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jesus the light of the world parts of organ of speech the operation of the cellular system the magic of the numbers history of food and beverage service operations current product of food and beverage services definition of reports of information the cross and the towers food and beverage service operation history animal with animal food and beverage service history how food and beverage service the clown from the movie it 9 kinds of subject of arts kinds of subject of arts kinds of subjects of art 9 kinds of subject of art 3 kinds of subject of arts drawing of the parts of speech organ the drawing of parts of speech organ what are the functions what are the different section of the library component video to s video what are the parts of generator example of the title of the books in philosophy what are the different parts of a book what are the types of components pen and ink journals ebb and flow where there is faith example of function of speech communication the complete civil war introduction to english access of validity of an internet material classics of international relations 5 examples of literature black and white jazz what are the team sports in explaining marketings in society world history people and nations 9 kinds of subject art functions of arts functions of art how to build a house how to change unit different kinds of reference different kinds of references wood to wood frame love of the common people the love of jesus different parts of generator and their functions what are the kinds of subject in art pink and white examples of general works all type of plastics materials

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latin american latino studies lesbian/gay bisexual/transgndr liberal studies in education liberal studies in snl liberal studies program lifelong learning m management management information systems marketing mathematical sciences media studies military science modern languages multimedia music education music ensemble musicianship n&o nursing p&q peace/conflict resolution/social justice performance performing arts management philosophy physical education physics polish political science portuguese psychology public policy studies public relations advertising r 320 322 323 325 326 327 332 332 335 336 339 346 348 350 353 354 356 358 362 362 365 365 366 372 374 379 382 386 387 394 395 399 402 406 real estate religious studies russian s 406 406 414 416 school for new learning scientific world scntfc data analysis-visualztn secondary education sociology socl/cult stud ed/hum dev ugrd software engineering sound recording technology spanish 416 416 441 442 444 451 452 454

ai 211 men of fortune women of cents analyzing pride and prejudice and the films it has inspired it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife jane austen must have known something about universal truths her novel pride and prejudice which begins with the sentence quoted above was first published in 1813 still in print today it has also been made into at least eleven movies four of which were released since 2000 including a mormon and a bollywood version in this class we will read the novel in the context of the gender and class norms at the time austen wrote her book and then consider how austen s exploration of universal truths is reinterpreted in more contemporary film versions of this novel in exploring austen s creation and the many reinterpretations of her work we will use both analytic and creative writing assignments as well as class discussion to examine how context informs creativity and how creativity

chn 199 independent study variable credit prerequisites permission of chair instructor required chn 201 advanced chinese i further work on grammatical principles as well as intensive reading and writing practice chn 202 advanced chinese ii continued emphasis on grammatical principles and further refinement of all four language skills chn 203 advanced chinese iii special emphasis on conversation within the context of all four skills chn 211 language and society in modern china this course explores contemporary society and culture in china through readings and discussions topics include the features and history of the languages spoken in mainland china taiwan and hong kong the mutual influence between these languages and cultural traditions the recent economic boom the internet and english prerequisites chn 106 or consent of the instructor chn 252 introduction to commercial chinese this course helps students develop basic interpretive presentational and interactive skills that are

ee 281 introduction to educational practice students will engage in critical reflection of the roles of elementary educators and be guided into a selfdiscovery of their own potential success in the profession in order for reflection to be meaningful students are required to participate in clinical experiences that include interaction with educators and children theory and practice will be fused together as students engage in curriculum design instructional presentations assessment of learning class management and general decision-making inherent in classroom teaching as a result of this course students should begin to develop a professional portfolio ee 317 physical education and classroom management in the elementary school the course is designed to promote an understanding of the contribution that physical education makes to the elementary school curriculum and the development of the whole child lesson planning instructional delivery and classroom management will be focused as

grk 106 intermediate classical greek iii a translation course for students who have completed grk 101-102-103 concentrating on grammar and understanding how greek grammar and idiom function prerequisites grk 105 or equivalent knowledge grk 197 special topics in greek see schedule for current offerings grk 198 foreign study variable credit prerequisites permission required grk 199 independent study variable credit prerequisites permission of chair instructor is required grk 297 special topics in greek see schedule for current offerings grk 298 foreign study variable credit prerequisites permission required grk 299 independent study variable credit prerequisites permission of chair instructor required grk 397 special topics in greek see schedule for current offerings grk 398 foreign study variable credit prerequisites permission required grk 399 independent study variable credit prerequisites permission of chair and instructor

hc 233 christianities ancient modern global a close reading of the new testament reveals a diversity of beliefs and practices that developed when people of different cultures accepted the preaching of early christian missionaries the engagement of later christian communities with an even greater variety of cultures has contributed to the spread of various ideas practices and institutions religious and secular to many parts of the world meanwhile local and regional expressions of christianity reflect the influence of the cultures with which they have interacted this course will identify some of these varied expressions of christianity and will explore the development of modern culture both as a consequence of and a reaction to the dominant role of christian beliefs and practices in many european cultures we will also consider the impact of the rejection of modern values by some believers which has led to profound divisions within many christian denominations the course will

im 394 human-computer interaction capstone course formerly hci 394 provides an opportunity for students to apply all of the skills they have learned on one comprehensive project multi-disciplinary teams design evaluate and implement a user interface intensive project students prepare written documents describing their activities and present the final results to the class prerequisites senior standing im 399 independent study formerly hci 399 independent study interdisciplinary comm studies undergraduate course descriptions current i interdisciplinary comm studies iit 105 introduction to computer programming i introduces the use of high-level programming language c/c as a problem-solving tool including basic data structures and algorithms structured programming techniques and software documentation designed for students who have had little or no prior experience with computer programming taught at illinois institute of technology as cs 105 iit 115 engineering graphics and design

mat 370 advanced linear algebra vector spaces basis and dimension matrix representation of linear transformations and change of basis diagonalization of linear operators inner product spaces diagonalization of symmetric linear operators principal-axis theorem and applications cross-listed mat 470 prerequisites mat 262 and either 141 or 215 mat 372 logic and set theory topics in axiomatic set theory formal logic and computability theory prerequisites mat 215 or 141 mat 381 fourier analysis and special functions the course covers the basic principles of discrete and continuous fourier analysis and some of its applications currently used in scientific modeling students will use the computer to implement the computational algorithms developed in the course some of the topics covered will include fourier transforms and their application to signal and image processing discrete fourier series the fast fourier transform algorithm and applications to digital filtering and the radon

church the vatican priests and nuns lay groups and movements activists and others in working as forces of social change/stability in matters of world politics economics and culture the course will also consider the impact of globalization and other transnational processes on the activities and options of catholic institutions and actors psc 346 the united nations and world problems this course will examine the historical and theoretical foundations of the united nations particularly in light of the changing problems and issues that confront the global community such as international peace and security global economic inequality and environmental and human rights norms psc 347 ethics in world politics drawing on general theories of international relations and historical cases this course examines both the forces that inhibit the development and effectiveness of ethical norms at the international level and the conditions under which such norms develop and affect the behavior of states

majors wishing to pass the illinois state exam for certification in earth and space science prerequisites isp 120 or hon 180 sdv 231 introduction to earth and space science without lab this course provides an overview of the dynamic geological nature of earth its place in the solar system and universe and the fundamental earth-sky-human relationship students will develop an understanding of 1 the processes that shape earth s surface and interior over geologic time 2 the formation evolution and physical properties of the sun and its planets asteroids and comets 3 the physical basis for phenomena such as eclipses phases and seasons 4 the formation evolution and properties of stars galaxies and the universe 5 the historical progression of human understanding of earth?s geologic history and its place in space and time and 6 the associated technologies that have enabled this progression students will encounter several historical examples that illustrate the provisional nature of science