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scheduled exam day § 8.6 student conduct during examinations student conduct during examinations is subject to the depaul university college of law honor code which is set forth in §xvi of this handbook cell phones palm pilots i-pods and pagers are not permitted in the exam room § 8.7 examination typing option using examsoft’s softest softest laptop exams the college of law offers students the opportunity to take examinations on their own laptops using examsoft’s softest program softest is microsoft windows-based softest may be used on new macintosh machines mac book or mac book pro that have windows installed softest will work provided you boot your mac through windows old macintosh machines will not work with softest professors must opt-in for students to use softest a list of courses available for softest is published on the law school softest web site each semester instructions are on http in order to use softtest the following requirements must be satisfied • wireless lan 802.11b/g internet connections to use softest students must have a wireless lan internet card installed on their laptops for more information see the technology section of the law school website • viruses the laptop must be free of viruses the law school technology staff ali belkarious and tony cartolano can test students’ laptops to make sure that the wireless lan cards works properly and that the computers are clean • minimum system requirements softest may be used on a pc with windows it may be used with macintosh mac book or mac book pro where windows xp is installed laptop 200 mhz minimum ram 32 mb minimum drives 30 mb of free space and a functioning lan wireless connector card operating system ibm compatible computer running windows 95 98 nt 2000 me or xp home pro or tablet pc mac book or mac book pro with windows xp installed software internet explorer 5.0 or greater download software and use the program internet connection an internet lan connection is required to register softest aol users must have aol 6.0 or higher • download and register softest the assistant dean of student affairs will notify students by e-mail of the deadline to download the software for each semester § 8.8 exam administration during all examinations books notes cell phones palm pilots i-pods outlines backpacks briefcases and other materials must be placed in the back of the room for softest exams 23