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registering for classes adding dropping and enrolling in classes students are responsible for managing their enrollment a registration receipt is proof of enrollment students are also responsible for officially dropping classes dvc does not permit auditing registration can be done online and there is no fee to register see the class listing for registration dates and times class schedule the class schedule is a document containing dvc’s class offerings each term it is published each term prior to registration and is available in limited quantities at the book center the class schedule is also available to view or search www.dvc.edu/schedule registration appointments for currently enrolled students a priority appointment system is used for registration the registration appointment is automatically assigned and based on the number of units the student has completed in the district students may register online anytime on or after their appointment time registration appointments can be viewed in insite/webadvisor at www.4cd.edu/insite new students new students should complete the application and assessment process and sign up for an orientation/advisement course counseling 095 once counseling 095 has been completed students will be assigned a priority registration appointment registration appointments can be viewed on insite/webadvisor at www.4cd.edu/insite new transfer students new transfer students must complete an application and if needed the assessment process students who have earned an associate degree or higher or who have completed the matriculation process will be assigned a priority registration appointment registration appointments can be viewed on www.4cd.edu/insite it is recommended that transfer students see a counselor to review their prior academic work and plan an academic program new international students international students must complete an online orientation and select a date for mandatory check-in to receive a registration date go to www.dvc.edu/international continuing students a registration appointment is automatically assigned to all continuing students and can be viewed in insite/webadvisor at www.4cd.edu/insite returning students students who have been away from dvc for more than one academic year must file a new application for admission once their application is processed they will be able to view their registration appointment in insite/webadvisor at www.4cd.edu/insite 10 student resource guide 2012-13 online registration students may register online on or after their registration appointment date and up to the day before the class begins students may also drop classes online throughout the term prior to the deadline to withdraw instructions for online registration are included in the class listing all class fees are due at the time of registration there is no fee for using the online registration system open/walk-in registration students registering in person should decide which classes to take and complete a schedule request form and if necessary an application students should have alternative classes selected in case their first choice classes are no longer available students should also be prepared to pay their fees when they register all fees are due at the time of registration walk-in registration dates are listed in the class listing special admit students high school students may enroll as special admit students with the permission of their principal and parent these students must submit a dvc application new students a dvc special admission recommendation form each semester of attendance and pay the required fees when they register enrollment fees only are waived if the student is enrolled in fewer than 12 units all high school special admit students must register in person for classes sophomores and below must also obtain the instructor’s signature the first day of the session before they can register high school students who desire to enroll in more than 11 units must get permission from the superintendent of their school district and the president of dvc for more information visit www.dvc.edu/highschool/apply four-year colleges dvc’s concurrent enrollment program allows students to take some of their classes at the uc berkeley the csu east bay concord john f kennedy university or mills college contact the counseling center for more information and to obtain the appropriate forms to register for a course with a prerequisite students who have completed the prerequisite course with a “c” grade or higher at dvc fall 1999 or later will have the prerequisite automatically cleared upon registration if the prerequisite course was completed at dvc ccc or lmc prior to fall 1999 contact the admissions and records office if the prerequisite course was completed at another educational institution the admissions and records office must clear the requirement prior to registering online all prerequisite forms must have the appropriate documentation attached diablo valley college