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2 table of contents president welcome 1 academic calendars 4-5 history 6 accreditation 6 mission statement 6 vision statement 7 ucc affiliation 8 non-discrimination statement 9 right to modify 9 graduate programs 9 admission policies and procedures master of art in education 10-11 master of business administration 11-13 international graduate students 14 payment deadlines 14 application process 14 financial responsibility 15 academic policies graduate process skills 16 coursework time limitations 16 academic year 16 confidentiality of student records 17 academic integrity policy 17-20 apa american psychological association format 21 use of human subjects for research 21 independent study guidelines 21 undergraduate students in a graduate course 21 grading system 22 graduation requirements 22 schedule changes and course withdrawal 22 academic probation and suspension 23 academic second chance 24 re-enrollment policy 24 academic appeals and grievances 25 transfer of credit 25

8 ucc affiliation proud of its heritage defiance college freely maintains its covenantal status as a united church of christ-related college independent of church control the united church of christ supports colleges as part of its mission to and service for society with the goal of nurturing men and women toward wholeness in competence and conscience.  the theology of the united church of christ affirmed by defiance college includes u a belief in the god-given dignity and worth of each person and a deep concern for the development of whole persons u a recognition of the importance of interpersonal relationships and the fostering of growth in a caring community u a strong advocacy for open intellectual inquiry and academic freedom u a trust that the truths one discovers in the diverse field of inquiry are ultimately interrelated u a positive ecumenical outlook moving beyond tolerance and acceptance to understanding and appreciation of  both religious and cultural

14 international student admission admission and payment process for application/credential deadlines fall august semester june 1 spring january semester november 1 summer may session march 1 only complete applications by the stated dates will be reviewed for admission to the college all academic records and supporting documents must be official if only one original is available a copy attested to or certified by the institution may be submitted a certified literal english translation must accompany the official document if the documents are not in english to be eligible for graduate study as an international graduate student applicants must satisfy the following requirements 1 have earned a degree that is equivalent to the american bachelor’s degree for example some bachelor’s degrees are based on three-year programs and are not considered equivalent to the u.s bachelor’s degree completion of upper secondary or high school education is not equivalent to a u.s

19 examples of plagiarism a non-exclusive list uuuuuuu using the exact words from a source including cutting and pasting from a web site without both quotation marks to indicate the extent of the material borrowed and a citation of the original source paraphrasing or summarizing ideas from a source without proper citation changing the words while maintaining the ideas from a source is a paraphrase that must be cited submitting for credit a work written or created by another whether such work is written by a friend a recognized scholar or is downloaded from the internet quoting from an unacknowledged source during an oral presentation using data other than that produced by the student’s own original research without proper citation of the source patching together a work using phrases and ideas borrowed from a number of different sources accepting assistance or collaborating with other students beyond what is explicitly permitted by the instructor remediation and penalties when

25 appeals and grievance procedures grievances of an academic nature shall be appealed in the following way step 1 step 2 step 3 the student will talk to the professor to resolve the grievance or concern within two weeks of the disputed occurrence if the grievance or concern has not been resolved the student may appeal to the respective graduate program director within four weeks of the disputed occurrence if the grievance or concern remains unresolved the student must submit a formal letter of appeal to the office of academic affairs for consideration and action appeals to graduate handbook policies shall be appealed in the following way step 1 step 2 the student may submit a formal letter of appeal to the respective graduate program director if the appeal remains unresolved the student may submit a formal appeal to the office of academic affairs for consideration transfer credit credits transferred for application toward the master’s degree are subject to the following

30 aid you should contact your academic advisor or the retention office to discuss the reason for your withdraw financial aid cannot perform the withdrawal calculation until your withdraw date is officially recorded with the registrar dc and the student are both responsible for returning unearned funds to the appropriate programs federal monies will be returned in the following order unsubsidized federal stafford loan subsidized federal stafford loan federal perkins loan federal plus loan federal pell grant and federal seog if you owe any money to dc resulting from the withdraw calculations you will receive a bill for all outstanding charges you must make payment arrangements with the bursar if you do not repay dc for the charges resulting from the refund policy your records will be placed on financial hold this means that you will not be able to register for classes or receive transcripts or other services until the balance is paid outstanding accounts due to dc my also result in

36 master of arts in education program program overview the master of arts in education offers a concentration area and two/licensure programs including sport coaching concentration and licensure in adolescent to young adult 7-12 and the intervention specialist mild/moderate in grades k-12 program goal the master of arts in education grounded in the college’s mission is dedicated to enhancing and improving the skills knowledge attitudes and competencies of current and future professionals in the fields of education and sport coaching we are committed to preparing lifelong professionals in theory and research becoming reflective facilitators of learning and as competent leaders in creating community of learners in diverse learning environment master of arts in education the master of arts in education offers a broad perspective in the areas of effective teaching and learning leadership multiculturalism and research to enrich the professional lives of future and current leaders

42 sport management concentration ba565 sport law ba566 international sport ba567 governance in sport criminal justice concentration cj502 criminal justice processes and institutions cj585 criminal justice public policy and seminar cj590 leadership applications project required for cj concentration health care concentration ba555 managing the health care operation ba556 managing public health and wellness ba557 health care strategy and policy seminar   electives available for all program concentrations and upon approval from the program director ba590 applications project ba591 internship ba599 independent study   prerequisites ac400 accounting and financial management 3 ba495a marketing 1 ec201 microeconomics 3 ma105 quantitative reasoning 3 it102 document production 1 it103 spreadsheet skills 1 it104 presentation skills 1   defiance college graduate

47 project this course may be taken in lieu of a concentration course if a student has expertise in a specific course or field of knowledge the student must work with a faculty mentor or program director all cj concentration students must take cj 590   ba591 internship students who are not currently employed in a business environment may be placed in a local business for practical hands-on application of course material    ba599 independent study 3 this course is designed for the student coming into the program with a particularly strong background in one of the required course areas upon application by the student and approval by the mba program director an independent study course may be designed by the student in cooperation with a specific faculty member to substitute for the course in which the student is particularly proficient   master of arts in education course descriptions master of arts in education core courses ed501 philosophy of education 3 this

53 ed 610 advanced methods seminar 2 the standards for ohio educators and the ohio continuum of teacher development is used as the basis for instruction in the course candidates will continue to learn understand and use the rubrics associated with the ohio teacher performance assessment program and how that will be used to assess their practice in the internship and during beginning teacher preservice teachers will continue to develop competency in instructional planning instructional implementation including the use of academic language assessment developmentally appropriate practice differentiated instruction and professionalism including reflection prerequisites ed 502 content requirements passage of praxis ii content test and admission to the teacher education program must be taken concurrently with ed514 and appropriate content methods course ed612 communication and language and reading for diverse populations 3 the focus of this course is speech and language acquisition for the