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definitive technology defines the future again new excitement from definitive for ces 2006 · new procinema 800 system · new procinema 1000 system · new prosub 800 1000 · new mythos solo xl ® · new uiw reference line source iii

state-of-the-art performance for your lifestyle d efinitive s 2006 ces new product introduction is a major new procinema 800 and procinema 1000 systems definitive technology is pleased to announce a new generation of procinema systems incorporating a host of technological breakthroughs that clearly positions them as the industry s most advanced sub/sat systems anywhere near their incredibly affordable price range clearly definitive s procinema systems have always delivered extraordinary performance and value the new systems build on this tradition and exceed all expectations the biggest challenge in designing a sub/sat system is to engineer small satellites with frequency response that extends low enough to blend properly with the subwoofer for the new procinema systems we have cleverly engineered built-in pressure-coupled planar medite passive radiators into the satellites and center channels upward firing in the sats and side firing in the centers these dramatically extend the low

specifications procenter 1000 dimensions 5 h x 5 d x 143/4 w driver complement two 41/2 cast basket bass/midrange drivers coupled to two 41/2 pressuredriven planar low-frequency radiators 1 pure aluminum dome tweeter rec assoc ampl 10 ­ 200 watts/channel frequency response 47 hz ­ 30 khz procenter 2000 dimensions 6 /2 h x 6 /2 d x 17 w driver complement two 51/4 cast basket bass/midrange drivers coupled to two 51/4 pressuredriven planar low-frequency radiator 1 pure aluminum dome tweeter rec assoc ampl 10 ­ 250 watts/channel frequency response 42 hz ­ 30 khz 1 1 promonitor 800 dimensions 83/8 h x 5 d x 43/4 w driver complement one 41/2 cast basket bass/midrange driver coupled to a 41/2 pressure-driven planar low-frequency radiator 1 pure aluminum dome tweeter rec assoc ampl 10 ­ 150 watts/channel frequency response 57 hz ­ 30 khz promonitor 1000 dimensions 107/8 h x 61/2 d x 61/4 w driver complement one 51/4 cast basket bass/midrange driver coupled to a 51/4

the newest mythos plasma solution® new mythos solo xl left/center/right in one elegant loudspeaker the new mythos solo xl is the second solo speaker it s basically a larger version of the original mythos solo and is intended for 50 and larger screen size video displays mythos solos are the perfect plasma solution® when a simpler installation is desirable they are an exciting home theater solution that continues the mythos tradition of combining high performance sound quality and cutting-edge styling the solos combine three superb sounding speakers left main center and right main in one sleek and elegant polished aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure that can be either wall mounted using the included stainless steel wall mounting brackets placed on a shelf or on top of a tv the solos may be used by themselves or combined with a definitive subwoofer and a pair of speakers for surround like the mythos gems for a compact and complete ultra high performance home theater the mythos solo xl