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proxy information your written permission is needed anytime you authorize someone else to conduct any transactions in the admissions and records office on your behalf you will need to provide your proxy with the following • written permission which includes your proxy’s name your signature and detailed information on what transaction you authorize them to do • student id number and birth date • your name address and telephone number your proxy will need to show a valid photo id before any transactions are completed attendance if you miss the first class meeting or are absent for the equivalent of two weeks without approval you may be dropped by the instructor if you do not attend class but fail to drop the class by the refund deadline you are still responsible for the registration fees withdrawing from a class you must officially drop classes through the online registration system or at the admissions and records office non-attendance can result in an “f” grade and will cause you to lose your enrollment fees if the class fee has not been paid and the class is not officially dropped the unpaid fee will become an outstanding debt on your record it is the student’s responsibility to drop a class not the instructor’s if a class is dropped before 25 percent of the instruction time has elapsed a grade will not appear on your record if 75 percent or more of the instruction time has elapsed you cannot withdraw and will be subject to an “f” grade fees enrollment fees • $36 per unit for california residents • $231 per unit 195 per unit plus $36 per unit enrollment fee for students who are u.s citizens or permanent residents and are not california residents or for students who are not u.s citizens note all fees are subject to change by the state legislature check www.dvc.edu/fees for updated fee information other fees • a $1 per unit student union fee helps pay for the maintenance of the student center the maximum fee is $10 per student per academic year • the $5 student activity fee charged at registration allows student government to fund student-related activities and services this fee is voluntary for refund information see “fee refunds” on this page • the optional $8 student asdvc discournt sticker fee offers discounts for student related activities parking fees the parking fee is $3 a day or $40 for the terms fall or spring the summer fee is $20 college parking permits are required daily except weekends friday 5 p.m through monday 7 a.m and holidays parking permits must be purchased online through insite/webadvisor under the academic services menu the parking fee is $20 per term for students who qualify for the board of governors enrollment fee waiver dvc parking permits are also valid at ccc and lmc campuses parking at the san ramon valley center is free contact all other off-campus locations for their parking policies outstanding debts if you have any outstanding debts you will be blocked from registration or from obtaining academic transcripts and diplomas until those debts are cleared pay debts at the cashier’s office debts are subject to district collection processes fee refunds enrollment fees to receive a refund you must withdraw from school or drop class by the refund eligibility deadline please see the calendar of important dates online or check with your instructor for deadlines refund checks for complete or partial withdrawals will be processed after the first two weeks of instruction refund checks will be mailed to your student address on file in the college admissions and records office if you have a new address please notify the office as soon as possible if you paid online by credit card a refund will be issued to the credit card used for payment non-resident tuition refunds to obtain a refund for non-resident tuition your request must be made at the cashier’s office you will not receive a refund if you • stop attending class and do not officially withdraw • withdraw from the class after the refund deadline • owe other outstanding debts to the college a detailed refund policy is posted in the cashier’s office refunds for over $1,000 must be requested at the cashier’s office parking permit refunds the parking permit fee will be refunded if you drop all classes within the first two weeks of instruction for semester-length classes or by 10 percent of the length of short-term classes the parking decal must be returned to the cashier’s 4 diablo valley college 925-685-1230 spring 2012 11-10-11 did you know • federal and state grants are available • you can earn money through federal work study program • there are student loan options stop by the financial aid office for an application and additional information to see if you are eligible visit us at www.dvc.edu/financialaid financial aid workshops are available throughout the year to assist you through the process dvc financial aid office 925-685-1230 ext 2363 2290 or 2180 office for a refund the refund check will be mailed to you according to the same refund processing cycle as enrollment fee refunds lost or stolen parking permits are not refundable financial aid enrollment fee refunds if subsequent to paying enrollment fees you become eligible for financial aid and receive an enrollment fee waiver you will automatically be mailed a full refund check according to the same refund processing cycle as enrollment fee refunds enrollment fee deferments if subsequent to paying enrollment fees you become eligible for an enrollment fee deferment to an outside agency submit the deferment to the cashier’s office you will automatically be mailed a refund check of the deferred fees according to the same refund processing cycle as enrollment fee refunds details regarding the refund policy are available from the cashier’s office or the admissions and records office student activity fee the $5 student activity fee is voluntary refund forms are available online at www.dvc.edu/safrefund at the pleasant hill campus in the cashier’s office student life office and welcome/information center at the san ramon campus the forms are available in the admissions and records office refund forms must be submitted in person or by u.s mail to the dvc cashier’s office only dvc cashier 321 golf club road pleasant hill ca 94523 request for refund forms must be received within the first two weeks of instruction for a full semester class or before 10 percent of the class time for a short-term class refund checks will be issued monthly after the first two weeks of instruction each semester.