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where do i start new students – never attended college or transfer students with fewer than 12 college units completed • submit an application step 1 and follow all steps returning students and new transfer students with more than 12 college units begin at step 1 • contact the counseling center at 925-685-1230 ext 2276 or ext 2278 to make an appointment with a counselor to discuss current educational goals or plans continuing students – enrolled in fall 2009 spring 2010 or summer 2010 • view registration appointment time online webadvisor and begin at step 5 concurrently enrolled high school students • go to www.dvc.edu to complete an online application at the time of registration submit a special admission recommendation form in person signed by the high school principal parent and student this form is needed each semester if enrolling in a class with a prerequisite see page 8 for more details high school students in 11th or 12th grade •

waitlist how do i manage my waitlist the waitlist is a way to prioritize the enrollment of students after a class has reached its maximum there are no guarantees that you will be enrolled from the waitlist therefore it is always best to enroll in a class with open seats if you are still on a waitlist when the class begins you must attend the first class meeting to be considered for adding the class by the instructor go to www.dvc.edu click on webadvisor click on use webadvisor now log in to your webadvisor account click on current students registration instructions click on manage my waitlist my priority registration dates search for sections express registration search and register register for previously selected sections drop sections manage my waitlist manage my waitlist action waitlist status expire date term section name and location meeting information faculty title active fall biosc-101-2009 diablo valley 2010 fundamentals of bio college science 1 2 3 lecture mw 09:30a.m

san ramon valley dougher center w od wo rd ge co s proceed eastbound approximately four miles right on watermill road left on srvc campus v or ad am ey all dublin 580 windemere pkwy watermill rd srvc dough erty rd take 680 exit no 34 bollinger canyon rd c rd directions to srvc ay rkw e pa vil l ag al dougherty d blv ta os alc d blv ta ge r n yo an ed r ge li n n bolnyo a c 680 bollin s vd bl sta on co am or min ca al ty rd san ramon pleasanton 1690 watermill road san ramon 94582 925-866-1822 www.dvc.edu take dvc classes in san ramon and enjoy a small college atmosphere with a broad selection of day and evening classes currently about 3,500 students attend srvc and enjoy easy access at a convenient san ramon valley location and free parking students may choose to take all their classes at srvc or may take classes at both the san ramon valley center and the pleasant hill campus take advantage of many of the same services available at our main campus such as admissions assessment a

sec days hours room instructor • produce a short film • write a dramatic script • edit a music video • run a television studio with award hours room instructor dates motion graphics for digital media sc 3 units recom multm 110 or artdm 110 or equivalent 8073 mw 4:30-6:45pm atc-110 staff note after effects software used lents our ta e all y learn how to winning film makers sec days artdm-140 combin write direct inspire dates artdm-145 digital editing sc 3 units note same as film 165 and bca 165 0417 mw 11:00-1:15pm atc-110 artdm-149 flanagan k 8/13 12/19 introduction to digital video sc 1.5 units note basic computer editing and file management skills short term/late start 0605 mw 2:00-4:15pm atc-110 flanagan k note final cut pro software used 0580 mw 2:00-4:15pm atc-110 flanagan k note final cut pro software used artdm-160 8/16 10/13 10/18 12/15 3d modeling and animation i sc 3 units recom artdm 110 or equivalent 0616 tth 1:00-3:15pm atc-110

sec days hours room instructor dates computer information systems sec days hours room instructor dates cis-117 microsoft access comprehensive sc 2 units cis-118 microsoft powerpoint comprehensive sc 2 units recom cis 100 or cis 101 or equivalent note credit by examination option available cis-055w introduction to cascading style sheets sc on online and hybrid sections .75 unit 9123 hours by arr online huynh l 8/23 12/19 sr san ramon valley center note online course all instruction will be online go to www.dvc.edu/online for 9163 ssu 9:00-12:00pm srv-e161 vani e 12/4 12/5 course access information 12:30-5:20pm cis-100 microsoft windows comprehensive sc 2 units cis-101 apple mac operating system sc 2 units cis-105 introduction to web design sc 2 units cis-106 adobe dreamweaver comprehensive sc 2 units note credit by examination option available recom cis 100 or cis 101 or equivalent on online and hybrid sections on online and hybrid sections 9127 hours by arr online

sec days hours room t hink small instructor dates think big early childhood education ece-128 for eligibility criteria and application information call the pdp office ext 2162 or email shandy@dvc.edu advanced curriculum development in ece sc 3 units co-requisite ece 124 may be taken previously or equivalent recommended eligibility for engl 122 or equivalent note meets the state department of social services licensing requirement for dss iii program and curriculum development 3206 tth 8:00-9:15am la-217 hill d 8/13 12/19 8998 th 7:00-9:50pm la-120 hill d 8/13 12/19 ece-130 hours room instructor dates ece-150e community connections for children and families p/np 1-3 units note tb clearance required for any laboratory work participation in developmental children’s center laboratory school or approved off-campus mentor site from 3 to 6 hours per week is required for 2 or 3 units one unit lecture only two units lecture plus three laboratory hours per week three units lecture

sec days hours room instructor dates french frnch-120 2081 mw tth first term french sc 5 units second term french sc 5 units recom frnch 120 or equivalent 2088 mw 9:30-10:45am bfl-111 enzminger j 8/13 12/19 tth 9:30-10:20am 1 hr lab by arr per week note the lab requirement may be completed through distance education or through the foreign language lab see the foreign language lab schedule before registering for class at www.dvc.edu/labs/foreignlanguage frnch-155 first term conversational french sc 3 units note this course does not satisfy the academic requirements of the frnch 120-121 series 8672 m 7:00-9:50pm bfl-209 staff 8/13 12/19 1 hr lab by arr per week frnch-156 second term conversational french sc 3 units recom frnch 155 or equivalent note this course does not satisfy the academic requirements of the frnch 120-121 series 8673 t 7:00-9:50pm bfl-209 chavdarian s 8/13 12/19 1 hr lab by arr per week note the lab requirement may be completed through distance education or

sec days hours room instructor “don’t delay — it won’t go away math 65 arithmetic be ready for transfer choose your math class today.” math 140 tutor training room instructor dates math 075 pre-algebra math 110 elementary algebra math 120 intermediate algebra math 121 trigonometry math 142 statistics math 111 study skills support for elementary algebra math 135 college algebra math 181 finite math math 182 applied calculus i math 191 pre-calculus math 183 applied calculus ii math 192 calculus i math 193 calculus ii math 194 linear algebra hours math course flowchart math 114 geometry math 124 math for liberal arts sec days dates math 195 discrete math prerequisite math 292 calculus iii may be taken concurrently recommended math 294 differential equations math-075sp prealgebra and arithmetic review self paced sc 4 units early childhood educator section 8284 tth 6:00-9:15pm lc-200c abadia c 8/13 12/19 note in this computer-assisted self-paced class

sec days philo-122 hours room instructor dates introduction to ethics sc 3 units recom eligibility for engl 122 or equivalent 8217 th 4:00-6:50pm h-108 pavesich v sec days hours room instructor dates pe-108 beginning hatha yoga sc .5-2 units pe-117 fitness jogging sc .5-2 units 0692 tth 3:30-4:45pm pe-202 millar v 8/13 12/19 8/13 12/19 section 0692 is 1 unit 8984 mw 8:00-9:15pm pe-202 bishop w 8/13 12/19 philo-130 critical thinking reasoning in everyday life section 8984 is 1 unit sr san ramon valley center sc 3 units 9446 tth 9:30-10:45am srv-e181 bishop w 8/13 12/19 prereq engl 122 or equivalent section 9446 is 1 unit 2302 tth 11:00-12:15pm h-106 abele r 8/13 12/19 2306 mw 2:00-3:15pm h-108 staff 8/13 12/19 short term/late start pe-109 intermediate/advanced hatha yoga sc 8107 th 7:00-10:15pm h-108 pavesich v 9/2 12/16 .5-2 units 2254 tth 2:00-4:50pm h-107 staff 10/19 12/16 recom pe 108 or equivalent sr san ramon valley center 2473 mw 8:00-9:15am gym-floor logan k

sec days socsc-123 hours room instructor american popular culture sc 3 units recom eligibility for engl 122 or equivalent 1792 mw 11:00-12:15pm la-208b foley m socsc-220 dates 8/13 12/19 hours or equivalent pl-101 gallin l la-118 gallin l pl-102 gallin l 8/13 12/19 8/13 12/19 10/18 12/15 sociology room join a 70 women in united states society sc 3 units recom eligibility for engl 122 1796 mw 11:00-12:15pm 8166 m 7:00-9:50pm short term/late start 1797 mw 2:00-4:50pm socio-120 sec days instructor dates club over clubs on campus to choose from introduction to sociology sc 3 units recom eligibility for engl 122 1799 mw 8:00-9:15am 1800 tth 8:00-9:15am 1812 tth 8:00-9:15am 1802 tth 9:30-10:45am 3943 tth 9:30-10:45am 4407 mw 12:30-1:45pm 1767 tth 12:30-1:45pm 1803 mw 2:00-3:15pm 1817 tth 3:30-4:45pm 8168 m 7:00-9:50pm 8126 w 7:00-9:50pm short term/late start 8805 tth 7:00-9:50pm sr san ramon valley center 9073 tth 11:00-12:15pm 9193 th 6:30-9:20pm or equivalent h-110 ogutu f 8/13

admissions and records office 925-685-1310 www.dvc.edu 10 great reasons to enroll this fall 321 golf club rd pleasant hill 94523 1690 watermill rd san ramon 94582 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 state-of-the-art buildings for science technology business foreign language and beautiful campus in san ramon nearby campus locations close to your home or work transfer to csus ucs and many four-year colleges job training for a great job in our local market career services and resources will help you find that great job low tuition only $26 per unit fees subject to change conveniently scheduled classes to suit your life style and more online classes than ever before smaller classes you know your instructors and they know you great instructors that are among the very best in california more choices we offer more courses more sections more online classes more convenient locations and some of the best guaranteed transfer opportunities of any community college around diablo valley college is passionately