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2014-2015 academic calendar fall semester 2014 new faculty orientation tuesday august 19 faculty workshop wednesday august 20 through friday august 22 all monday evening classes begin undergraduate and graduate monday august 25 all day classes and labs begin undergraduate and graduate tuesday august 26 late registration ends at 4:30 p.m friday august 29 last day to drop/add courses friday august 29 labor day holiday offices closed no classes monday september 1 2nd 5-week classes begin week of september 29 2nd 8-week classes begin week of october 20 midterm grades due by 12 noon tuesday october 28 last day to withdraw with an automatic “w” grade friday october 31 3rd 5-week classes begin monday november 3 fall break no classes monday november 24 through friday november 28 thanksgiving holiday offices closed no classes thursday november 27 through friday november 28 classes resume monday december 1 last day of classes undergraduate and graduate friday december 5

tuition and fees may be assessed it is the student s responsibility to inform the business office of any adjustments to his/her account that would your payments students cannot pay the following through the plan library fines parking fines bookstore charges or other miscellaneous charges it is the student’s responsibility to know the payment due dates and to make the payments on time students whose employer has a tuition support plan may qualify for deferred payment only employer-approved courses are included and deferral is not allowed for books fees or other supplies the option is limited to students in good academic and financial standing as defined by the college’s undergraduate and graduate catalogs details and procedures for this deferral option are available from the business office financial status by registering for classes or completing a housing or meal plan application a student incurs a legal obligation to pay tuition fees room and board and other

student life office that maintains disability-related documents certifies eligibility for services determines reasonable accommodations and coordinates services for students with disabilities to receive specific academic adjustments for a disability students must have an “impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities have documentation of such and impairment and demonstrate that the requested academic adjustments are necessary” for them to participate in the programs of the college rehabilitation act of 1973/pl 93-122 section 504 documentation eligibility for accommodations under section 504 of the 1973 rehabilitation act the americans with disabilities act of 1990 and the ada amendments act of 2008 are based on the existence of a physical or mental condition that substantially impacts academic and campus life in order to receive reasonable accommodations students should establish a relationship with the office of accessibility services

academic affairs required and should be taken in the spring of the junior year or the fall of the senior year pre-medicine studies defiance college offers the required programs for admission to regular medical colleges osteopathic medical colleges and chiropractic medical colleges further information can be obtained from the natural science faculty pre-ministry studies to become an ordained minister in major christian denominations often requires a master degree students who seek eventually to enter a master program at a theological seminary may pursue an undergraduate major but they should have a broad educational background in the social sciences or and natural sciences select courses in biblical studies theology world religions and christian education are especially recommended some courses in business communication and education also may provide practical knowledge that is useful for ministry significant experience providing service to others is encouraged mastery of a foreign

major requirements communication studies comm assistant professors christopher medjesky and jeffrey st onge studying communication develops and enhances an individual’s ability to function in society communication skills not only enrich relationships but they are also requirements in a rapidly changing world the study of communication can prepare students for careers in such fields as education journalism public relations and speech communication it can provide the basis for future graduate study in these fields and others—such as advertising or law it can provide the student interested in a teaching career with competence in a number of areas students are required to select one of two concentrations to accompany the communication studies major concentrations available are electronic communication production and rhetoric and media the total semester hours for both concentration are 27 hours communication studies common requirements 40 hours comm 130 intro to film 3

major requirements molecular biology mbio associate professors somnath dutta nathan griggs and douglas kane assistant professor alyson laframboise the molecular biology major is a pre-professional program geared for those students interested in careers in medicine research veterinary science pharmacy or similar professional careers molecular biology major requirements 79-80 hours bio 120 principles of biology i 4 bio 129 principles of biology ii 4 bio 358 microbiology 4 bio 431 molecular biology 4 bio 480 genetics 4 select one set of anatomy or vertebrate courses bio 235 anatomy physiology i 4 bio 236 anatomy physiology ii 4 or bio 357 comp vertebrate anatomy 4 bio 367 vertebrate physiology 4 chem 123 general chemistry i 4 chem 124 general chemistry ii 4 chem 233 organic chemistry i 5 chem 234 organic chemistry ii 5 chem 368 biochemistry i 4 nsci 198 natural science seminar 1 nsci 378 scientific research methods 1 nsci internship co-op or field exp 3 nsci499 senior capstone 3 phys

course descriptions bio 235 236 human anatomy and physiology i ii 4,4 a systematic approach to the structure and function of the human body this two course sequence will cover the structure of the human body and a systems approach to the functions homeostasic mechanisms and the interrelationships of human organ systems bi 235 must be taken first with grade of “c” or higher bio 367 vertebrate physiology 4 physiology is the study of the physical and chemical processes underlying biological function the focus of the course will be on the physiology of vertebrates primarily mammals offered alternate years prerequisite bio 357 with a grade of “c” or higher bio 250 field zoology 4 identification and ecological relationships of the fauna of northwestern ohio and methods of designing research projects collecting and analyzing data to monitor these populations offered in alternate years prerequisite bio 129 with grade of “c” or higher bio 420 restoration

course descriptions learning and the developmental needs of children ages three through eight must be taken concurrently with educ 232 prerequisites educ221 and psy110 educ 231 curriculum and practices of early childhood including emergent literacy 3 a study of the guidelines of developmentally appropriate curriculum to meet the needs of all learners including the culturally diverse at risk and exceptional learners including gifted and consideration of the context of the children including multicultural perspectives socioeconomic status home language and home cultural practices as part of curriculum development the course includes planning implementation and evaluation of learning experiences to facilitate play cooperative learning environments inquiry and problem solving in early childhood classrooms a study of the impact of the diversity of language in the home is addressed reading acquisition and development from linguistic cognitive psychological and curricular perspectives and

course descriptions esci 491 internship an on-the-job learning experience related to the field of study an internship is cooperatively supervised by a college faculty member and a qualified person in the field where the student is working each internship will culminate with a successful oral presentation capstone experience to the faculty of the exercise science department graded pass/fail first-year program fye general studies gen gen 111 portfolio development 1 covering the basics of portfolio design and content this course includes the study of skills values methods and objectives of a variety of disciplines in relation to individual competencies gained through work and/or life experience there is a primary focus on the development of an effective-portfolio offered in spring semester graded pass/fail fye 110 student success strategies 1 this course focuses on developing study and cognitive skills needed for college success specific topics include note taking textbook study

course descriptions pol 337 comparative social and political systems 1 serving as an overview of selected social and political systems worldwide this course provides students with the opportunity to reflect upon macro-level policy issues that affect us and global populations the students will use the experiences that they have had through the course pre-requisites to compare world and u.s social and political systems insight and experiences from defiance college faculty community members and students will be shared and discussed in order to relate “on-the-ground” learning experiences to current theories and models related to global political and social systems offered in spring semesters prerequisites mcc 371 372 373 374 or 375 and either hist 336 or pol 237 psy 270 human sexuality 3 this course is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of human sexuality to include information about anatomy the sexual response cycle stis healthy reproductive decisions sexual