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3 library resources 33 computer guidelines 33 access to web interface/onestop 34 email 34 commencement 34 master of arts in education program program overviews 36 program goals 36 sport coaching concentration 36 teaching education licensure programs 36 course scheduling and registration 37 graduation requirements 37 program curriculum 37-39 master of arts in education course descriptions 44-49 master of business administration program program description 40 graduation requirements 40 program curriculum 39-40 master of business administration course descriptions 42-44 administration faculty listing 50

8 ucc affiliation proud of its heritage defiance college freely maintains its covenantal status as a united church of christ-related college independent of church control the united church of christ supports colleges as part of its mission to and service for society with the goal of nurturing men and women toward wholeness in competence and conscience.  the theology of the united church of christ affirmed by defiance college includes  a belief in the god-given dignity and worth of each person and a deep concern for the development of whole persons  a recognition of the importance of interpersonal relationships and the fostering of growth in a caring community  a strong advocacy for open intellectual inquiry and academic freedom  a trust that the truths one discovers in the diverse field of inquiry are ultimately interrelated  a positive ecumenical outlook moving beyond tolerance and acceptance to understanding and appreciation of  both

13 to be admitted to the teacher education program a graduate level pre-candidate must have 1 an undergraduate gpa of 3.00 or above or meet minimum standardized test scores on the gre quantitative 144 verbal 145 writing 3.5 or have completed the state licensure assessments in content and pedagogical knowledge in the desired licensure area at ohio’s approved qualifying score 2 a minimum of three satisfactory recommendations two from college faculty and one from someone who has witnessed the pre-candidate working with k-12 students 3 a current federal and ohio criminal background check that was submitted according to the schedule and reveals no arrests or convictions that would preclude the candidate from obtaining a teaching license in ohio international student admission admission and payment process for application/credential deadlines fall august semester june 1 spring january semester november 1 summer may session march 1 only complete applications by the stated

18 remediation and penalties when a faculty member or other instructor believes that an incidence of plagiarism or other academic dishonesty has occurred he or she must discuss the matter with the students involved as soon as possible an instructor confronted with a suspected incident of academic dishonesty must also consult with the chief academic officer to determine if other incidents involving the same students have been reported once the instructor is satisfied that an infraction of this policy has occurred the sanction to be applied may range from remedial actions such as requiring that an assignment be rewritten or a test retaken to failure of the specific assignment or failure of the entire course the sanction with the exception of suspension or expulsion as described below is left to the discretion of the instructor based on his or her judgment about the seriousness of the infraction all sanctions for academic dishonesty even those involving only remedial actions must be

23 transfer credit credits transferred for application toward the master’s degree are subject to the following conditions u nine credit hours is the maximum number of graduate semester credit hours that may be transferred to defiance college this credit must not have been used to fulfill requirements for an undergraduate degree u u u transfer credits must have been earned within six years from the time of application for graduation only the office of academic affairs or appointed committee and/or designees will provide exceptions a written petition of extension should be provided to the respective graduate program director only grades of “b” and above are considered for transfer grades of “b-“or below are not considered for transfer transfer grades will not be calculated in a student’s cumulative gpa at defiance college graduate candidates must have approval from the appropriate graduate program director before enrolling in another

28 to continue in good financial standing students must complete all required financial aid procedures meet all deferred payment deadlines and make other arrangements for any student loans which might be denied failure to do so will result in the account being delinquent in default and may result in one or more of the following actions a $30 late payment fee per month transcripts of student records will not be released diplomas of graduating seniors will be held credit for courses currently being taken will be denied board will be denied vacating campus housing will be required and the student may be administratively withdrawn from the college non-current accounts may be referred to outside collection agencies the student shall pay all the college’s cost of collection this includes but is not limited to a collection agency fee and/or reasonable attorney’s fees collection agency costs along with penalties and interest incurred to collect accounts may be added to the

33 pilgrim library services         the pilgrim library is designed to facilitate both teaching and learning through an atmosphere conducive to research and study. the most valuable resource in the pilgrim library is the five professional library staff members the library staff offers a wide range of research and reference assistance this help may be face-to-face via email through chat or by means of scheduled individual or group instruction the library building includes two computer labs space and tools for both collaborative and independent study informal lounge areas and wireless internet available to all registered students throughout the facility the library’s material resources consist of books online databases electronic books and journals print journals newspapers cds videocassettes and dvds.  the pilgrim library also provides information for students wishing to test out of required and elective courses for test administration

38 sport coaching courses educ 630 sport psychology 3 educ 631 critical issues in schooling and sport 3 educ 632 research on coaching 3 total credit hours 33 adolescent to young adult licensure grades 7-12 professional education courses educ 511 educational technology 3 edcu 512 reading writing in content area 3 educ 570 teaching secondary students 3 educ 558 education of diverse exceptional learners 3 educ 551-554 content methods for teaching 3 educ 578 student teaching/seminar 7-12 6 total credit hours 21 academic content requirement integrated math life science life science and chemistry integrated social studies integrated language arts total credit hours varies intervention specialist mild/moderate k-12 educ 601 history and philosophy of special education 3 educ 558 education of exceptional and diverse learners 3 educ 605 instructional strategies m/m disabilities k-12 3 fulfills educ 505 in the mae foundation core educ 606 learning environments and social interactions 3 educ

43 bus 560 global issues 3 a study of current issues in global management drawing together trade marketing operations management policy ethics and other factors reacting to the changing global environment in which today’s managers must cooperate activities in the class will include case studies role-plays discussions internet-based assignments written assignments and a final team project bus 565 sport law 3 this course is designed to provide the students with legal concepts and issues within the world of sport topics will include negligence liability control of amateur professional and school sport violence/crowd control product liability risk management and other selected current issues bus 566 international sport 3 this course will be an in-depth study of the nature and scope of sport from a global perspective content focuses on the rise and impact of sport not only in the united states but around the world bus 567 governance in sport 3 this course will include a rigorous

48 educ 630 sports psychology 3 this course is an overview of current research and theory on the use of psychological skills for peak performance and overall athlete and coach well-being content covers the broad range of contemporary sport psychology sub-themes including counseling mental imagery positive self-talk goal setting team dynamics developmental concerns athlete and coach burnout and mental preparation for optimal performance offered fall summer educ 631 critical issues in schooling and sport 3 the course examines the role of sport in school from a critical pedagogy perspective the national standards for sport coaches domain 1 philosophy and ethics serves as an initial framework for considering issues of equity and access as well as physical social and emotional safety students then examine specific social justice and ethical issues related to sport in school such as doping gambling sport as curriculum elitism school sport funding early specialization hyper-competiveness

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