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delabie sustainable development committed to preserving the future and contributing to sustainable development delabie seeks to limit the use of natural resources and avoid a negative impact on the environment sp ecialisinginself closingtaps delabie demonstrates that the first principle of saving is to avoid waste by regulating the amount of water used delabie is fully involved in the process of eco-design all phases of their life cycle are taken into account when products are designed from raw material extraction to recycling including production distribution and use the delabie approach seeks to optimise the amount of material used in the manufacture of each part and focus on environmentally friendly materials for example the swarf from brass pieces and turnings from stainless steel fittings are all recovered and completely recycled up to 90 water and energy savings with delabie’s water controls using sustainable materials stainless steel and cast brass are 100 recyclable pefc certified literature the paper used for printing delabie’s catalogues is sourced from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.