The DELABIE Group 2017 by Delabie

More catalogs by Delabie | The DELABIE Group 2017 | 11 pages | 2017-09-03


Page 11 of The DELABIE Group 2017 available features create a personalised catalogue create your own catalogue using your own product selection you can personalise it by giving it a project name description and by choosing the order for the products to appear this catalogue will then be available in word pdf and excel formats datashare all the documents are freely available datashare is delabie’s platform to download files there is no need to sign-in product files technical descriptions photos line drawings bim and autocad files installation guides and certificates are all available online delabie launches bim to meet the requirements of bim technology delabie has modelled its core products available in 2 formats revit and ifc the files can be downloaded via the relevant product data sheet or via datashare the list of references available in bim format is available in our services bim files suitable for tablets and smartphones.