School of Computer Science TWinter/Spring 2003-2004 Graduate by DePaul University

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csc 503 parallel algorithms csc 504 parallel processing csc 535 formal semantics of programming languages csc 544 theory of computation csc 547 advanced topics in programming languages csc 548 advanced compiler design csc 599 topics in computer science ds 591 distributed algorithms se 580 design of object-oriented languages se 590 advanced topics in object-oriented technology computer systems area csc 545 advanced computer organization csc 546 operating systems design ds 420 foundations of distributed systems i ds 421 foundations of distributed systems ii ds 513 client/server technologies ds 520 distributed systems frameworks ds 594 distributed systems project ds 599 topics in distributed systems se 540 software development for mobile and wireless systems se 542 software development for limited and embedded systems se 550 distributed software development se 552 concurrent software development tdc 561 network programming artificial intelligence area csc 457 expert systems csc 458 symbolic programming csc 480 foundations of artificial intelligence csc 578 neural networks and machine learning csc 587 cognitive science csc 594 topics in artificial intelligence ds 575 intelligent information retrieval computer vision area csc 481 introduction to image processing csc 498 digital signal processing csc 538 vision systems csc 581 applied image analysis csc 584 computer vision csc 592 topics in computer vision and pattern recognition data analysis area csc 423 data analysis and regression csc 424 advanced data analysis csc 428 data analysis for experimenters csc 521monte carlo simulations algorithms and applications csc 578 neural networks and machine learning csc 598 topics in data analysis ect 584 web data mining for business intelligence se 468 software measurement se 567 software reliability computer graphics area gph 436 fundamentals of computer graphics gph 438 survey of computer animation gph 448 computer graphics scripting gph 469 computer graphics i gph 470 survey of computer graphics gph 536 smooth surface modeling for graphics and animation 32