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technical courses safety management courses credits mgt 231 human resource management 3 omt 100 operations management 4 omt 210 project based accounting 3 omt 220 process analysis and control 3 omt 230 project management 3 omt 240 supply chain management 3 omt 250 statistical process control 3 omt 260 quality management 3 omt 270 process design and layout 4 a.a.s degree stanton campus safety management has been developed to meet the needs of safety personnel involved in various activities concerned with safety and health the courses are selected to prepare safety personnel in the areas of supervision inspection training recordkeeping investigation establishing safety committees training programs and the procedure for collecting and analyzing environmental samples in addition to the a.a.s degree certificates are offered for selected technical courses in the curriculum refrigeration heating air conditioning graduates of this a.a.s degree program in addition to their associates degree will be eligible for certified fire inspector i fire instructor ii and certified fire plans examiner i cfpe a.a.s degree owens campus this program offers the opportunity to develop skills leading to the award of an a.a.s degree in refrigeration heating and air conditioning the curriculum is designed to provide the student with practical and theoretical knowledge of refrigeration heating and air conditioning systems the technical courses combine classroom theory with practical hands-on training related courses are intended to prepare students for professional and technical career opportunities the degree is awarded to students who complete all required technical and related courses diploma and certificate options are available core courses courses credits eco 111 macroeconomics 3 eng 121 composition 3 or eng 125 honors composition 3 eng 122 technical writing communication 3 mat 181 algebra and trigonometry i 4 psy 121 general psychology 3 core courses courses credits eco 111 macroeconomics 3 eng 121 composition 3 eng 122 technical writing communication 3 or eng 124 oral communications 3 mat 125 math for the trades 4 or mat 150 business mathematics 3 psy 100 human relations 3 or psy 121 general psychology technical support/computer courses courses credits cis 107 intro to computers/applications 3 or fet 130 fire safety computer application 3 chm 110 general chemistry 4 chm 115 chemistry of hazardous materials 3 crj 111 introduction to security 3 mgt 231 human resource management 3 mat 182 algebra and trigonometry ii 4 or mat 255 business statistics i 3 technical support/computer courses courses credits acr 108 hvacr energy systems management i 3 or erm 102 renewable energy sources 3 acr 109 hvacr energy systems management ii 3 or erm 103 electrical lighting and motors 3 acr 150 industry competency exam i 1 acr 250 industry competency exam iii 1 acr 251 industry competency exam ii 1 erm 101 intro to energy technologies 3 cis 107 introduction to computers and application 3 technical courses courses credits fet 111 intro to fire protection engineering technology 3 fet 160 codes and standards 3 fet 200 industrial fire hazards 4 fet 201 loss control procedures 3 fet 210 presentation techniques 3 fet 261 inspections 4 smt 110 occupational safety health act 3 smt 120 designing safe work environments 4 smt 210 industrial hygiene i 3 smt 221 industrial hygiene ii 3 smt 230 ergonomics 3 technical courses courses credits acr 101 hvac electricity 5 acr 102 fundamental of refrigeration 5 acr 104 residential climate control 4 acr 105 residential heating i 4 acr 115 air distribution balancing 3 acr 120 employee development seminar 3 acr 202 commercial refrigeration 3 acr 204 residential heating ii 3 visual communications advertising design option a.a.s degree terry campus the advertising design option of visual communications is a focused curriculum aimed at training new professional creative talent for the information age communicating visual information requires imagination skill and talent while developing skills in key software for print and non-print communications the program stresses the use of innovative creative problem solving as the information highway becomes more and more congested good design and graphics will be needed to compete for the attention of a visually acute public a professional in the visual 85