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themselves and in their future depaul seeks to manage its resources effectively in order to control the costs it charges students for programs and services recent tuition increases have been held to between 3 and 5 percent complete depaul tuition rates are available on the student accounts website tuition policy information is available in the policy section of this handbook graduate division 2009/2010 please note graduate students are assessed tuition according to their academic program exceptions do exist for cdm and kellstadt courses graduate students who are not enrolled in cdm and/or kellstadt may want to contact depaul central office at 312-3628610 for details before enrolling in the cdm and kellstadt courses full-time and part-time tuition per credit hour communication $570.00 computing digital media $655.00 education $520.00 kellstadt graduate school of business graduate busines per credit hour $830.00 liberal arts sciences $550.00 music $665.00 school for new learning

4 the instructor in each course shall decide what criteria and methods for evaluating students are to be applied in the specific course these decisions of the instructor however must be compatible with any policies previously accepted by the faculty of a department or college with respect to particular courses especially courses offered in sequence where the qualifications of a student to begin an advanced course depend upon performance in a previous course the methods of conducting a course are determined by the instructor within limitations set by the classification of a course as lecture-discussion seminar laboratory etc an instructor may vary the teaching methodology to meet particular circumstances of a course type or number of students enrolled concentrated calendar as in summer sessions etc or the instructor s own desires to innovate or experiment with different approaches any method selected must be compatible with the predetermined goals and objectives of the course while

the term has elapsed or the third week of class for a 10 week class full tuition is assessed for audited classes students interested in earning credit credit in transfer must obtain approval from their college office prior to registration at the other institution extension courses taught through other accredited institutions are accepted only when the sponsoring institution itself conducts the courses and certifies the grade and credit through an official transcript a depaul degree-seeking student must obtain the written permission of his or her dean before enrolling in an extension course graduate student handbook new graduate student handbook graduate academic policies registration student enrollment classifications registration student enrollment classifications classifications college credit is accumulated on the basis of quarter hours earned full-time student status an eight-quarter hour course load is required for graduate students to maintain full-time status for purposes of

of individuals are to be held inviolate they take precedence over any academic goal set forth by the university 2 the student is respected as a responsible person he or she is therefore encouraged to make informed decisions with respect to his or her own education and to be involved in university decisions to the fullest extent possible 3 the university is by definition a corporation just as the individual student has his or her own personal right so the university as a corporate person has an obligation to exercise its rights and privileges in conformity with the laws and procedures governing its actions 4 depaul university recognizes that freedom to teach and freedom to learn depend upon opportunities and conditions in the classroom on the campus and in the larger community the responsibility to secure and respect general conditions conducive to learning is shared by all members of the academic community freedom is meaningless unless responsibility is also present the above rights

graduate student handbook new graduate student handbook code of student responsibility judicial process compliance judicial process compliance judicial process compliance a student who fails to agree to a judicial hearing or abide by a judicial sanction takes action to influence or coerce testimony in a judicial hearing or takes action that disrupts or impairs an investigation or hearing may be found in violation of failure to comply with the judicial process any student who knowingly provides false information in a hearing may also be found in violation of this or other parts of the code of student responsibility or other applicable institutional policy graduate student handbook new graduate student handbook code of student responsibility reasonable directives from a university official or office reasonable directives from a university official or office reasonable directives from a university official or office students are not to disregard reasonable directives either verbal or

undertake no activity whatsoever on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office whether such office be federal state or local this is an absolute prohibition for the entire policy please check the university secretary​s website at http graduate student handbook new graduate student handbook code of student responsibility sales and solicitationresidence halls sales and solicitation residence halls sales and solicitation residence halls the use of any space in the residence halls/university apartment community for any commercial purpose except with the express written approval of the department of housing services is prohibited solicitation by residents or any others without the explicit written approval of the department of housing services is prohibited the posting and/or distribution of any advertisement without stamped approval of the residence hall council or the department of residential education is prohibited for the entire policy

university reserves the right to determine the appropriate time place content and manner for conducting activities and posting and distribution of materials on any of its campuses consequently the university may deny or restrict the activities of student organizations student organizations are expected to exercise good judgment in planning and promoting their activities failure to do so may result in judicial action being initiated against the organization consequently policies procedures and sanctions set forth within the student code of conduct apply to student organizations collectively as well as to individual students the office of student life will work in conjunction with the dean of students office in any judicial action graduate student handbook new graduate student handbook code of student responsibility judicial review process judicial review process graduate student handbook new graduate student handbook code of student responsibility student rights within the judicial

6 the complainant makes a statement or in cases where the university is bringing the action a university representative will present the university​s case 7 the referred student makes an opening statement including an admission or denial of the charges 8 witnesses and/or evidence are presented witnesses will be presented one at a time a witness can only be present at the judicial board hearing during his/her own testimony see explanation of important aspects of the judicial review process​witnesses 9 members of the judicial board the moderator the referred student and the complainant may cross-examine any witness who is present all questions must be directed to the chairperson the chairperson may rule any question out of order 10 written testimony from witnesses unable to be at the judicial board hearing may be accepted but its validity will be ruled on by the chairperson see explanation of important aspects of the judicial review process​witnesses 11 the

personal support here are some faqs about how to get more personal or non-academic support while you are enrolled at depaul click on each one for the answer if you have additional questions contact the dean of students office who do i talk to about a personal medical or family problem that is interfering with my classes how can i set up an appointment with a personal counselor who can i talk to about a disability where can i get help in addressing a learning disability where do i go if i have experienced any form of discrimination or harassment from faculty staff or students please contact the associate vice president for student affairs you can call 312 362-5653 or email you may also contact the office of institutional diversity and equity at 312 362-6872 or email where do i find information about activities and student organizations on campus how can i learn to manage my finances how do i find a job on campus graduate student handbook