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2010-2011 academic calendar fall semester 2010 new faculty orientation faculty workshop registration evening classes begin undergrad graduate day classes labs begin undergrad graduate 1st 8-week classes begin late registration ends at 6:30 p.m last day to drop/add courses labor day holiday no classes bi-weekly weekend college begin last week of 1st 8-week classes midterm fall midterm break no classes thursday night classes meet 2nd 8-week classes begin last day to withdraw with an automatic w weekend college last day to withdraw with automatic “w” faculty development day no classes tue night classes meet thanksgiving vacation classes resume at 8:00 a.m last day of classes undergrad graduate final examinations last week of 2nd 8-week classes last week of bi-weekly weekend college offices closed for holiday break spring semester 2011 offices reopen registration day/evening classes begin undergrad/graduate 1st 8-week classes begin late registration ends at 6:30 p.m

financial aid financial aid office location serrick campus center room 204 this office handles federal and college financial aid hours m-f 8:30-4:30 phone extension 2458 financial aid resource guide awards scholarships source defiance college scholarship dc criteria merit citizen leader award dc service leadership financial assistance awarded by defiance college consists of any combination of the following scholarships and grants loans and/or work study scholarships and grants may be from federal state defiance college or private sources and do not require repayment loans are available from several programs and require repayment work-study requires that students obtain campus employment ninety-eight percent of full-time defiance college students receive financial assistance through some combination of scholarships grants loans and work-study lillian rae dunlap award dc diverse experience financial aid is administered to students who demonstrate financial need as determined by the

academic affairs academic dishonesty the basic rule for academic honesty is that a student’s work should always be his or her own any misrepresentation in academic work including plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty examples of dishonest academic practices include but are not limited to using unauthorized notes or material during an exam exchanging information with another student during an exam regardless of whether or not both students are aware of the exchange falsifying data on which the student’s conclusions are based having another student take an exam in place of the student registered in the course and submitting the same work in two different classes without the permission of both instructors once the instructor is satisfied that an infraction of this policy has occurred the sanction to be applied may range from remedial actions such as requiring that an assignment be rewritten or a test retaken to failure of the specific assignment or failure of the

academic affairs grade reports any currently enrolled defiance college student may view his her midterm and final grades schedule transcript and current billing statement by accessing https www.defiance.edu/onestop the web interface may be accessed from any computer with access to the internet and the proper browser software logon will require the student’s defiance college identification number and password these may be obtained from the registrar’s office in serrick campus center students are sent notification to their dc e-mail address when grades are available to be viewed online independent study courses independent study may be either project or research-oriented the topics for independent study are not usually part of the curriculum but reflect a student’s special interest or they take a student further into a subject than regular course work allows students completing independent study courses will work closely with a faculty member in planning executing

major requirements students the student should go to the head of teacher education and obtain a copy of the teacher education handbook this handbook is considered to be a part of this catalog these documents can also be found on the defiance college website www.defiance.edu report on the quality of teacher education as part of the title ii higher education act all colleges and universities with teacher preparation programs where students receive federal assistance under title iv of that act must report assessment data on their teacher education “program completers.” program completer refers to anyone who completes all requirements for any of the approved teacher education programs this year’s data is based on a group of 35 students who completed programs during the 2007-2008 school year the overall pass rate for these students on state required tests was 100 the college offers the following majors leading to teacher licensure early childhood age 3 through grade

major requirements religious studies core 22 hours one of the following biblical study courses not already taken as a part of the core rl 211 introducing the old testament chaos calamity and covenant 3 or rl 212 introducing the new testament teachings of jesus and the early church 3 and rl 198 seminar in religious studies total of 1credit hour in addition to the core requirements rl 201 approaches to religion 3 rl 210 spirituality and wholeness 3 rl 265 the black church in america 3 rl 267 islam 3 rl 499 senior capstone 3 and one of the following rl 360 women and men through the history of christianity 3 rl 395 special topics as approved 3 religion and service core 22 hours rl 175 beyond volunteerism 3 rl 198 seminar in religious studies total of 1credit hour in addition to the core requirements rl 201 approaches to religion 3 rl 353 leadership and group work theory 3 rl 397 field experience/internship 3 rl 475 administrative policies and practices 3 rl 497 field

course descriptions ba 228 business communication 3 a study of the principles of effective written communication and their application to business situations a comprehensive study of business writing including letters memos interoffice correspondence and complete analytical report writings a study of technology and the use of electronic devices to aid in business communication will be completed prerequisite ah 110 ba 250 personal finance 3 personal financial planning and management family budgeting income taxes insurance saving borrowing real estate and investments offered on a demand only basis ba 260 business ethics 3 this course examines corporate citizenship and social responsibility in a business context it is designed to broaden and deepen a student’s understanding of ethical issues that businesses need to consider as part of responsible decision-making analysis of stakeholders integrates the external and internal factors such as political factors global forces employee

course descriptions ed 334 social studies methods 2 the new ohio academic standards in social studies and the pathwise criteria will be used to learn about content curricular planning teaching methodologies and implementation students will critique and evaluate curriculum materials in social studies students will learn how to plan and implement curriculum that relies on inquiry-based “minds on hands on learning” and is appropriate for young learners emphasis will be placed on integrating social studies content to provide meaningful “reallife” experiences must be taken with ed 333 ed 336 ed 338 and ed 430 prerequisites ed 201 202 221 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235,237 330 332 335 and py 225 and admission to the teacher education program ed 335 integrated reading/language arts methods early childhood 3 the ohio academic standards in reading and english are used to organize the instruction in the course the course emphasizes reading strategies that are

course descriptions international and global studies is is 211 introduction to international and global studies 3 this course provides an overview of the multidisciplinary aspects of international and global studies including the following areas business religion political science history environmental management geography communication and literature is 300 conflict resolution peace studies 3 this course discusses from a philosophical moral diplomatic and historical-political point of view international conflict resolution strategy with some case studies e.g south africa war and peace violence and terror and especially issues in international law and human rights is 450 seminar in international global studies 3 a topics and methods course that examines current hotspots and conflicts around the world topics might include any of the significant areas of study in the major the emphasis is on understanding the methods of the various disciplines of the major is 499 senior capstone

course descriptions sociology so so 120 life in society 3 designed as an introductory course in the social sciences for the general student as well as preparing social science majors for advanced work in their respective majors this course content will examine the diversity of human societies by understanding the nature of culture and its impact on social life variation in the structure and dynamics of organizations communities and societies will also be addressed in the course additionally major theoretical perspectives from the social science disciplines will be introduced as well as substantial attention given to issues of globalization and cross-cultural comparisons so 235 social problems 3 the purpose of this course is to facilitate increased awareness and understanding of social problems in the united states and throughout the world sociological theories research and movements will be addressed in recognizing social problems and generating possible strategies for action

index —r— refund policy 13 registration/registrar s office 35 re-enrollment 10 religious studies ministry studies and design for leadership course descriptions 96 major requirements 55 renewal of financial aid 14 requirements for admission 8 residence life 20 residential fee 11 residential status change 13 restoration ecology major requirements 59 revisions of aid packages 15 right to modify 7 room and meal plan change fee 11 —s— satisfactory academic progress for financial aid 15 schedule changes 35 schedule of payments 12 scholarships/grants 14 science and mathematics division 37 self-designed major 57 senior citizens tuition 12 seog grant 14 sexual/gender harassment statement 21 smart grant 14 sociology course descriptions 98 social work course descriptions 98 major requirements 59 spanish course descriptions 84 spiritual life 20 sport management course descriptions 100 major requirements 60 student activities 20 student complaint policy 7 student