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2009-2010 academic calendar fall semester 2009 new faculty orientation adult new student orientation faculty workshop registration evening classes begin undergraduate graduate day classes and labs begin undergraduate graduate late registration ends at 6:30 p.m last day to drop/add courses adult new student orientation labor day holiday no classes weekend college/bi-weekly courses begin midterm midterm break no classes thursday night classes meet midterm grades due by 12 noon last day to withdraw with an automatic w weekend college last day to withdraw with an automatic w faculty development day no classes tuesday night classes meet thanksgiving vacation classes resume at 8:00 a.m last day of classes undergraduate graduate final examinations last day of classes for weekend college courses grades due by 12 noon offices closed for holiday break spring semester 2010 offices reopen adult new student orientation registration day/evening classes begin undergrad/graduate weekend

financial aid financial aid office location serrick campus center room 204 this office handles federal and college financial aid hours m-f 8:30-4:30 phone extension 2364 financial assistance awarded by defiance college consists of any combination of the following scholarships and grants loans and/or work study scholarships and grants may be from federal state defiance college or private sources and do not require repayment loans are available from several programs and require repayment work-study requires that students obtain campus employment ninety-eight percent of full-time defiance college students receive financial assistance through some combination of scholarships grants loans and work-study financial aid is administered to students who demonstrate financial need as determined by the fafsa free application for federal student aid or who meet the requirements for gift or self-help aid programs defiance college financial aid is available through both merit and need-based

academic life academic dishonesty the basic rule for academic honesty is that a student’s work should always be his or her own any misrepresentation in academic work including plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty examples of dishonest academic practices include but are not limited to using unauthorized notes or material during an exam exchanging information with another student during an exam regardless of whether or not both students are aware of the exchange falsifying data on which the student’s conclusions are based having another student take an exam in place of the student registered in the course and submitting the same work in two different classes without the permission of both instructors once the instructor is satisfied that an infraction of this policy has occurred the sanction to be applied may range from remedial actions such as requiring that an assignment be rewritten or a test retaken to failure of the specific assignment or failure of the

academic life grading system the following system is used for determining grades and arriving at the grade point average a ab b bc c cd d df i incomplete an “i” not made up by the end of the next regular term becomes an “f” p passing at “c” level or above for undergraduate courses and “b” level or above for graduate courses u unsatisfactory w withdrawal wf withdrawal failing counts as an “f” in gpa aw administrative withdrawal nc no credit au audit in order to compare the standing of students the college uses a point system which assigns the following numerical value for each hour of credit a 4.00 a 3.67 b 3.33 b 3.00 b 2.67 c 2.33 c 2.00 c 1.67 d 1.33 d 1.00 d 0.67 f wf aw 0 points courses in which the student receives grades of “p,” “w,” “u,” “nc,” and “i” are not included when computing the grade point average to arrive at the average one adds

major requirements education ed associate professors jo ann burkhardt fred coulter assistant professors sandra golden and matthew lydum instructors michele duck joshua francis diane kaiser robin kratzer and randi lydum the education faculty’s objective is to prepare students to become effective facilitators of learning the curriculum provides the student with opportunities to learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching since the state department of education periodically changes teacher licensure requirements the college reserves the right to modify its programs and requirements to meet changing state standards the professional courses and the teaching fields outlined in this publication meet the current state standards for teacher licensure in ohio students interested in teaching in another state are advised to contact that state’s department of education to determine if the ohio teaching license will transfer to a comparable license in that state all

major requirements summer semester – total 6 credit hours nrs 213 nursing care of the childbearing family nrs 214 nursing care of the childbearing family psychology py third year at northwest state community college fall semester – total 15 credit hours bio 257 microbiology nrs 215 nursing care of clients with psychosocial health needs nrs 216 nursing care of clients with physiological health needs ii ssc 101 sociology spring semester – total 15 credit hours hum 210 humanities cultures renaissance to present nrs 217 nursing care of clients with physiological health needs iii nrs 218 concepts in management of groups of clients phi 220 ethics in health care psychology is a science and a profession courses in psychology are intended 1 to contribute toward better personal and social adjustment by enhancing students’ understanding of themselves and others 2 to prepare students for graduate study leading to careers in the field of psychology 3 to provide a

course descriptions bi 338 histology 4 examines the microscopic anatomy of major cell types and tissues of the human body their form and function will be examined as observed with slides of human and animal cells and tissues relationships of cell types and tissues structures to physiological functions will also be studied prerequisite bi 120 bi 129 offered in alternate years bi 350 wildlife management 3 the art and science of encouragement and management of wildlife historical aspects of wildlife management major federal wildlife legislation and application of ecological principles in wildlife management in federal state and private lands and waters prerequisite bi 320 or permission of instructor offered in alternate years bi 357 comparative vertebrate anatomy 4 the phylogenetic relationships of vertebrates living and extinct as revealed by their morphology prerequisite bi 129 or permission of instructor offered in alternate years bi 358 microbiology 4 morphology physiology genetics

course descriptions ed 341 middle childhood and adolescent literature 3 an overview of quality literature that is appropriate for use with preadolescent and adolescent readers focus on understanding and application of evaluative criteria successful techniques for incorporating literature across the curriculum analysis of elements of literature and ways of encouraging enjoyment and appreciation of literature interactive technology will be explored ed 342 teaching mathematics in middle school 3 the ohio academic standards in math are used to organize the instruction in the course the course emphasizes developmentally appropriate strategies instructional techniques and materials proven effective for middle childhood learners mathematics curriculum mathematical problem solving use of models and manipulatives applications to real-life situations calculators and computer programs will all be used in this course the need and use of content embedded authentic assessment strategies as well

course descriptions marketing mk 340 principles of marketing 3 an introductory survey of the marketing function product design distribution pricing and integrated marketing communication mk 341 advertising and promotion 3 role of advertising in business and society concepts and strategy in the administration of advertising programs budgets and media selection evaluation of advertising effectiveness prerequisite mk 340 mk 344 retail management 3 principles of retailing as applied to the marketing of goods and services to ultimate consumers store location consumer behavior promotion and personal selling skills are examined purchasing practices and price setting for retail managers prerequisite mk 340 mk 348 sales management and professional selling 3 a study of basic personal selling techniques steps in the selling process buyer behavior obligations and personality factors in the selling process and overall management of the sales function prerequisite mk 340 mk 410 e-marketing 3 an

course descriptions sw 230 behavioral statistics 3 quantitative analysis of behavioral measures including descriptive correlational and inferential methods report writing in the behavioral sciences is additionally emphasized knowledge of basic algebra is recommended sw 235 social problems 3 the purpose of this course is to facilitate increased awareness and understanding of social problems in the united states and throughout the world sociological theories research and movements will be addressed in recognizing social problems and generating possible strategies for action problems of well being human diversity inequality and modernization will be examined the course will encourage value clarification and critical thinking in resolving current social problems prerequisite sw 120 and py 110 sw 239 marriage and family life 3 an exploration of american family life from its historical structure and functions to variations in contemporary society issues of gender rules parenting