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the parts of the speech mechanism bearing into the bearing parts and the uses of the speech mechanism the ways of representing of the subject of art meaning of nature and importance of speech put your hand in the hand the art of table setting and style the table service food and beverage service and food and beverages production meaning of part of speech what is the difference between a 5 energy systems of the human body statistics for the behavioral sciences meaning of call of call number tools and equipment and their meaning theory and practice of leadership the cross and the towers style of table service and table setting graduates university of illinois chicago dc dc food and beverage service rules software development life cycle introduction to financial accounting communicate 2 listening and speaking skills learning to teach modern foreign languages in the secondary advanced world wide web and digital media principle and procedure in food service management classes for the registered nurse program art beyond the west principles of international relations examples of l types of selling the challenge of global competition united states foreign policy and d the politics of identity what is the process of voice production what are the kinds of religion it is no secret group discussion and analysis of interpretation what in the world is going on what are the parts of generator 3 wire to 2 wire 2 wire to 3 wire parts of the trains game game las vegas nevada financial risk management jesus of nazareth writing placement test italian courses in italy to kill a mockingbird english language courses someone was watching international organizations law colleges in south africa curriculum research in nursing education leader in the church today international relations theory

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cinema mfa overview learning outcomes degree requirements concentration requirements directing producing sample schedule directing concentration producing concentration cinema production ms overview learning outcomes degree requirements concentration requirements sound production post-production sample schedule post-production concentration production concentration sound concentration clinical psychology ma overview learning outcomes degree requirements student handbook clinical psychology phd overview learning outcomes degree requirements student handbook community psychology ma overview learning outcomes degree requirements student handbook community psychology phd overview learning outcomes degree requirements student handbook composition mm overview learning outcomes degree requirements computational finance ms overview learning outcomes degree requirements computational finance ms overview learning outcomes degree requirements computer and information sciences phd overview

database processing csc 455 database processing for large-scale analytics csc 452 database programming is 549 data warehousing and data mining ipd 451 big data and nosql program note courses require programming experience with python analytics csc 423 data analysis and regression is 467 knowledge discovery technologies csc 575 intelligent information retrieval csc 424 advanced data analysis csc 495 social network analysis mkt 798 special topics health care data analysis topic csc 465 data visualization mgt 798 special topics service design patient experience topic note student must take only sections of mkt 798 with the topics specified above enterprise management is 430 fundamentals of it project management is 560 enterprise systems is 505 business continuity/disaster recovery theories and strategies ect 424 enterprise infrastructure tdc 478 information storage and management mgt 798 special topics managerial marketing epidemiology hthc 515 intro to health communication hthc

if a student does not indicate a specific concentration of interest in the application for admission the student will be assigned to the general business concentration courses may be waived i.e excused without additional course work required if the student has previously completed equivalent course work with a grade of c or better professional experience may not be considered in meeting academic requirements the interpretation evaluation and final decision of course waivers is the prerogative of the kellstadt graduate school of business concentration requirements course requirements to complete the sustainable management concentration, students must take three courses.​ mgt 515 sustainable management choose two from the following cmns 535 environmental rhetoric and politics eco 798 special topics ecological economics env 506 earth resources and human society fin 559 sustainable value creation gsb 595 developing sustainable strategies practicum mgt

2 3 4 5 multiculturalism is infused throughout the curriculum field experiences are an integral part of the curriculum students are exposed to a variety of educational theories the program includes a research component as a basis for further professional development students lacking undergraduate requirements in the content area they will be teaching will have to complete those requirements prior to student teaching both a content area advisor and an academic advisor will guide candidates in planning their coursework the program in k-12 education prepares students to teach children in a variety of urban and suburban educational settings including public and private elementary and high schools students follow a general pattern of study for elementary and high school levels in all cases appropriate field experience plays an integral role the program combines theoretical principles of education and field work with the student s choice of major graduates earn the master of arts or master

registration procedures degree-seeking students enrolled at any time during the previous calendar year are eligible to register and do so through campus connection non-degree seeking students need permission from the graduate student services office to register registration in courses in other colleges or schools graduate students may be permitted to register for courses offered in other colleges or schools of the university contact the graduate student services office for specifics residence registration whether in residence or not, all active graduate students, master’s and doctoral levels who will use the facilities of the university library laboratory etc or who will consult with faculty members regarding theses dissertations or examinations must be registered in each quarter admission aid candidates interested in admission to the college of liberal arts and social sciences should direct all inquires to the office of

ani 315 audio for animation undergraduate this class will explore concepts and practical techniques students need in order to address many of the unique challenges associated with creating audio for animated films students will begin with an introduction to audio production before moving on to build practical skills for both field and studio recording lectures readings and hands on projects will give students a working knowledge of how to approach and create the immense range of styles of audio for animated films from classic cartoon soundtracks to the live action style mixes of many of today s animated hollywood blockbusters students will complete several audio projects including a multi-track mix for an animated short prerequisites ani 240 ani 320 hand-drawn animation undergraduate this course is devoted to the complex aspects and techniques of classical drawn animation required to create convincing movement frame to frame consistency and character acting beginning with a review of

eco 525 strategic decision making and game theory graduate the goal of this course is to introduce students to game-theoretic way of thinking and show its usefulness in understanding various problems arising in business economics as well as many other disciplines and every day life the tools used in game theory are analytical in nature and hence the building blocks of the course will necessarily draw on analytics the instructor s job will be to make these analytics accessible to students without using too much mathematics once students grasp these tools a variety of applications will be presented discussed and illustrated using experiments these applications will be mainly in the fields of business and economics but will often span to other areas like law politics biology and ethics in this way students will get a broad perspective of the multiple applications of game-theoretic reasoning eco 555 or eco 505 is a prerequisite for this class eco 526 business strategy graduate this class

iit 211 materials science undergraduate the scientific principles determining the structure of metallic polymeric ceramic semiconductor and composite materials electronic structure atomic bonding atomic structure microstructure and macrostructure the basic principles of structure-property relationships in the context of chemical mechanical and physical properties of materials taught at illinois institute of technology as ms 201 iit 212 analog and digital laboratory undergraduate basic experiments with analog and digital circuits familiarization with test and measurement equipment combinational digital circuits familiarization with latches flip-flops and shift registers operational amplifiers and transient effects in first-order and second-order analog circuits pspice software applications taught at illinois institue of technology as ece 212 iit 213 circuit analysis ii undergraduate circuit analysis ii sinusoidal excitation and phasors ac steady-state circuit analysis using phasors

mls 468 selected topics women self and society graduate topics vary see schedule for current offerings mls 473 topics in literature graduate topics addressed in different versions of the course may include various themes movements and genres in british american and world literature consult current course schedule for topic mls 474 women and art graduate examines the work of the most significant women artists from the renaissance to the present it will also investigate how women have been represented in western art by both male and female artists cross-listed as haa 366 mls 475 topics in contemporary film graduate an examination of recent films and their relation to broader tendencies in contemporary culture topics vary see schedule for current offerings mls 476 chicago in fiction and film graduate this course examines novels and short stories written by chicagoans during the 20th century it also includes a few film adaptations of these works mls 477 feminist ethics graduate critiques

scu 351 doing critical practitioner research in education undergraduate this course introduces students to different approaches to education research and research methods with a focus on critical practitioner research students will become discerning readers of educational research and be able to design and conduct research related to teaching and learning in a variety of disciplinary areas english history/social sciences mathematics or science at the secondary level they will develop skills to critically examine and reflect on practice in the classroom through discipline-specific research projects taken concurrently with sec 381 sec 382 sec 383 sec 385 sec 364 is a prerequisite for this class scu 351 has a co-requisite of sec 381 or sec 382 or sec 383 or sec 385 scu 399 independent study undergraduate 1 to 4 credits education core unit permission of department chair and associate dean is required se 325 introduction to software engineering undergraduate this course introduces students

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