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delabie unique solutions and also… today delabie is an international group well known for its ability to meet the needs of commercial installations quick installation delabie’s products which deliver water savings and provide tangible solutions in terms of hygiene accessibility safety and vandal resistance are renowned for their reliability and durability easy to maintain water savings delabie’s water controls far exceed the highest levels of international environmental standards thanks to their performance in terms of water savings hygiene delabie offers exclusive solutions for those environments that are most sensitive to infection control such as hospitals accessibility delabie products are easy to install saving time during installation parts are standardised to facilitate maintenance professional technical assistance is just a phone call away innovation awards delabie is regularly rewarded for its innovation and intellectual property inpi trophy 2013 trade award 2016 construction trophy 2016 german design award 2017 the delabie range is suitable for children and people with reduced autonomy or with disabilities offering accessibility in public and care facilities safety by design delabie products provide users with the highest levels of safety for example by limiting the temperature of distributed water vandal resistance and durability designed to withstand abuse delabie’s products are specially designed for intensive use in public places they undergo performance testing in extreme conditions the water controls and other fittings will withstand the toughest demands warranty