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an auditor does not receive a grade in or credit for the course students may not convert from auditing to graded status or vice versa a student who has audited a course may not thereafter take that course for credit a person not enrolled as a student at the law school may audit a course only with the permission of the associate dean to register to audit a course jd students register for the class via campus connection and file a request form with lorraine schulz in the office of student affairs llm and nondegree-seeking students must meet with gini knittle assistant to the associate dean vi visiting at and transferring credits from other law schools § 6.1 required courses and requirements to visit another law school other than an approved summer study abroad visit at another law school which is discouraged a student will be permitted to receive credit for courses taken at another law school only if the student faces an unforeseen change of circumstances of an emergency nature that makes the student’s continued presence at depaul an exceptional hardship such circumstances may include but are not limited to death or extreme illness in the student’s immediate family which necessitates a move to another city in order to alleviate severe financial medical or other such stress a student must document his or her claim of extraordinary hardship to the assistant dean for student affairs note financial concerns or the need to accompany or join a spouse without other significant factors will not constitute an exceptional hardship neither will a desire to work or study in another location constitute such a hardship in addition to demonstrating extraordinary hardship a student who wishes to take courses at another law school must submit to the assistant dean for student affairs an academic release form requesting that a letter of good standing be sent to the other law school copies of the course descriptions of the courses the student proposes to take and a copy of the other law school’s grading system the form requesting a letter of good standing may be obtained from the law school web site a $25 fee is charged for each letter of good standing credit for courses taken at another school will only be awarded if the school is american bar association accredited and permission has been granted before the student registers for the courses all required courses must be taken at depaul students may not visit another law school in the semester before they graduate a depaul student who is permitted to visit at another law school must be enrolled full-time at the other law school and may not take any depaul courses during the visit if a student wishes to receive depaul loans to cover the tuition costs at the other law school he or she must see an adviser in the financial aid office scholarships will be canceled if the student is not enrolled at depaul once the student completes the course work at the other law school the student must arrange to have an official transcript with final grades sent directly from the other law school to the assistant dean for student affairs credit will only be given for courses in which the student received a grade of c or higher grades from courses at other law schools will not be computed in the student s depaul gpa except for determining honors when the student graduates a student may not take a course at another law school on a pass/fail basis courses taken at another university or college that are not part of a regularly accredited law school curriculum will not be applied toward a law degree 15