and up-to-date information must be used for class papers and projects u know how to write papers to synthesize information from multiple sources u know how to write papers with appropriate topic sentences and paragraphs transitions to and set ups for upcoming sections summaries and synthesis paragraphs understand and use the conventions of professional writing u u know about and use apa guidelines in all papers and projects with specific emphasis on headings citations quotes and bibliographies u know and be able to use productivity tools to prepare course materials and papers and u know how to prepare and use presentation

apa american psychological association format all papers projects and presentations for classes are to be completed using apa writing style papers should be suitable for publication using formal language and correct grammar punctuation and spelling students are encouraged to invest in an apa manual during their first course and to thoroughly study the acceptable options for conducting research and conveying information all written assignments must be reflective of professional work and supported by rational thinking appropriate literature and reason use of human subjects for research the use of human subjects for any type of research project presents ethical and legal considerations it is the responsibility of the investigator to protect the health safety anonymity and dignity of all participants for researchers doing action research in their own classrooms or places of employment using variations in instructional methods or procedures parent/employer permission is not needed however

deferred payment option defiance college’s deferred payment option dpo provides an opportunity for students who receive tuition reimbursement to defer a portion or the entire amount of tuition until the end of each term the dpo is permitted for employer-approved courses only and does not allow for deferral of books fees or other supply expenses the dpo is limited to those students in good academic and financial standing as defined by the college’s undergraduate and graduate catalogs all paperwork for the dpo is required by the college’s published due dates of aug 1 dec 1 and may 1 paperwork submitted after the due date may not be considered for eligibility to participate in the dpo students are required to submit an application for consideration as well as documentation verifying the tuition reimbursement policy through their employer the portion of tuition not covered through the employer reimbursement policy is the student’s responsibility students with a

u the formal complaint must be in writing with sufficient specificity u u a person bringing a complaint founded in good faith will suffer no retaliation u if a formal complaint is found to be valid appropriate counseling may be made available to the offender and/or disciplinary action or dismissal may be instituted consistent with the degree of seriousness of the sexual harassment or gender discrimination 2007-2009 the person charged will be promptly notified and given an opportunity to respond

examination eligibility the examination may be taken when the student has achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and has completed all course work in the foundations core for students selecting option b the examination is a component of ed560 and completion of this course is required before the student takes the examination any student who fails the examination may take another examination a student who fails the second examination may be dropped from the program examination process the entire examination process should be done within a calendar month the student will pick up the exam on the designated friday afternoon by 5:00 pm and will have ten business days and three weekends to complete the work the student’s response to the exam questions must be received by fax as an attachment to an email or through united states mail on the monday following the third weekend two faculty members will be designated to read the exam – one chosen by the student and

3 since communication skills and teamwork are of great importance in today’s organizational climate graduates will have the ability to communicate effectively orally both individually and as a member of a functioning team graduates will also have demonstrated the ability to communicate effectively in writing and through the use of modern technology master of business and organizational leadership criminal justice track program description the criminal justice track of the mbol program is designed to provide the abovementioned strengths to criminal justice professionals in or moving toward management positions within criminal justice agencies the strengths of the mbol program and the professional background in criminal justice prepare students for criminal justice management the three criminal justice courses will focus upon theory processes research and criminal justice public policy the leadership applications project will draw upon the business and criminal justice coursework

undergraduate mbol-cj prerequisite course descriptions ac400 accounting and financial management 3 an introductory survey of accounting and finance topics include basic financial statements internal controls tax requirements financial reporting for profit-making and non-profit organizations auditing cost analysis product costing budgeting pricing and performance evaluation emphasis will be placed on finance ma105 quantitative reasoning 3 this course explores commonly used mathematical topics to develop reasoning skills an interdisciplinary approach is used with examples from various academic fields topics for the quantitative reasoning course include logical reasoning introduction to statistical concepts unit conversion formulas and linear modeling and probability this course meets the general education requirement for mathematics and prepares students to continue on in a statistics or pre-calculus course ba495a marketing 1 an introductory survey of the theories of marketing function

ed516 exercise physiology and sports medicine 3 this course will provide a comprehensive overview of exercise physiology and sports medicine with a focus on the physiological demands of athletic training and competition the sports medicine component will address athletic injury prevention ergogenic and ergolytic substances and pharmacology in addition to general course requirements each student will select a specific topic within sport physiology/sport medicine on which to conduct independent research which will culminate in a multimedia class presentation offered in even years spring semester ed517 sport administration theory 3 this course will provide a comprehensive overview of sport administration in addition to general course requirements each student will select a specific topic within sport administration on which to conduct independent research which will culminate in a multi-media class presentation offered in odd years spring semester ed545 special topics topics of special

graduate faculty master of arts in education jo ann burkhardt associate professor education and coordinator of the master of arts in education program 2006 – bowling green state university b.s 1976 m.a 1980 university of toledo ph d 1991 fred coulter assistant professor early childhood education 2002 – university of rhode island b.a 1976 andover newton theological school m div 1980 university of tennessee ph d 2006 stacey elsasser assistant professor of education 2007 – north central university b.s 1991 oklahoma state university m.s 1999 ph.d 2002 sandra golden assistant professor of education 2007 – cuyahoga community college a.a.b 1993 dyke college b.s 1995 cleveland state university m.ed 1997 m.a 2000 kent state university ph.d 2007 robin kratzer instructor of education director of academic resource center 2000 – defiance college b.s 1980 bowling green state university m ed 1984 matthew lydum assistant professor of physical education 2004 –