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2016-2017 academic calendar fall semester 2016 new faculty orientation tuesday august 16 faculty workshop wednesday august 17 through friday august 19 monday evening classes begin undergraduate graduate monday august 22 all day classes and labs begin undergraduate graduate tuesday august 23 late registration ends 4:30 p.m friday august 26 last day to drop/add courses friday august 26 labor day holiday offices closed no classes monday september 5 2nd 8-week classes begin week of october 17 midterm grades due by 12 noon tuesday october 25 last day to withdraw with an automatic w grade friday october 28 fall break no classes monday november 21 through friday november 25 thanksgiving holiday offices closed wednesday november 23 through friday november 25 classes resume monday november 28 last day of classes undergraduate graduate friday december 2 final examinations monday december 5 through december 9 final grades due by noon tuesday december 13 offices closed for holiday

tuition and fees enrollment deposit an enrollment deposit of $150 500 for international students is required of all new full-time students by may 1 for fall entry to the college to confirm intention for enrollment defiance acknowledges the “candidates reply date” of the national association for college admission counseling therefore written requests for extensions until may 1 will be granted and such requests will not jeopardize a student’s status for admission or financial aid deposits submitted earlier for the fall semester are refundable until may 1 and until december 1 for the spring semester prepayment of tuition a prepayment tuition deposit of $150 is required for all returning full-time students failure to make the prepayment by the designated due date may preclude registration in the fall and may delete the schedule and housing contract a full refund will be made to a student who withdraws from all classes prior to august 1 for fall enrollment and

student life field experience a field experience affords students an opportunity to engage in non-classroom learning under the supervision of a qualified person field experience differs from an internship in that it does not necessarily take place within the context of a job and students can be observers rather than workers an experiential learning form may be obtained in the registrar’s office or printed from the college website and must be approved and returned to the registrar’s office no later than two weeks after the beginning of the semester the program is designed to introduce students to a professional area before enrollment in professional courses or to enable students who have completed some professional courses to apply the principles and techniques learned to a practical situation students are expected to analyze critically the situation and to evaluate the experience in light of their academic work and career plans students must make arrangements with a

academic affairs evaluation additional information and the performance levels required to obtain credit may be obtained from the registrar transfer credit course work credit evaluation will be performed by the registrar’s office credit will be granted for courses completed that are compatible with the college’s academic program and with grades of a c or higher acceptance of credit for a course beyond a one-level number increase will be approved on a case by case basis with recommendation from advisor or division chair and approval by the chief academic officer transfer students shall satisfy the core curriculum and academic concentration requirements including those learning experiences which are unique to defiance college a detailed guide to transfer credit policies is available from the registrar or on the defiance college website at www.defiance.edu/admissions/transfer/evaluation html nontraditional credit a maximum of 30 credits of nontraditional credit may be

major requirements autism studies program aut director of hench autism studies program assistant professor clarissa barnes the hench autism studies program is designed to educate students about the unique needs of persons with autism and their families additionally students receive training on effective strategies for successful integration of persons with autism into education vocational family and community settings students are encouraged to apply these strategies in a supervised practicum setting the minor in autism studies may be combined with any major minor in autism studies 18 hours the minor in autism studies requires the following courses aut 110 intro to autism spectrum disorder 3 aut 210 applied behavior analysis for autism spectrum disorder 3 aut 250 families communities 3 aut 390 behavior intervention practicum 3 psy 110 introduction to psychology 3 also choose one of the following courses psy 225 infancy childhood 3 psy 227 adolescence adulthood 3 biology bio

major requirements minor in global studies 21 hours a minor in global studies requires the following courses econ 205 macroeconomics 3 glst 110 intro to international relations 3 glst 211 intro to global studies 3 glst 300 international peace conflict resolution 3 glst 425 seminar on global security us foreign policy and 9/11 3 glst 450 seminar in global studies 3 choose one of the following bus 365 international business 3 comm 370 topics in rhetoric media 3 comm 380 rhetorical criticism 3 rel 310 mediation conciliation 3 nsci 392 global sustainability 3 history hist associate professors donald buerk and jeremy taylor the history program offers a variety of courses that enable students to obtain a bachelor of arts with either a major or minor in history the goals of the department curriculum are to encourage an informed critical and articulate sense of the past an appreciation for the diversity of the human experience and an awareness of how the past shapes the present as a

course descriptions ath 485 nata boc test prep 3 this course will prepare students to sit for the national athletic trainers association board of certification exam nataboc exam this course will discuss study strategies the examination format review the content areas of the nata educational competencies and discuss the process of licensure in the different states prerequisites senior standing within the defiance college athletic training program appropriate progression of coursework is required aut 390 behavior intervention practicum 3 students will apply their knowledge and skills in a supervised setting which provides services to persons with autism and or other intellectual and developmental disabilities through observation and consultation with professional staff students will receive 120 hours of experience with direct service provision and enhanced training on effective assessment planning and intervention strategies graded pass/fail prerequisites aut 110 210 ath 490 492

course descriptions dsgn 232 materials and manufacturing 4 this course focuses on the materials and processes used in manufacturing topics include appropriateness of material sustainable methods of production and working with outside manufacturers and craftspeople prerequisite dsgn 130 dsgn 233 metaphor and relationship 4 throughout this course students will explore the object semantics using visual metaphors to give meaning and form to objects they will also observe user object relationships through ethnographic studies and product testing students will design social goods using computer aided design cad and produce prototypes using both handcraft and 3d printing methods prerequisite dsgn 232 dsgn 235 typography 3 this course covers the history theory and practice of letterforms and typography as they apply to graphics advertising and other areas of design and visual communication topics include principles of typography letter structure typeface selection fundamentals of computer

course descriptions forensic science fnsc fnsc 343 forensic science i 3 a study of modern techniques used in forensic science topics include evidence collection proper processing and analytical instrumentation offered in alternate odd years prerequisite chem 234 with a grade of “c” or higher fnsc 353 forensic science ii 3 an in depth study of modern techniques used in forensic science topics include evidence collection proper processing and analytical instrumentation offered in alternate odd years prerequisite fnsc 343 with a grade of “c” or higher first-year experience fye fye 100 college engagement seminar 2 this required general education curriculum course is designed for first year students to successfully engage in college life including both the academic and social arenas this course focuses on exercising academic skills fostering social competencies and understanding and accepting diversity as a foundation for developing the student’s engagement

course descriptions learning experiences to current theories and models related to global political and social systems offered in spring semesters prerequisites mcc 371 372 373 374 or 375 and either hist 336 or pol 237 pol 371 constitutional law 3 a study of the u.s constitution through analysis of major supreme court decisions and the impact of those decisions upon the american political process offered in alternate years pol 495 special topics these courses may be taken in political science see descriptions of these courses under the criminal justice section psychology psy psy 110 introduction to psychology 3 the application of psychological principles to the understanding of human behavior not open to conditionally accepted first semester freshmen psy 225 infancy and childhood 3 an introduction to normative physiological social cognitive and emotional development as a continuous process from conception through late childhood prerequisite psy 110 psy 227 adolescence and adulthood