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table of contents degree requirements 33 associate of arts degree requirements 33 baccalaureate degree requirements 33 academic minors 34 baccalaureate core curriculum requirements 36 second baccalaureate degrees 36 grade appeals 37 grading system 37 pass-fail option 37 grade reports 37 independent study courses 37 military active duty 37 pilgrim library services 38 registrar’s office 38 schedule changes and withdrawal from courses 39 transcript requests 38 transfer students 38 undergraduate students enrolled in graduate courses 39 withdrawal from college 39 major requirements 40 division structure 40 accounting 40 athletic training 41 autism studies program 43 biology 43 business administration 44 chemistry 45 communication studies 45 criminal justice 46 design 46 digital forensic science 47 economics 48 education 48 english 53 exercise science 53 forensic science 54 global studies 55 history 55 mathematics 56 molecular biology 57 music 57 nursing 58 psychology 59

tuition and fees to his/her account that would impact your payments students cannot pay the following through the plan library fines parking fines bookstore charges or other miscellaneous charges it is the student’s responsibility to know the payment due dates and to make the payments on time students whose employer has a tuition support plan may qualify for deferred payment only employer-approved courses are included and deferral is not allowed for books fees or other supplies the option is limited to students in good academic and financial standing as defined by the college’s undergraduate and graduate catalogs details and procedures for this deferral option are available from the office of nontraditional student support financial status by registering for classes or completing a housing or meal plan application a student incurs a legal obligation to pay tuition fees room and board and other associated charges and fees to be considered in good financial standing

student life destroying opportunities for students to develop strong positive self-concepts and the sense of self-confidence which is essential to living out the ideals of a liberal arts education in addition persons who harass others compromise their own integrity and credibility consequently no form of harassment including sexual harassment and gender harassment can be tolerated nor should it be ignored by victims or witnesses any student who is a witness to or victim of harassment or discrimination should immediately notify the student life office the following procedures will be utilized in cases of alleged harassment or discrimination between or among students the notification to the student life office of harassment or discrimination can be either verbal or written the student bringing the complaint will suffer no retaliation from the college the college will take every precaution available to protect the safety and well-being of the complainant during the interim

academic affairs above  completion of a major field of study  completion of 30 credits at defiance college  completion of the specific courses required for the major field of study a major is a sequence of courses in one or more disciplines consisting of a minimum of 30 credits as prescribed by the academic areas involved for a major field students may select either a single-discipline major such as history or an area major which may include several disciplines such as global studies academic major requirements and additional information on how to create a self-designed major are specified in this publication students may design a major that closely reflects their interests and goals self-designed major the self-designed major form is available online at www.defiance.edu/registrar/forms.html and additional specifications are available in this catalog students must declare a major no later than the end of the sophomore year and is advisable to declare a major in

major requirements dsgn 230 history of design 3 dsgn 410 professional practices in design 1 dsgn 434 exhibition planning 1 bus 140 foundations of business 3 comm 240 interactive media 3 hist 205 the 20th century world 3 math 105 quantitative reasoning 3 mkt 240 principles of marketing 3 mkt 341 integrated marketing communications 3 psy 110 introduction to psychology 3 soc 120 life in society 3 2d design concentration 26 hours dsgn 224 intermediate graphic design 3 dsgn 225 introduction to web design 3 dsgn 226 applied graphic design 4 dsgn 235 typography 3 dsgn 325 advanced graphic design 4 dsgn 323 document production 3 dsgn 425 advanced web design 3 dsgn 426 graphic design internship 3 3d design concentration 34 hours dsgn 130 social goods 4 dsgn 231 emotional and sustainable design 4 dsgn 232 materials and manufacturing 4 dsgn 233 metaphor and relationship 4 dsgn 330 design research and writing 4 dsgn 331 developing social goods for market 4 dsgn 430 product development

major requirements music theatre minor 24 hours the music theatre minor is designed to provide students with skills to participate and contribute successfully with community theatre programs music theatre minors are required to audition and participate in each dc players production a minor in music theatre requires the following courses mus 123 musicianship i 4 mus 124 musicianship ii 4 mus 232 history of musical theatre 3 mus 371 leadership in music 3 mus 150 piano 1 mus 151 voice 1 thea 205 introduction to acting 3 thea 405 theatre directing design 3 take one section of any private applied music any instrument or voice 1 take one section of any music ensemble 1 audition participate in each dc player production verified by director of music programs nursing nrs rn to bsn completion program the major in nursing at defiance college leading to the bsn is a completion program designed for associate degree prepared nurses or diploma nurses who graduated from an accredited nursing

course descriptions chem 369 biochemistry ii 4 an introduction to the biochemistry of the cell including nucleic acids nucleic acid metabolism gene regulation membranes membrane transport organelle biology signal transaction and cancer biology emphasis on theoretical and practical use of molecular biological research techniques offered in alternate years prerequisite chem 368 with a grade of “c” or higher chem 455 quantitative analysis 4 an intensive study of four places to the right of the decimal including precise laboratory methods infra-red analysis chromatography volumetric gravimetric methods acid-base theory and equilibrium reactions special emphasis is placed on data collection and statistical analysis the rules and laws governing science are explored and explained prerequisites chem 124 with a grade of “c” or higher communication studies comm comm 123 media writing 3 an introduction to the process of writing for the mass media students will learn to

course descriptions about the development of numeric and mathematical concepts how best to facilitate their development with young learners and the characteristics of what is called “reform” math emphasis will be placed on both skill-based learning and integrating math content to other curricular areas to provide “real-life” experiences in addition student will become familiar with the standards for ohio educators and the continuum of teacher development candidates will continue to learn understand and use the rubrics associated with the ohio teacher performance assessment program and how that will be used to assess their practice in the internship and during the ohio teacher residency program prerequisites educ 202 228 229 231 234 235 psy225 and admission to the teacher education program educ 333 science methods 3 the revised ohio academic content standards in science and the ohio teacher standards will be used to learn about content curricular planning

course descriptions hpe 376 school health methods 3 senior level candidates will learn about and integrate best practice content based pedagogies in health into their instructional planning and implementation the source of best practice pedagogies in health education is the american association of health education in addition student will become familiar with the standards for ohio educators and the continuum of teacher development candidates will continue to learn understand and use the rubrics associated with the ohio teacher performance assessment program and how that will be used to assess their practice in the internship and during the ohio teacher residency program pre-service teachers will continue to develop competency in instructional planning instructional implementation including the use of academic language assessment developmentally appropriate practice differentiated instruction and professionalism including reflection the course must be taken concurrently with educ

course descriptions social work swk swk 121 introduction to social work 3 an introduction to the understanding of the concept of the social work profession its significance in society its history and its place among the helping professions the study of the goals values knowledge base methods and settings of social work the beginning of the professionalization process swk 230 behavioral statistics 3 quantitative analysis of behavioral measures including descriptive correlational and inferential methods report writing in the behavioral sciences is additionally emphasized knowledge of basic algebra is recommended swk 235 social problems 3 the purpose of this course is to facilitate increased awareness and understanding of social problems in the united states and throughout the world sociological theories research and movements will be addressed in recognizing social problems and generating possible strategies for action problems of well-being human diversity inequality and