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delabie manufacturer’s expertise assembly and testing delabie’s factory in friville france an industrial enterprise from the very outset delabie has kept total control of the manufacture of its products over time nowadays delabie’s teams have mastered more than thirty highly skilled trades from the casting process through to the development of thermostatic cells including microbiology and even electronics this unique expertise enables the company to innovate constantly and adapt its products to the needs of the market polishing delabie’s foundry in braga portugal every year delabie invests heavily in research and development as well as its industrial tooling the aim is to offer customers ever more innovative solutions and reliable proprietary technology all delabie’s products are quality controlled at every stage of manufacturing and are constantly subject to rigorous testing this ensures outstanding product quality for all products as they leave the group’s factories bending delabie’s factory in friville france total control of the production process guarantees delivery times are kept to a minimum delabie’s clients do not wait quality control delabie’s factory in friville france welding stainless steel sanitary fittings delabie’s factory in aveiro portugal