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candidates seeking admission to the college must present credentials which demonstrate that they are capable of high academic achievement specifically to succeed in the study of business students must possess a number of academic qualities students must be able to think analytically and reason to valid conclusions relying on both quantitative and qualitative information particular attention is therefore given to the mathematical and verbal abilities of candidates bachelor of science in commerce mission he mission of the depaul university college of commerce is to be a leader in the discovery and development of skills and knowledge as it relates to business and its global role our primary objective is to actively serve our markets in chicago and around the world by making use of the latest technology to provide innovative educational programs our faculty members not only have a responsibility to maintain their academic and professional qualifications primarily through disciplinebased

continuing commerce studies the college of commerce encourages the undergraduate student to consider further studies at the graduate level the master of science in human resources master of accountancy master of science in accountancy and master of science in taxation degrees may be earned in 15 months if a student enrolls on a full-time basis students with work experience can also apply to depaul s mba program which also requires approximately 18 months of full-time study students with an undergraduate degree in a business area of study are eligible for course reductions the full length of the mba program varies from 12 to 18 courses depending upon previous coursework the graduate management admission test gmat is required for entrance into graduate studies and should be taken early in the senior year additional information and application materials are available at http double major/dual degree students may obtain double majors within one college or across

distinguished professorships scholarships and interships deloitte alumni distinguished professorship of accountancy through the generosity of the alumni and friends at deloitte this named chair was established in 1988 and is currently held by professor john e mcenroe in recognition of superior teaching and leadership in accounting education at depaul university ernst young alumni distinguished professorship of accountancy through the generosity of friends and alumni at ernst young this named chair established in 2003 is held by professor belverd e needles in recognition of his leadership of and service to the academic discipline and profession of accounting kpmg alumni distinguished professorship of accountancy through the generosity of alumni and friends at kpmg this named professorship was established in 1998 and is held by professor kevin t stevens in recognition of his leadership of and contribution to accounting education ledger quill alumni distinguished professorship of

management information systems the undergraduate program in management information systems provides college of commerce students opportunities to major or minor in management information systems the program is intended for undergraduate commerce students who plan to pursue careers as information systems professionals students who minor in mis will be able to function as liaisons representing their department or business function on information systems projects faculty yujong hwang ph.d assistant professor university of south carolina kevin t stevens dba cpa interim director and kpmg alumni distinguished professor university of kentucky patricia l smith mba cpa coordinator of faculty and curriculum depaul university howard a kanter ed.d msa cpa cdr cisa csp associate professor northern illinois university randall arakawa mba visiting instructor depaul university john m kohlmeier dba visiting instructor harvard university sasha dekleva ph.d associate professor university of belgrade

i n recent years there has been enormous growth and development in applications of mathematics to business problems the business mathematics and statistics program was planned to make some of these powerful tools available to students in the college of commerce the basic sequence bms 125 126 and 142 is intended to help students gain insight and understanding into some fundamental principles of mathematics and to show how these principles are related to typical business situations additionally the sequence provides a background for those whose needs and interests require advanced study in quantitative methods courses in business mathematics and statistics are offered only as supporting studies and electives faculty ahmed i zayed ph.d professor and chair university of wisconsin constantine georgakis ph.d associate professor illinois institute of technology mohamed amezziane assistant professor university of southern florida lawrence gluck ph.d associate professor illinois institute of

curricular specializations the department offers three recommendations for students who would like to focus their studies on one area of expertise these areas are optional no curricular specialization is required for the major international focus eco 316 european economic history eco 333 topics in global economics eco 340 development of economic thought eco 360 economics of low-income countries eco 361 international trade eco 362 international monetary economics public policy and pre-law eco 310 urban economics eco 313 social control of business eco 315 introduction to money banking eco 318 american economic history eco 319 economics and gender eco 335 energy environmental economics eco 380 mathematical economics quantitative economics eco 375 econometrics eco 380 mathematical economics second course in econometrics or time taken from the graduate school via eco 399 independent study courses please visit campus connection at https for current course

honors curriculum requirements and exemptions the honors program requires that students have 1 attained junior standing with an overall gpa of 3.3 or better 2 earned a b or better in fin 310 and 3 have officially declared finance major the finance honors curriculum consists of fin 311-h honors financial management ii fin 330-h honors investments fin 333-h honors financial statement analysis fin 312-h honors advanced corporate finance fin 362-h honors risk management acc 307-h finance honors financial accounting i acc 309-h finance honors financial accounting ii and fin 396 honors seminar this structure is similar to the non-honors curriculum since it includes fin 310 and fin 320 in addition to the courses mentioned above this structure differs from the non-honors curriculum since it allows students to take only two open electives and one finance elective in the curriculum and it requires students to take an extra 2 credit hour class fin 396 cohort instruction begins in the spring and

for further information on the interdisciplinary commerce studies curriculum please contact the ics faculty members of the ics faculty include jim belohlav tom berry ray coye david drehmer lisa gundry john mathys michael miller albert muniz patrick murphy suzanne fogel robert perkovich and owais succarri they can be reached through their respective departmental offices courses please visit campus connection at https for current course information if you do not have a password for campus connection you may log on as a guest once you are on campus connection please select course descriptions followed by the department

courses all courses carry four hours of credit unless otherwise stated the following courses may be taken only upon completion of introductory commerce course work program requirements all students in the college of commerce are required to take three courses offered by the department of management mgt 300 managerial concepts and practices i mgt 301 managerial concepts and practices ii and either ics 394 entrepreneurship strategy or ics 395 management strategy students majoring in management are required to take an additional seven management courses although the management faculty encourages students to tailor the program to their specific needs and interests four courses are required for all majors for the remaining three courses students may consider one of the suggested career orientations or seek career counsel before deciding on their customized course sequence required major courses mgt 202 making sense of management data mgt 302 organizational behavior mgt 307 human resource

daniel p strunk mba executive in residence boston university d joel whalen ph.d associate professor florida state university hilda c wasson dba professor emeritus indiana university tommy e whittler ph.d associate professor purdue university departmental program requirements the department offers three options for marketing majors 1 the standard marketing program where students select electives based on career interests 2 the integrated marketing education ime honors program concentration which is designed to model the progression of a marketing professional and 3 the sales leadership concentration which develops the necessary skills for effective sales professionals declaration of major to become marketing majors students must 1 possess a cumulative gpa of 2.0 or better 2 have received a minimum grade of c in each introductory course provided the cumulative gpa in these courses is not less than 2.0 3 have received at least a c in mkt 301 and mkt 310 provided the cumulative gpa in all

iv advertising and promotion skills that lead to successful careers in advertising and promotion include • analysis of market research data • media planning • the creation of persuasive messages • strategic coordination of elements of the marketing communication mix • sales promotion strategies • public relations analysis and tactical management • motivation training monitoring and dispersion of a sales staff • distribution channel coordination through business-to-business advertising and promotional tactics • telemarketing and direct marketing techniques marketing elective courses for students interested in a career in advertising and promotion may include mkt 320 principles of advertising and mkt 370 personal selling the kellstadt center for marketing analysis and planning depaul university provides an education that emphasizes a pragmatic hands-on approach with a strong orientation to application established in 1986 with a 1.2