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table of contents history 4 mission statement 4 accreditation 5 ucc affiliation 5 non-discrimination statement 6 student responsibility 6 admission policies application process 7 admission decision 8 full admission in good standing 8 conditional admission 8 denied admission 9 non-degree admission 9 transient student admission 9 time limitations 9 international graduate students 10 admission and payment process for application/credential deadlines 10 graduate admission requirements 10 applying for admission 11 financial responsibility 12 academic policies graduate process skills 13 academic year 13 confidentiality of student records 14 academic advisor assignment 15 academic integrity policy 15 apa american psychological association format 20 use of human subjects for research 20 graduate capstone handbook 20 independent study guidelines 21 undergraduate students in a graduate course 22 grading system 22 graduation

international graduate students admission and payment process for application/credential deadlines fall august semester june 1 spring january semester november 1 summer may session march 1 applications and all supporting credentials must be submitted by these dates only complete applications will be reviewed for admission to the college all academic records and supporting documents must be official if only one original is available a copy attested to or certified by the institution may be submitted a certified literal english translation must accompany the official document if the documents are not in english graduate admission requirements to be eligible for graduate study at defiance college graduate applicants must satisfy the following requirements 10 1 have earned a degree that is equivalent to the american bachelor’s degree for example some bachelor’s degrees are based on three-year programs and are not considered equivalent to the u.s

and student the appeals panel will deliberate and decide whether to accept or decline the appeal a hearing before an appeals panel must be held whenever the academic dean determines that the offenses committed or alleged may subject a graduate student to the possibility of a sanction at the level of suspension or expulsion a sanction at the level of suspension or expulsion may be appealed to the president or president’s designee the graduate student must submit his or her appeal in writing to the president within five 5 business days of receiving the decision of the appeals panel and must state the grounds upon which the appeal to the president is based the only acceptable grounds for this appeal are 1 to determine if the process of academic discipline has been conducted fairly and in accord with stated procedures 2 to determine whether the decision reached was based on evidence 3 to determine whether the sanction imposed was appropriate to the violations or 4 to assess

transfer of credit credits transferred for application toward the master’s degree are subject to the following conditions 2009-2010  no more than nine semester hour credits may be transferred  the credits transferred must not have been used to fulfill requirements for an undergraduate degree  the graduate institution granting the credit must be regionally accredited for graduate study  the credits must have been earned within six years from the time of application for graduation only the graduate studies committee through written petition to the appropriate graduate program coordinator considers exceptions  only grades of “b” and above are considered for transfer grades of “b-“or below are not considered for transfer transfer grades are not used to determine a student’s gpa at defiance college  graduate credit considered for transfer must have been taught by the hosting institution not third party using that institution’s name

library resources the pilgrim library provides access to online and print resources in support of graduate level learning and research the library’s website can be accessed by going to http this website provides links to the defiance catalog over 100 research databases and thousands of online full-text articles and books the defiance college id is used to borrow items and to access online resources off-campus research assistance is available whenever the library is open defiance college is a member of the ohio private academic libraries and ohiolink consortia computer policy and labs information systems at defiance college including computers computer accounts printers networks software electronic mail and internet access are provided for the use of defiance college students faculty and staff in support of the college’s academic and administrative programs all students faculty and staff are responsible for seeing that these

sufficiently prior to the date set for the final presentation to allow for a rigorous and careful reading of the manuscript by the advisor/committee and the coordinator of the master of arts in education program the coordinator of the master of arts in education program should be consulted for this deadline the final manuscript must conform to apa standards and the master’s capstone handbook the manuscript is bound and placed in the pilgrim library a research project binding fee of $25 is charged at the time of enrollment in ed 590 master’s project project final presentation each candidate for the degree makes a formal oral presentation of the master’s project and responds to questions from the advisor/committee and/or audience these presentations are scheduled at the end of spring semester and just prior to the beginning of classes in august and in early december if needed capstone option b – comprehensive examination students selecting option

master of arts in education with mild/moderate intervention specialist with emphasis in autism plan of study summer ed503 teacher leadership session 3 3 cr hrs ed601 history and philosophy of special education session 1 3 cr hrs ed502 advanced educational psychology session 2 3 cr hrs ed558 education of exceptional and diverse learners session 2 3 cr hrs total credit hours 12 fall ed512 developmental reading and writing in the content areas reading core 3 cr hrs ed604 instructional strategies adolescents with mild/moderate disabilities with 30 hour field experience 3 cr hrs ed606 learning environments and social interactions 3 cr hrs total credit hours 6 9 spring ed605 instructional strategies young children with mild/moderate disabilities with 30 hour field experience 3 cr hrs ed636 reading and emergent literature reading core 4 cr hrs ed612 communication reading and language reading core required for all with 20 hour field experience 3 cr hrs total

mba graduate course descriptions ba502 statistics and research methods for managerial decision making 3 this course explores commonly used statistical methods for analyzing business and financial data in order to develop critical thinking skills examples will cover various academic and professional fields topics include statistical concepts and analysis logical reasoning stochastic processes and probability this course will use data and information generated through statistical processes to make sound managerial decisions students will be expected to have a working knowledge of spreadsheet software and will use spss to analyze data ba503 organizational management and leadership 3 a review of leadership principles and theories with emphasis on student-related experiences leadership issues and currents theories and practices related to organizational development will be covered ba512 organizational communication and interpersonal development 3 a practical examination of

ed560 foundations seminar 3 this course synthesizes the concepts skills and information of the total master of arts in education degree program and therefore should be taken near the completion of the degree students gather to analyze and discuss current literature as it applies to the teacher leader selected issues in teaching will be treated in depth this course is an elective for students choosing to do their project as their capstone experience it is a required course for students choosing the comprehensive examination as their capstone experience ed570 teaching secondary students 3 this course is designed for individuals seeking aya licensure within the master of arts in education graduate program it is an introduction to best practices in instruction and management of secondary classrooms class topics include praxis criteria no child left behind diversity in the secondary classroom engaging instructional strategies lesson planning unit construction and the ohio academic content

701 north clinton street defiance oh 43512 419.783.2350 – office 419.784.0426 – fax check us out on the website email us at index a academic policies advisor assignment 15 apa format 20 appeals and grievances 24 calendar 66 dishonesty 15 graduate capstone handbook 20 graduate process skills 13 grading systems 22 independent study guidelines 21 integrity policy 15 probation and suspension 23 second chance 24 support services 32 transfer of credit 25 undergraduate students in a graduate course 22 use of human subjects for research 20 withdrawing from courses 23 year 13 academic resource center arc 32 access to web interface/one stop 33 accounts payment 26 accreditation 5 admission admission committee 30 application process 7 decision 8 international graduate student process and requirements 10-12 non-degree admission 8 time limitations 9 transient student 9 adolescent and young adult licensure 45