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this survey course examines the philosophical and critical thought from african american caribbean and african philosophers feminists political and radical intellectuals the thinkers to be studied include but are not limited to du bois garvey james lamming williams senghor fanon hodge wynter lorde soyinka hooks emecheta and conde abd 234 survey of black aesthetic thought this survey course examines the history of the aesthetic thought that has emerged from the minds of black creative intellectuals in the united states and globally figures to be examined might include du bois locke hughes johnson hurston james baraka piper hooks julien mercer and wallace abd 235 harlem renaissance and negritude this interdisciplinary course will examine the diasporic literary and cultural movements known as the harlem or new negro renaissance and the negritude movement in literature music and visual arts specific attention will be given to the historical economic and political aspects which helped to

study of artifacts ams 200 introduction to american social history and culture [up:na this course will provide an overview of american history designed to provide a onequarter overview of american history and culture it will provide an overview of the central themes of american history from the colonial period to the present with a focus on social popular and cultural history ams 200 introduction to american social history and culture [up:na this course will provide an overview of american history designed to provide a onequarter overview of american history and culture it will provide an overview of the central themes of american history from the colonial period to the present with a focus on social popular and cultural history ams 201 american experience i to 1860 prereqs ams 200 or one us hst crs from hst 280/281/282 or equiv the first of two paired courses that form the american studies program core the course combines how you do american studies with clusters of readings and

introduction to the communication of literature through oral interpretation involves critical analyses of selected literary works and preparation for and delivery of short performances cmn 240 broadcast journalism formerly cmn 340 prereqs cmn 275 or instr permission an introduction to the preparation and presentation skills needed by broadcast journalists this is a studio course that will allow the gathering and delivery of news and public affairs programming with the development of the critical competencies students must have if they are considering careers in the profession prerequisites cmn 275 or instructors permission cmn 244 principles of advertising formerly cmn 344 prerequisite cumulative gpa of 3.00 or above examines the construction and implementation of an advertising campaign from the assessment of client needs through completion of the finished project analysis of successful advertisements and exposure to contemporary theory complements practical experience gained

ee 327 teaching reading language arts in the elem schlemphasis on bilingual child teaching reading and language arts in the elementary schools with emphasis on the bilingual child ee 332 methods mathematics and science in the elementary school prerequisite 331 methods mathematics and science in the elementary school prerequisite 331 ee 333 teaching and learning elementary school mathematics prereq ee 281 mat 110 mat 111 an introduction to materials methods and strategies for helping students in grades k8 become mathematically literate i.e for helping elementary students to value mathematics to become confident in their mathematical abilities to attack and solve mathematical problems and to reason and communicate mathematically particular attention will be given to the theoretical views about how children learn mathematics the proper use of manipulative materials the development of mathematical thinking e.g skills in estimation pattern recognition or spatial perception the use of

geo 218 spain and portugal the iberian impact up europe formerly geo 318 an historical-geographical analysis of the iberian nations with an interdisciplinary focus on global geopolitics trade settlement and cultural characteristics art architecture language and literature music and religion this is the only course of its kind offered in u.s universities geo 220 the dynamic ocean cross-listed with phy 220 develops the concepts of physical oceanography topics include the chemical and physical properties of seawater the dynamics of ocean currents and circulations the physics of water waves and tides the interaction of the ocean with the atmosphere the formation of coastlines and the effects of pollution on the ocean geo 225 weather and climate cross-listed with phy 225 the dynamic atmospheric processes which control day-to-day weather and the longer term processes which determine prevailing climatic conditions are the two principal foci of this course special topics include weather

faculty marjorie altergott hc 365 jazz and chicago this short course will introduce the student to the pleasures and enrichment of jazz students will learn what jazz is learn about its fascinating history and some of its most influential players and learn about the special role that chicago has played-and still does play-in great jazz in the classroom we ll hear records view videos engage the instructor in question-and-answer sessions and hear stories about this unique musical art form and chicago s ongoing role in it the instructor a jazz writer and longtime jazz drummer will enliven the course with personal anecdotes covering a considerable part of chicago jazz history class will meet four times in the classroom and once at a top no-smoking jazz club for a live performance competencies h1x a1a a1c faculty joe cunniff hc 366 cinema of peace film as a creative political medium hollywood has made a highly profitable business by nurturing the notion of film as a form of mass

the nature of science cross-listed as phy 100 isp 101 focal point seminar this course is available to 1st year students only focal point seminars teach first-year depaul students how to examine a single topic in detail a person place event issue or text that shapes the way we live today in the course of this thorough examination students discover the complexity of the topic by studying it from the perspectives of different disciplines and fields of inquiry by writing extensively about it and by raising challenging questions about it in class discussions topics for focal point seminars vary and students have the opportunity to select a seminar that piques their curiosity and connects with their intellectual goals and interests students will receive credit for only one section of isp 101 focal point seminar courses available to first-year students only isp 102 explore chicago this course available to 1st year students only explore chicago courses acquaint first-year depaul students with

mol 357 teaching culture in the foreign language classroom pedagogical theory and practice in the integration of culture into the language classroom mol 366 russian novel in english translation i 19th century major russian novels of the nineteenth century turgenev dostoyevsky tolstoy in their cultural and social context mol 368 russian novel in english translation iii contemporary major russian prose works of the late 20th century read in english translation authors include bulgakov platonov pristavkin and bitov mol 380 community based service learning community based service learning mol 389 topics in comparative literature cross-listed as eng 389 variable topics consult course schedule for current offering mol 392 internships variable credit mol 396 capstone language literature and culture this course explores the connections among linguistics literary studies and cultural studies as well as the relation of these fields to others such as art philosophy history psychology law and

psy 213 lesbian gay bisexual and transgender psychology overview of psychological and social issues relevant to lesbian gay bisexual and transgendered lgbt individuals and communities the course will examine key concepts lgbt psychological research and efforts to promote liberation and well being psy 215 human sexuality prereqs psy 105 or 106 self society and the modern world historical cultural psychological and physiological aspects of human sexuality cannot be used as psychology major course prerequistes psy 105 or 106 psy 218 psychological problems of contemporary family prereqs psy 105 or 106 ssmw an overview of the major psychological issues facing the contemporary family cannot be used as psychology major course prerequisites psy 105 or 106 psy 220 latina/o psychology the purpose of this course is to examine the psychological research literature on the mental health and well being of latina/o populations in the united states a number of relevant topics will be examined

prerequisites students must activate their free depaul email account to use their id and password for posting their web pages this course builds upon basic skills in windows95 word processing and surfing the internet this course is not for internet novices pre-1999 competencies pw-3 pw-f ba-1999 competencies s-5 s-3-f faculty patricia szczerba sw 247 science and technology their impact on 20th century society the 20th century has experienced the greatest number and most profound changes of any in our history from the invention of plastic to the identification of genes science and the practical application through technology has changed the way we think and perceive our environment this course will be an overview of the major discoveries that occurred in the past 100 years and how discoveries in medicine psychology ecology and technological innovation have effected society for good or sometimes not so good we will look at how the work of women scientists has been included into the

xtdc 399 combined degree course this course is to be used for combined bs/ms degree programs for courses with this subject this course can be used a maximum of three times or twelve 12 credit hours this course is open only to students in the combined bs/ms degree programs and is by consent of the student?s faculty advisor only to register for this course please complete the combined degree course form on the cti web site prerequisites consent of faculty