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college of communication offerings internship credit students in the major may take cmn 294 communication internship or cmn 394 advanced communication internship when placement relates to the major for credit in order to take cmn 294 or cmn 394 students must have completed the three communication core courses cmn 101 cmn 102 cmn 103 two courses in the chosen major and have fulfilled internship program eligibility requirements unrestricted electives students complete the bachelor​s degree in communication studies by taking an additional 56 quarter hours selected from any courses offered by depaul university course descriptions cmn 101 introduction to human communication this core course is required of all majors in the college of communication the class provides an introduction to the field of relational group and organizational communication students become acquainted with the basic terms concepts and theoretical perspectives used to examine communication in dyadic group and organizational contexts cmn 102 introduction to media communication formerly cmn 110 this course offers students a broad overview of the mass media print film video recorded music radio television and the internet with a particular focus on how these media impact our everyday lives students will develop critical frameworks for understanding how power operates across the media spheres of production circulation representation and reception attention is placed on how the social categories of race class gender sexuality ethnicity age and nationality inform each of these media spheres the course also considers how recent developments in digital technologies media convergence and globalization have transformed our media culture cmn 103 intercultural communication formerly cmn 203 this course is required is required for all majors in the college of communication the class explores issues pertaining to communication and culture here we consider the important role of context social/political historical and interpersonal in cultural interactions specifically we examine the complex relationship between culture and communication from three conceptual perspectives the social/psychological the interpretive and the critical cmns 201 business and professional communication employers demand strong communication and presentation skills in order to compete effectively in the job market students need to acquire and practice the written and oral communication skills needed to interview successfully furthermore as a professional you will not only be expected to be a confident speaker but also to organize and prepare clear concise and interesting presentations you will also need to communicate effectively while working as the member of a team or in other group contexts in developing the knowledge competencies and skills needed to communicate effectively in these and other contexts this course will embrace opportunities for both critical thinking and applied problem solving cmns 205 communication culture and community examines the relationships among culture communication institutions and public and private life students explore the possibilities and problems of contemporary forms of community through service in community organizations the course also fulfills the junior year experiential learning requirement through community based service learning cmns 211 interpersonal communication an introduction to the factors that shape communication between two people topics include self-concept formation perception message formation verbal and nonverbal communication active listening and defensiveness cmns 212 small group communication a survey of the variables operating in group interactions combines principles with practice