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delabie a distinguished history 1864 company founded in friville france 1928 georges delabie takes control of the company 1971 jean delabie invents the universal tap head 1983 time flow taps are launched 1996 in 1928 georges delabie a sanitary ware wholesale merchant in paris acquired a foundry located in friville in the somme france there he produced mainly taps and floor traps for bathrooms and kitchens subsequent generations secured the family-owned company’s growth with the ongoing remit to preserve the brand’s identity and continue its pursuit of excellence initially specialising in domestic sanitary fittings delabie quickly repositioned itself in the sector that now constitutes its core target market – buildings in the public domain with the passage of time investment in research and development has established the brand as a benchmark for quality in less than 100 years delabie has become a leading player in the non-domestic sanitary fittings market

delabie an international presence following very strong growth over the past ten years the french group delabie is now pursuing a policy of international expansion the company currently exports to more than 70 countries from its french production facility in friville in the somme france and through its subsidiaries in the united kingdom benelux germany poland portugal united arab emirates dubai and china hong kong bristol southmead hospital united kingdom delabie water controls and equipment are installed wherever quality is essential and in the majority of large scale projects the european parliament in strasbourg the georges pompidou european hospital and the stade de france in paris southmead hospital in bristol barajas airport in madrid the shrine of mecca saudi arabian prisons the icc tower in hong kong etc this worldwide presence is possible through the brand’s conformance with most international standards as well as the relevant standards in each country barajas

delabie a human experience a 100 family-owned enterprise delabie benefits from the stability of its shareholders from the outset four successive generations have headed the business with the same commitment to ensuring its development respecting its founding values and the people who work there they are the key to its success the strong growth experienced by the group has meant that every year a significant number of new employees are recruited to develop and enhance their potential each new recruit undergoes a comprehensive training programme which initiates them into the company culture and methods before fully integrating them into their delabie team training development personal growth and clear objectives are sacrosanct at delabie the capacity for self-expression makes delabie a company of enthusiasts at once autonomous and united who relish teamwork highly committed they frequently choose to make a lifetime career commitment to the company at delabie the daily pursuit of

delabie an outstanding offering as a long standing partner of commercial and healthcare stakeholders delabie has developed an offering that comprises five product ranges which meet the needs of each and every customer and specifier commercial water controls electronic and time flow controls for washbasins electronic and time flow shower panels and kits group thermostatic mixing valves electronic and time flow direct flush valves for wcs and urinals frame systems water controls for healthcare facilities anti-bacterial terminal filters mixers taps and showers for patient accommodation mixers and taps for washbasins sinks and troughs for healthcare professionals water controls for slop-hoppers frame systems and wcs accessibility and hygienic accessories accessibility grab bars and shower seats hygienic accessories for public and commercial places stainless steel sanitary equipment sinks and washbasins urinals and wcs shower trays surgical sinks specialist water controls

delabie unique solutions and also… today delabie is an international group well known for its ability to meet the needs of commercial installations quick installation delabie’s products which deliver water savings and provide tangible solutions in terms of hygiene accessibility safety and vandal resistance are renowned for their reliability and durability easy to maintain water savings delabie’s water controls far exceed the highest levels of international environmental standards thanks to their performance in terms of water savings hygiene delabie offers exclusive solutions for those environments that are most sensitive to infection control such as hospitals accessibility delabie products are easy to install saving time during installation parts are standardised to facilitate maintenance professional technical assistance is just a phone call away innovation awards delabie is regularly rewarded for its innovation and intellectual property inpi trophy 2013 trade

delabie manufacturer’s expertise assembly and testing delabie’s factory in friville france an industrial enterprise from the very outset delabie has kept total control of the manufacture of its products over time nowadays delabie’s teams have mastered more than thirty highly skilled trades from the casting process through to the development of thermostatic cells including microbiology and even electronics this unique expertise enables the company to innovate constantly and adapt its products to the needs of the market polishing delabie’s foundry in braga portugal every year delabie invests heavily in research and development as well as its industrial tooling the aim is to offer customers ever more innovative solutions and reliable proprietary technology all delabie’s products are quality controlled at every stage of manufacturing and are constantly subject to rigorous testing this ensures outstanding product quality for all products as they leave the

delabie sustainable development committed to preserving the future and contributing to sustainable development delabie seeks to limit the use of natural resources and avoid a negative impact on the environment sp ecialisinginself closingtaps delabie demonstrates that the first principle of saving is to avoid waste by regulating the amount of water used delabie is fully involved in the process of eco-design all phases of their life cycle are taken into account when products are designed from raw material extraction to recycling including production distribution and use the delabie approach seeks to optimise the amount of material used in the manufacture of each part and focus on environmentally friendly materials for example the swarf from brass pieces and turnings from stainless steel fittings are all recovered and completely recycled up to 90 water and energy savings with delabie’s water controls using sustainable materials stainless steel and cast brass are 100 recyclable

delabie welcome to the showroom housed in a building constructed at the start of the 19th century on the same site as the french head office delabie’s showroom receives thousands of customers and specifiers every year spread over three levels 750m2 of dedicated exhibition space showcase the entire delabie range allowing visitors to discover the group’s identity and the excellence and quality of its products delabie’s product ranges are represented in a range of settings such as a swimming pool the secure sector and an operating theatre in dedicated spaces or fixed to wall-mounted displays the mixers and taps are fully operational mounted on test benches and visitors can test every model and see them operate in situ a real showcase for the brand the showroom also serves as a training centre delabie employees come regularly to learn about the latest innovations developed by the research and development department the friville showroom all the subsidiaries are

delabie water for life 750 million people i.e more than a tenth of the world’s population do not have access to safe drinking water almost 2.5 billion people live without sanitation and 1 billion people do not have access to sanitary facilities 80 of all diseases originate from water as a consequence of dirty water or the lack of hygiene 1,000 children die every day for the lack of basic sanitary hygiene sources un who wwb water without borders together let’s build a better world when you purchase delabie products you become a partner in our humanitarian projects every year delabie donates part of its profits to finance projects that provide access to drinking water for the poorest populations the most isolated and those in dire health situations to support those populations that are lacking the vital basics of drinking water and sanitation delabie provides priority assistance to villagers without resources schools hospitals and dispensaries every year delabie selects available features create a personalised catalogue create your own catalogue using your own product selection you can personalise it by giving it a project name description and by choosing the order for the products to appear this catalogue will then be available in word pdf and excel formats datashare all the documents are freely available datashare is delabie’s platform to download files there is no need to sign-in product files technical descriptions photos line drawings bim and autocad files installation guides and certificates are all available online delabie launches bim to meet the requirements of bim technology delabie has modelled its core products available in 2 formats revit and ifc the files can be downloaded via the relevant product data sheet or via datashare the list of references available in bim format is available in our services bim files suitable for tablets and