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2011-2012 academic calendar fall semester 2011 new faculty orientation faculty workshop registration and evening classes begin undergraduate graduate 1st 8-week classes begin day classes and labs begin undergraduate graduate late registration ends at 6:30 p.m last day to drop/add courses labor day holiday no classes bi-weekly courses/weekend college begin last week of 1st 8-week classes midterm fall midterm break no classes thursday night classes meet 2nd 8-week classes begin last day to withdraw with an automatic w weekend college last day to withdraw with an automatic w faculty development day no classes tuesday night classes meet thanksgiving vacation classes resume at 8:00 a.m last day of classes undergraduate graduate last week of 2nd 8-week classes last week bi-weekly courses/weekend college final examinations offices closed for holiday break spring semester 2012 offices reopen registration and day/evening classes begin undergraduate graduate 1st 8-week classes begin

financial aid financial aid office financial aid resource guide location serrick campus center room 204 this office handles federal and college financial aid hours m-f 8:30-4:30 phone extension 2458 awards scholarships source defiance college scholarship dc criteria merit citizen leader award dc service leadership financial assistance awarded by defiance college consists of any combination of the following scholarships and grants loans and/or work study scholarships and grants may be from federal state defiance college or private sources and do not require repayment loans are available from several programs and require repayment work-study requires that students obtain campus employment ninety-eight percent of full-time defiance college students receive financial assistance through some combination of scholarships grants loans and work-study lillian rae dunlap award dc diverse experience ucc award dc ucc member financial need alumni legacy award dc dependent of dc grad financial

academic affairs of academic affairs two 2 faculty members who are current members of the academic affairs committee and who are not from the same division as the reporting instructor and two 2 students who will be chosen from a pool of not less than five 5 students who have been selected in advance by the vice president for engagement and representatives of the student government both the student and the reporting instructor have the right to be heard at this appeal and each may be accompanied if they wish by a member of the administration faculty or student body who is not a party to the incident the role of this companion is as an observer and advisor but legal counsel is not permitted the vice president for academic affairs or provost will only vote in such an appeals process when there is a tie amongst the other members of the appeals panel a hearing before an appeals panel must be held whenever the offenses committed or alleged may subject a student to the possibility of a

academic affairs pilgrim library services the pilgrim library is designed to provide an atmosphere conducive to research and study with a computer lab individual study carrels group study and lounge areas resources include books online databases electronic books and journals print journals newspapers compact discs videocassettes and dvds the library has a lending policy coupled with a system of fines for overdue items a validated student id is necessary to check out all materials there are five library staff members available to assist students and faculty for information on the library’s hours of operation please refer to the student handbook the college website the sign in the entrance to the library or call 419783-2481 registrar’s office location serrick campus center room 204 this office is responsible for scheduling of classes degree audit checks graduation approval veteran’s certification transcripts and transfer credit evaluation in addition to many other

major requirements ed228 ed229 ed243 ed339 ed340 ed345 ed346 ed348 ed349 ed410 ed448 ed498 es234 py227 education of exceptional children 2 educational psychology 3 phonics and the foundation of reading 3 middle childhood field experience 1 principles and practices of middle level education 3 integrated reading/language arts methods middle school 4 reading diagnosis and remediation with middle school practicum 3 reading diagnosis field experience 1 advanced methods practicum 2 advanced methods seminar 2 middle childhood internship 11 internship seminar 2 community first aid and cpr 1 adolescence and adulthood 3 choose two content specializations from those listed below reading/language arts 34 hours ah110 writing the self in culture 3 ca111 fundamentals of oral communication 3 ca311 critical public address 3 ed243 phonics and foundation of reading 3 ed341 adolescent literature 3 ed345 integrated reading/language arts methods 4 ed346 reading diagnosis and remediation with middle

major requirements religious studies ministry studies and design for leadership associate professor marian plant assistant professor dean johnson students may choose from two major programs in religion religious studies or ministry studies in order to meet the growing vocational needs of our students these two programs offer a central core of classes and several concentrations the religious studies major focuses on understanding religious ideas values and practices within christianity as well as other religious traditions the religion faculty engages students in open inquiry dialogue research and study in an ecumenical environment that values people from differing religious and cultural traditions the religious studies major provides pre-professional as well as pre-graduate school preparation through an excellent overview of important theories methods and areas of study in the field the ministry studies major focuses on professional preparation for work in local church or

course descriptions homeostasis reproduction and development nervous system and special senses and behavior population and community ecology and conservation biology there is a 3 hour laboratory prerequisites bi120 grade of “c” or better or permission of instructor bi 190 medical terminology 2 through the study of medical terminology the student will be introduced to the language of medicine students will gain an understanding of basic elements rules of building and analyzing medical words and medical terms associated with the body as dzkroh8wlol]lqjdv vwhpvdssurdfkwkhvwxghqwzloogh¿qh interpret and pronounce medical terms relating to structure and function pathology diagnosis clinical procedures oncology and pharmacology the student will be able to recognize spell surqrxqfhdqggh¿qhphglfdozrugve frpelqlqjsuh¿[hv vxi¿[hvdqgurrwv,qdgglwlrqwrphglfdowhupvfrpprq abbreviations applicable to each system will be learned bi 195

course descriptions ed 338 integrated practicum 3 students will spend 3 half days per week in a pre-k kindergarten or primary classroom serving as an apprentice to a master teacher they will plan implement and evaluate their teaching of a sets of lessons and/or units in math social studies and science as appropriate to the school’s curriculum content and or school context they will demonstrate ability to sequence instruction that is developmentally appropriate develop appropriate methods for students to demonstrate learning and use that information to alter future instruction students will be videotaped at least twice during the semester and jointly critique the tapes with college supervisors graded pass/fail must be taken concurrently with ed337 and ed430 prerequisites ed202 221 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 237 335 and admission to the teacher education program ed 339 middle childhood field experience 1 students will spend 1 half day per week 40 total hours in middle

course descriptions mk 449 marketing research 3 this course examines the methods of planning and conducting market research projects analysis and interpretation of research data prerequisites ba212 and mk340 mk 450 buyer behavior 3 study of business consumer and non-profit organizational buying processes emphasis is placed upon understanding the internal and external determinants of buyer behavior including its social cultural information processing and psychological aspects prerequisite mk340 or permission of instructor mk 460 special topics in marketing 3 in-depth study of selected topics and problems that confront the marketing decision-maker examples include problems in global marketing social marketing services marketing and industrial marketing may be repeated more than once based upon the content of the course and the permission of the instructor prerequisite mk 340 or permission of the instructor mathematics ma ma 201 202 203 analytical geometry and calculus i ii iii 4,4,4 a

course descriptions sw 355 practice i generalist practice 3 an introduction to the generalist model of social work and its application the course presents the generalist intervention model and the planned change process as a framework for addressing client issues and problems emphasis will be on micro skills as a foundation for mezzo and macro skill development prerequisites social work major sw121 sw278 and the professional sequence courses sw 397 junior field experience 3 the course serves as the first required level of field placement the student is placed for 10 hours per week or a total of 140 hours within a social work setting the student begins to utilize social work knowledge values and skills through observation and participation in supervised activities of the assigned agency to be taken concurrently with sw355 graded pass/fail prerequisite admission to social work major sw 356 practice ii groups and family generalist practice 3 an introduction to the understanding of

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