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§ 1.5 minimum credit hours full-time students must take a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester except that full-time graduating seniors in their final semester need only take the number of credit hours necessary for them to graduate part-time students must register for a minimum of nine credit hours per semester except that graduating seniors need only take the number of credit hours necessary for them to graduate students must take at least 6 credits in a fall or spring semester before they graduate if they do not loans will go into repayment and the student will not qualify for financial aid § 1.6 no credit for course work taken prior to matriculation in the jd program the american bar association standards provide that no credit may be given toward the jd degree for credits earned before a student matriculates in a jd program § 1.7 required courses the following courses must be completed in order to earn the j.d degree contracts i and ii torts property criminal

credit for the journal editors of the journal receive c ourse c redit t he credits are graded pass/fail a student may receive a maximum of four credits two per semester for journal editorial work editors may also receive tuition stipends based upon the nature of their service on the editorial board § 4.3 business commercial law journal the business commercial law journal is published three times per year under the direction of a student board of editors eligibility students who have completed their first year of law school in good standing are invited to j oin the journal staff based upon a w rite-on competition conducted in the fall semester students who have completed at least 31 credit hours are eligible to compete journal staff members do cite-checking and write a case note or comment editorial board in the spring of each academic year staff members may apply for an editorial position on the following year’s editorial board each editorial board chooses it own

fall semester october 1 spring semester march 1 summer semester june 1 the following courses may not be audited seminars litigation skills practice skills clinics externships guided research independent study and non-classroom pass/fail courses an auditor does not receive a grade in or credit for the course students may not convert from auditing to graded status or vice versa a student who has audited a course may not thereafter take that course for credit a person not enrolled as a student at the law school may audit a course only with the permission of the associate dean to register to audit a course jd students register for the class via campus connection and file a r equest form with lorraine schulz in the office of student affairs llm and non degree-seeking students must meet with gini knittle assistant to the associate dean vi visiting at and transferring credits from other law schools § 6.1 required courses and requirements to visit another law school other than a s ummer

grade to initiate a challenge the student must file five copies of a cover letter petition and any supporting documents with the assistant dean for student affairs § 7.13 class ranks jd students who have completed at least one semester at the college of law are ranked by cumulative gpa llm s tudents ar e not r anked students w ho t ransfer t o d epaul ar e ranked once they receive depaul grades class ranks are posted in february and july on the law school web site ranks are listed by percentile in five percent increments through the 50th percentile the lower half of the class is ranked by quartile full-time and par t-time students are ranked separately once released class ranks are not affected by any subsequent grade changes in communicating with prospective employers or otherwise a student must report his or her class rank precisely as listed on the law school web site students may not round off their grade point averages to achieve a higher rank to verify a class rank a student

which includes assessment of verbal and non-verbal abilities 2 the presence of a cognitive-achievement discrepancy or an intra-cognitive discrepancy indicated by a s core on a s tandardized t est of ac hievement w hich is 1.5 standard deviations or more below the level corresponding to a student’s sub-scale or full-scale iq 3 the presence of disorders in cognitive or sensory processing such as those related to memory language or attention and 4 an absence of other primary causal factors leading to achievement below expectations such as visual or auditory disabilities emotional or behav ioral disorders a l ack of opportunity to learn due to cultural or socio-economic circumstances or deficiencies in intellectual ability documentation to verify the learning disability must 1 be prepared by a professional qualified to diagnose a learning disability including but not limited to a licensed physician learning disability specialist or psychologist 2 include the testing procedures

a the direct copying of any material computer files recordings video programs or musical scores in whole or in part whether published or unpublished without proper acknowledgement that it is someone else’s b copying of any source in whole or part with only minor changes in wording or syntax even with acknowledgement c submitting as one’s own work a report examination paper computer file lab report or other assignment that has been pr epared by someone else t his includes research papers purchased or acquired from another person or entity d the paraphrasing of another’s work or ideas without proper acknowledgement plagiarism like other f orms of academic di shonesty is always a serious m atter if an instructor finds that a student has plagiarized the appropriate penalty is at the instructor’s discretion actions taken by the instructor do not preclude the college of law from taking further punitive action under the honor code § 12.4 theft and unauthorized

13 vote on sanction no separate hearing regarding sanction shall be hel d by the hearing board three members of the hearing board must assent regarding the appropriate s anction the board shall have broad discretion in determining a sanction sanctions m ay include but are not l imited to expulsion probation suspension reduction in grade and reprimand 14 notice to student and dean’s office of decision the student alleged to have committed a violation shall be not ified in writing of the hearing board’s decision within 10 days after it is rendered t he dean’s office also shall be given written notice of the board’s decision 15 student records when a f inal resolution is reached by the hearing board the records of the proceedings shall become a permanent part of the student’s file xiii student organizations § 13.1 registration requirements for student organizations journals and moot court the university requires every student organization to register

opportunity to participate in the competition may be provided students whose religious observances prevent them from attending the events of a student organization may not be barred f rom membership as a consequence thereof student organizations are encouraged to schedule events at a time other than friday noon friday evening saturday and sunday xvii admission to the bar § 17.1 bar examination requirements many college of law graduates apply for admission to the bar in illinois although they may later seek admission in other jurisdictions forms for the illinois bar are available on t he illinois b oard of admissions w eb site f orms f or ot her j urisdictions ar e available through the national conference of bar examiners web site the illinois board of admissions to the bar permits law students to register with the bar examiners by march 1 of the first year of law school if they intend to take the illinois bar exam registration is not mandatory but is

during the academic year when the college of law is in session reference desk service hours are monday through thursday friday saturday sunday 9:00 a.m 9:00 a.m 10:00 a.m.2:00 p.m 9:00 p.m 5:00 p.m 5:00 p.m 7:00 p.m § 18.5 the law library collection the law library collection supports the instructional and research activities of the depaul college of law and t he university in general t he print collection consists principally of materials relating to anglo-american law including the law of the united states its individual states and territories canada and great britain the collection also includes a comprehensive collection of law school and bar journals and other major secondary sources such as treatises legal encyclopedias and selected study aids substantively the collection has strong subject concentrations in taxation constitutional law health law human rights law and church-state relations the collection is located on three floors • the fourth floor includes subject

§ 19.12 dishonored checks a $25 fee is charged for each dishonored check §19.13 tuition refund policy tuition will be refunded only if a student withdraws before the end of the second week of classes in the fall and spring semesters and before the end of the first week of classes in the summer semester a tuition refund is not available after those deadlines students who add courses after those deadlines will be charged extra for the added credits § 19.14 television monitor and notices announcements including class cancellations are posted on the television monitors located on the 5th 7th and 9th floors of the college of law in order to post an announcement e-mail the text 50 words or less to notices and literature may only be posted on the general bulletin boards notices may not be posted on any walls glass doors or in restrooms elevators or the library all unauthorized postings and materials will be removed and discarded § 19.15 internet services

appendix a to complete the juris doctor each student must complete one of the following three-credit professional skills courses advanced legal writing foundations arbitration business planning commercial arbitration dispute resolution international moot court legal clinic any legal drafting civil legal drafting criminal law legal drafting family law legal drafting patents legal drafting transactions litigation strategy child protection litigation strategy commercial litigation litigation strategy intellectual property litigation strategy marital dissolution litigation strategy pre-trial civil litigation strategy pre-trial criminal mediation mediation family law moot court negotiations trial advocacy i trial advocacy ii