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definitive technology 2002 definitive technology center channel speakers digital home theater 2002 grand prix center cap definitive technology pf15tl subwoofers definitive technology subwoofers definitive technology pf15tl definitive technology bp3000tl definitive technology pf15tl plus definitive technology speakers definitive technology bp 2002 definitive technology subwoofers used definitive technology 10 subwoofers definitive pf15tl definitive bipolar definitive subwoofer definitive bp 2000 definitive s revolutionary bipolar towers with speakers are pf15tl top mounted super tweeters 26 inch class 1500 1500 watt full range speaker high power low frequency high power low frequency amplifiers home theater speakers 2 inch full range speaker c l r definitive technology definitive technologies definitive technology 350 definitive 2000 grand prix end cap design subwoofer driver 15 inch grille cloth powered subwoofer side mounts side mount 8 12 end cap dual function pressure switch surround speakers power tower class d class d amplifier 26 w x 24 d cabinet basic design of crossover used in speaker step up 6 x 8 multi switch front mount ultra compact power step speaker grill cloth stand alone cabinet

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definitive s amazing new studiocinema systems have 1250-watt supercube subs tm tm new from definitive for 2002 · studiocinema 350 system · studiocinema 450 system · studiomonitor 350 · studiomonitor 450 · 1500-watt supercube i · 1250-watt supercube

hot new speakers from definitive for 2002 efinitive has in addition to the constant development of our top-of-the-line bipolar power towers also focused on creating exciting new products like procinema and powermonitors these products marry lifestyle attributes with the definitive signature quality in technology form function and performance of our spectacularly successful and highly honored flagship systems enabling them to be easily and affordably integrated into everyone s home now with our hot new products for 2002 we take a gigantic leap forward in ultimate performance lifestyle speakers and powerfully bridge the gap between our best-selling procinema systems and our revolutionary powermonitor systems d new supercube i and ii powered subwoofers the elegant and ultra-compact supercube subwoofers deliver ultimate bass performance from beautiful enclosures that fit anywhere they combine definitive-designed digitally-coupled patent-pending class d digital switching amplifiers