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the peopling of the world the literature of the word what are the parts of the books what are the parts of the book song song of the south drawing of the organ of speech put your hand in the hand what are the materials in the library game game dc to dc what are the ways of representing subject of art tools and equipment and their meaning face to face teaching and learning in the early years the way of the cross leads home the cross and the towers what are the meaning of general references and their meaning board to board the art of table setting and style the table service food and beverage service rules the clown from the movie it group discussion and analysis of interpretation diagram of cycles of engine what are the functions walk in walk out what is the importance of operating system institute for the study of man parts for 30 30 middle east and islamic studies 2012 track and field 2013 dvd record to dvd recorders problem of evil dc to dc isolator what is language pen and ink journals read it play it where there is faith circuit for regulated ac supply introduction to english 5 examples of literature nervous system and its classification how to increase boost applications of c language to ece students essentials of financial management nut and bolt efficiency whats different about teaching reading to students learning food and beverage policies god of the ages songs of the civil war applications of switch security system how to use 259 new electronic technology functions of arts functions of art how to build a house

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journalism l 362 366 labor education language literacy special instr latin latin american latino studies lesbian/gay bisexual/transgndr liberal studies in education liberal studies in snl liberal studies program lifelong learning m management management information systems marketing mathematical sciences media studies military science modern languages multimedia music education music ensemble musicianship n&o nursing organizational communication p&q peace/conflict resolution/social justice performance performing arts management philosophy physical education physics polish political science portuguese psychology public policy studies public relations advertising r 366 368 368 369 372 373 375 377 378 383 383 386 387 390 398 402 404 408 408 412 413 418 418 420 423 423 425 432 434 439 443 447 448 457 457 463 466 471 real estate relational communication religious studies russian s 471 472 473 482 485 school for new learning

sitting and walking meditation etc evenings are devoted to lectures on immigration issues culture and the spirituality of the ancient desert hermits in addition students will participate in an interfaith service in honor of our lady of guadalupe patron saint of mexico one-competence class h-2-h a-3-g a-1-b fee of $550 covers all expenses except airfare into el paso texas and tuition contact instructor for details pmonagha@depaul.edu ai 202 african american literature in this course students will examine works of literature generated by the african american community students will analyze and write about literature using critical techniques requiring them to discern themes and ideas from various works of african american literature furthermore learners will examine characters against the backdrop of community expectation and societal reality particularly as it relates to the africanamerican experience the four required works notable for their focus on urban life are as follows black

cloning and transformation protein expression purification and characterization and advanced biophysical methods formerly che 343lab co-requisites che342 prerequisites che340 and che341 or instructor consent che 344 biochemistry iii third in a three-course sequence directed at those who wish an in depth exploration of modern biochemistry this course covers metabolism nucleic acid structure and replication transcription and translation also included are methods of biotechnology and an introduction to reading the primary literature co-requisites che345 prerequisites che342 and che343 che 345 experimental biochemistry iii laboratory to be taken in conjunction with che 344 this course will introduce students to bioinformatics methods including protein function prediction and structure analysis dna/protein sequence analysis and alignment and special topics laboratory techniques co-requisites che344 prerequisites che342 and che343 che340 and che342 or instructor?s consent che 346 survey

prerequisites one previous literature course eng 319 topics in medieval literature see schedule for current offerings prerequisites one previous literature course eng 320 english renaissance literature survey of english literature from 1500 to 1660 prerequisites advanced standing in english eng 327 milton prerequisites one previous literature course eng 328 shakespeare prerequisites advanced standing in english eng 329 topics in renaissance literature see schedule for current offerings prerequisites one previous literature course eng 330 restoration and 18th century literature survey of english literature from 1660 to 1780 prerequisites advanced standing in english eng 339 topics in restoration and 18th century english literature selected authors genres and topics in english literature 1660 1780 prerequisites one previous literature course eng 340 nineteenth century english literature survey of english literature from 1780 to 1900 prerequisites advanced standing in english

h undergraduate course descriptions current h subjects beginning with the letter h are listed below and on the navigation bar to the left these descriptions reflect the courses as of may 15 2011 for the most up-to-date descriptions please visit campus connection history history of art architecture honors hospitality leadership human community human-computer interaction health science undergraduate course descriptions current h health science hlth 201 introduction to health science this course introduces students to the b.s in health sciences undergraduate program the course aims to introduce students to the range of disciplines biological sociological psychological cultural found within this program and how each contributes to our understandings of both health and illness this will allow the students to better understand the nature of health care delivery and the methods that will best improve the health status of both individuals and the population prerequisites permission of

hc 248 the triple axis race gender and class in the united states we will explore how issues of race gender and class have intersected in struggles for equality in the united states our exploration will range from the struggle for racial equality to the struggle for gender equality stereotypical thinking cultural and class labels and unexamined assumptions often play a pivotal role in the power relationships that have characterized these struggles we will look at social political economic and cultural factors that have influenced our behavior and contributed to our self-perceptions and our views of others hc 249 nonprofits a guide to a multibillion dollar business in the wake of the east asian tsunami hurricane katrina and cuts in federal programs the nonprofit sector has increasingly played a significant role at the local national and worldwide level a multi-billion industry nonprofits provide essential services in many forms including education enhancement of the arts and social

in this phase of an off-campus internship students develop a research agenda under the supervision of faculty that they will carry out during their off-campus residency prerequisites permission of the director int 382 internship residency this course should be used to register credit hours for both chicago-based and off-campus residencies to complete internship agreements and approved independent research proposals 4-8 credit hours prerequisites permission of the director int 384 internship directed research in this phase of an off-campus internship students submit a research report to faculty and expand upon their experience through further research prerequisites permission of the director int 388 special topics in international studies special topics in international studies int 389 international social engagement the course provides 20-25 hours of service learning opportunities for students in organizations that are pursuing local activities based on international missions or

mol 318 masterpieces of russian literature this course will present some of the greatest russian short stories 1880 1930 in the course students will read short stories in english translation by six major russian writers anton chehkov alexander kuprin ivan bunin maxim gorky mikhail bulgakov and mikhail zoshchenko students will analyze and interpret the short stories of the 1880 1930 period both with respect to form and meaning in the process they will develop greater insight into and enjoyment of literature the course will relate the original works to the social and cultural issues of their own time as well as to current problems mol 319 world of the cinema critical analysis of cinematic development mol 320 modern japanese literature in translation covers modern japanese literature in english translation from the meiji era to the present themes for study include tradition and modernization the individual and society gender and nostalgia in addition beginning with excerpts from

psy 397 experiential learning/psychology research experiential learning/psychology research prerequisites consent psy 398 tutoring and mentoring in psychology prerequisites senior standing and consent of chair psy 399 independent study prerequisites departmental approval public policy studies undergraduate course descriptions current p q public policy studies pps 200 introduction to public policy this core course is designed to provide the student with an introduction to the field of public policy the historical origins of policy analysis definitions of what constitutes public policy various theoretical approaches developed to address policy problems and contemporary policy debates on various substantive issues by the end of the course each student has a solid background for further study of public policy and the social sciences this course should be taken as one of the first courses in the major it is a prerequisites for other pps courses pps 201 public policy and urban issues

include comparative population policies and their societal implications population control mortality patterns changing patterns of illness and epidemic disease contemporary migration and refugee patterns and related national policies and the societal responses to changing age structures soc 279 intro stats for the social sciences data description and interpretation table construction correlation regression and anova introduction to multivariate analysis statistical inference and hypothesis testing prerequisites mat 100 or 101 crosslisted with mat 242 soc 280 mass media and culture analysis of the relations between modern society and the mass media such as tv film radio and the print media soc 281 sociology of rock music rock music is studied as an object of culture both as art and as mass culture attention is given to its creation dissemination and appreciation soc 282 rock journalism this course explores the wide variety of rock writings from album and concert reviews to interviews

wrd 368 global englishes at the start of the 21st century english is a global language used in commerce technology research education and even popular culture around the world this course explores the role and nature of the english language in a global context course readings and discussions will examine the historical context and cultural legacy of the spread of english global varieties of english uses and contexts of english issues of ownership and identity and the future of english wrd 376 fieldwork in arts writing the study and production of writing about art as social engagement this course explores various genres of arts writing and their functions from the perspective of critic and artist combines fieldwork in the chicago arts scene collaborating and conversing with artists and professional writers with classroom-based discussion students produce a portfolio of writing about art in a variety of genres including the critical informative and reflective wrd 377 writing and