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constitutional process contracts criminal law legal analysis research and communication larc i ii and iii legal profession property torts one professional skills course and one advanced writing course as approved by the faculty professional skills courses that fulfill the graduation requirement include arbitration business planning commercial arbitration dispute resolution international moot court legal clinic any litigation lab litigation strategy child protection litigation strategy commercial litigation litigation strategy intellectual property litigation strategy marital dissolution litigation strategy pre-trial civil litigation strategy pre-trial criminal mediation mediation family law moot court negotiations trial advocacy i trial advocacy ii advanced writing courses that fulfill the graduation requirement include a senior seminar judicial and scholarly writing legal drafting civil litigation legal drafting criminal law legal drafting real estate legal drafting transactional

journal editors students may apply to become editors of the journal after they complete the first year editors may receive tuition stipends based upon the nature of their service on the editorial board credit for the journal editors receive course credit at the rate of two credits per semester the credits are graded pass/fail editors are expected to agree to a four-semester commitment to the journal § 4.5 journal for social justice the journal for social justice provides public interest practitioners and academics with a scholarly alternative to traditional law journal publications contributors to the journal are encouraged to share the wisdom of their experiences as advocates eligibility students who complete their first year of law school in good academic standing are invited to join the journal’s staff based on either the journal’s own write-on competition or the intra-journal summer write-on competition journal members are eligible to apply for editorial board

an auditor does not receive a grade in or credit for the course students may not convert from auditing to graded status or vice versa a student who has audited a course may not thereafter take that course for credit a person not enrolled as a student at the law school may audit a course only with the permission of the associate dean to register to audit a course jd students register for the class via campus connection and file a request form with lorraine schulz in the office of student affairs llm and nondegree-seeking students must meet with gini knittle assistant to the associate dean vi visiting at and transferring credits from other law schools § 6.1 required courses and requirements to visit another law school other than an approved summer study abroad visit at another law school which is discouraged a student will be permitted to receive credit for courses taken at another law school only if the student faces an unforeseen change of circumstances of an emergency nature that

ranks are listed by percentile in five percent increments through the 50th percentile the lower half of the class is ranked by quartile full-time and part-time students are ranked separately once released class ranks are not affected by any subsequent grade changes or withdrawals numeric class ranks are not available in communicating with prospective employers or otherwise a student must report his or her class rank precisely as listed on the law school web site students may not round off their grade point averages to achieve a higher rank to verify a class rank a student should order an unofficial transcript or official transcript from from campus connection through the national clearninghouse/university student records office 9th floor depaul center http students then should compare their cumulative gpa to the percentage class ranks on the law school web site if an employer requests verification of class rank the student should give the employer the

§ 9.5 verification of a temporary disability a student who seeks accommodation on the basis of a temporary disability must provide documentation to the assistant dean for multicultural affairs to verify the nature of the condition stating its expected duration and describing the accommodations deemed necessary such verification must be provided by a professional health care provider who is qualified in the diagnosis of such conditions the assessment or verification of disability must reflect the student’s current level of disability and shall be no older than 60 days the cost of obtaining the professional verification shall be borne by the student if the initial verification is incomplete or inadequate to determine the extent of the disability and appropriate accommodations the college of law shall have the discretion to require a supplemental assessment the cost of the supplemental assessment shall be borne by the student x withdrawal from and re-entry to the law school

§ 12.5 conduct relating to career services with respect to students seeking employment whether permanent part-time or as an extern it shall be a violation of this code to do any of the following a furnish to any person information known to be false which is related to the student’s academic record or which concerns activities related to the law school or b misrepresent another student’s academic record or otherwise make comment known to be false about another interviewee to any prospective employer § 12.6 obstruction of honor code proceedings with respect to any proceeding before the academic integrity hearing board it shall be a violation of this code to do any of the following a testify falsely b fail without just cause to appear at any hearing pursuant to a request issued by the board c give false information to the presenter or d harass any person who provides information or testimony pertaining to a violation of this code or who participates in the enforcement

and officers should be attached to that form organizations that are not registered will not receive funding bulletin boards or office space an organization must have a minimum of eight members at all times and must be comprised entirely of current depaul law students §13.2 recognized student organizations student bar association the student bar association sba is the law school’s largest student organization and acts as the student government all jd students who are enrolled in the college of law are automatically members of the sba the sba represents the students and advocates for their interests the sba sponsors social service and educational events and assists with first-year orientation the sba office is in room 704 312 362-8025 american civil liberties union depaul student chapter is dedicated to the preservation of civil liberties for all americans american constitution society works to ensure that the fundamental principles of human dignity individual rights and

student applies requires an official transcript to verify the jd the student must order the transcript from the university student records office http the college of law cannot order official transcripts because release of the transcripts requires the student’s written consent § 17.2 character and fitness disclosures the illinois board of admissions to the bar requires that the dean of the law school certify that each student sitting for the bar has earned the jd degree as part of that certification the dean must answer the following questions 1 2 3 4 do your records or other information show anything adverse concerning the applicant’s honesty integrity or general conduct was the applicant ever involved in a disciplinary inquiry or proceeding while in attendance if so explain are you aware of any matter or matters reflecting adversely upon the applicant’s reputation and character please state any facts not covered by the foregoing questions

at http classification and location of materials in the law library the law library uses the library of congress lc classification system a subject arrangement which consists of one or more letters of the alphabet followed by a series of numbers the following lc classifications are most common in the law library h j j2 k1-30 kd ke kf1-127 kf131-9999 kfa-kfx kg-kz pn-pz r economics sociology political science international relations legal periodicals law of the united kingdom law of canada law of the united states federal law of the united states by subject law of individual states and cities foreign and international law law and literature medicine 6th floor 6th floor 6th floor 6th floor 6th floor 6th floor 5th floor 4th floor 4th floor 4th floor 6th floor 4th floor locating material using the depaul i-share catalog i-share voyager is depaul’s on-line catalog it can be used to locate books journals and other

• • • change pin – change your university assigned password web registration – allows registration for classes on the web student accounts – obtain a complete financial record the college of law web site is it contains law career services information law library information course syllabi course descriptions class ranks financial aid information scholarship information and a listing of current events passwords the university identification services office 9th floor depaul center assigns all depaul students user identifications and passwords to access campus connection on the university web site students are encouraged to change their password to a number or word they can easily remember e-mail accounts all depaul students are assigned free e-mail accounts by the identification services office e-mail addresses consist of the first letter of the person’s first name and the first seven letters of their last name university

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