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waived if a student has the equivalent academic background alternatively students with practical experience may complete a graduate assessment examination gae to show competency in a prerequisite all students are blocked from enrolling in core knowledge phase courses prior to completing their prerequisites the student must submit an online change of status request when the prerequisite phase is completed to inform the student services offices that the block can be removed the online request must be submitted two weeks before the student intends to register for graduate level classes the student will then be considered a fully admitted student and may pass to the graduate phase of the program students may submit the change of status request by logging in to mycti core knowledge phase fully admitted students in the core knowledge phase may register for a maximum of four advanced phase courses the core knowledge phase courses for the ms in computer science are csc 447 concepts of programming languages csc 491 design and analysis of algorithms se 450 object-oriented software development methods core knowledge examination these examinations cover the subject matter of the core knowledge phase courses students have the option of taking one two or three core exams at one time after completion of the applicable course or courses possible grades on the core examinations are pass with distinction pass and fail students are allowed at most two attempts at each exam two failures on one exam results in dismissal from the graduate program to be eligible for core exam application a student must have completed all prerequisite courses or be registered for the final prerequisite course in the quarter before the core exam for which the student is applying additionally a student must successfully complete all prerequisite courses b or better required before being allowed to sit for any core exam failure to successfully complete a core class grade of c or better required may result in an administrative cancellation of the student s core exams advanced phase one course in each of the following areas foundations computer systems database systems four additional courses from the areas above or artificial intelligence computer vision data analysis computer graphics software engineering security network technologies two of which must be 500-level courses are grouped into different areas below for your convenience a student may concentrate in one area by taking all 4 courses from the same area or may wish to take courses from a variety of areas three elective courses students must choose three graduate level elective courses from the school of cti elective courses are in the range of 420-699 overall at least four 500-level courses there is a research option for this degree as well database systems area csc 449 database technologies csc 451database design csc 452 database programming csc 454 database administration and management csc 549 database system implementation csc 550 object-oriented databases csc 551 distributed database systems csc 553 advanced database concepts csc 589 topics in databases ds 575 intelligent information retrieval foundations area csc 444 automata theory and formal grammars csc 448 compiler design 31