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Pleasant Hill Campus: 925-685-1230 | 321 Golf Club Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

San Ramon Campus: 925-866-1822 | 1690 Watermill Road, San Ramon, CA 94582

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where do i start new students – never attended college or transfer students with fewer than 12 college credits completed • submit an application step 1 and follow all steps returning students and new transfer students with more than 12 college units • submit an application step 1 and follow all steps complete assessment if needed for prerequisites continuing students – enrolled in summer 2008 fall 2008 or spring 2009 • view priority registration appointment time online webadvisor and begin at step 6 concurrently enrolled high school students • submit a special admission recommendation form signed by high school principal parent and student for each semester enrolled if enrolling in a course with a prerequisite student must also provide proof of prerequisite completion new concurrent students must also submit an application high school students in 11th or 12th grade register in person beginning april 20 high school students below the 11th grade

ing policy applies • at the pleasant hill campus smoking will be allowed only in the central quad and the parking lots • at the san ramon campus smoking will be allowed only in the parking lots • restrictions at other educational sites will be established by those sites and by state and local law adherence to this policy relies on the initiative of nonsmokers to politely request that smokers follow the policy and on the courtesy of smokers to follow the policy a drug-free dvc it is dvc’s policy to maintain a campus where students are prohibited from the unlawful manufacture distribution dispensing possession or use of controlled substances as listed in schedules i through iv of section 202 of the controlled substances act 21 u.s.c section 812 and from abuse of alcohol this includes student participation in field trips athletic competition and/or any activity sponsored by the college any violation of this policy will be cause for disciplinary action up to and

program codes for degrees and certificates use these codes to complete your application for number 11 page 1 of application for admission associate in arts aa art digital media aa.adm.d broadcast communication arts aa.broca.d business transfer aa.bus.d mathematics aa.math.d special education paraeducator/instructional assistant aa.spedp.d technical theater aa.tecth.d associate in science as addiction counseling as.adsac.d addiction studies as.adsas.d administration of justice as.adjus.d computer network technology microsoft windows systems administration as.mswsa.d computer science as.comsc.d computer technical support as.cts.d dental assisting as.dentl.d dental hygiene as.denhy.d dental laboratory technology as.denlb.d early childhood education as.ece.d engineering technology civil design drafting technology as.etcdt.d mechanical design drafting technology as.etmdt.d geographic information systems/global positioning system as.geogs.d library and information technology

study abroad email 925-685-1230 ext 2735 what could be more ideal than earning course credit while living out a romantic adventure dvc offers trips abroad to some of the world’s most exciting cities where students can learn about a foreign culture by experiencing it first-hand over 1,000 dvc students have participated in the london program alone costs include living accommodations and an extensive schedule of cultural and social activities semester abroad requirements students must • be 18 years of age or older • have a g.p.a of 2.25 or higher • have completed 12 college units before the program earn 12-15 units transferable for bachelor’s degree credit each program includes a special life and culture series with field trips financial aid is available to eligible students who apply early please read all notations regarding course prerequisites and transfer credit information as listed in the catalog course

san ramon campus dougher w od wo rd ge v or ad m a ey all dublin co s 580 1690 watermill road san ramon 925-866-1822 http windemere pkwy watermill rd src dough erty rd ay rkw e pa vil l ag proceed eastbound approximately 4 miles right on watermill road left on src campus al c rd take 680 exit no 34 bollinger canyon rd d blv ta dougherty d blv ta os alc directions to src ge r n yo an ed r ge li no nlob ny ca 680 bollin s vd bl sta on co am or min ca al ty rd san ramon pleasanton take dvc courses in san ramon and enjoy a small college atmosphere with a broad selection of day and evening courses currently about 3,500 students attend src and enjoy easy access at a convenient san ramon location and free parking students may choose to take all their courses at src or may take classes at both the san ramon campus and the pleasant hill campus take advantage of many of the same services available at our main campus such as admissions a bookstore counseling services disabled

sec days art-120b hours room instructor dates watercolor workshop sc 1.5 units recom art 120a or equivalent eligibility for engl 116/118 note art 120b is equivalent to the second half of art 120 art 120a and 120b combined equal to art 120 formerly art 103 8024 mw 5:30-9:45pm a-301 king a 6/22 7/29 art-126 oil/acrylic painting i sc 3 units recom art 105 or equivalent eligibility for engl 116/118 note art 126a and art 126b combined are equivalent to art 126 4132 mtwth 8:15-12:30pm a-102 fisher j 6/22 7/30 sr san ramon campus 9482 tth 5:30-9:45pm src-e162 godinez r 6/23 7/30 tth 4.5 hrs by arr per day art-127 oil/acrylic painting ii sc 3 units recom art 105 or equivalent art 125 and art 126 or equivalent eligibility for engl 116/118 4152 mtwth 8:15-12:30pm a-102 fisher j 6/22 7/30 sr san ramon campus 9444 tth 5:30-9:45pm src-e162 godinez r 6/23 7/30 tth 4.5 hrs by arr per day art-146 metalsmithing and jewelry i sc 3 units recom eligibility for engl 116/118 or equivalent

sec days hours room instructor dates sec days hours room instructor dates dance see also physical education dance dance-240 2324 mtwth dance choreography sc 2 units 10:30-12:50pm pe-202 valmore k 6/15 7/30 dental assisting dentl-120 orientation to the dental assisting program sc .3 unit note students must complete health requirements before the beginning of the fall semester this will allow the student to work on one another on patients in the dental assisting clinic on patients at the university of the pacific dental school and in the dental internship offices 3453 w 3:00-8:50pm lhs-217 pineda m 6/3 6/3 note this mandatory orientation course will provide detailed information for students enrolling in the dental assisting program dental hygiene denhy-099 rdh examination preparation p/np .5 unit denhy-130 clinical dental hygiene ii lr 2 units prereq eligible for california registered dental hygienist rdh examination 1144 t 9:00-11:50am lhs-102 powers p 6/2 7/1 w 4:00-6:50pm

sec days hours room instructor dates learning skills sec days math-075sp hours room instructor dates prealgebra and arithmetic review self paced sc 1-4 units recom math 065 or equivalent note this is a computer aided open entry/open exit variable unit self-paced course based on completion of learning modules students note for more information see a disability support services counselor who have completed math 075 will not receive credit for math 075sp 8491 mtwth 6:00-7:15pm h-111 laird c 6/1 6/4 students will study both out of the textbook and online and take a comhours by arr bination of online and in-class module tests students may not repeat note for more information contact disability support services modules of the course for which they have already received credit 4900 mtwth 10:30-11:45am lc-108 laird c 6/15 6/18 students can earn at most 4 units for math 075sp 4 units of math hours by arr 075sp is equivalent to math 075 students cannot receive additional note for more

sec days hours room instructor pe-120 physical fitness sc .5-2 units pe-121 aerobics sc .5-2 units dates sec days hours room instructor dates pe-130 hiking sc .5-2 units pe-131 fitness after fifty sc .5-2 units pe-150fc fitness center strength training sc .5-2 units note for students at dvc pleasant hill campus pick up a pre-course 8071 tth 7:10-10:00pm pe-202 sumner a 6/23 7/30 information sheet from the pe division office prior to first class session section 8071 is .5 unit weekend 3808 mtwthfs 9:00-12:00pm pe-stadium hall e 8/10 8/15 1468 s 8:00-12:15pm pe-3 sumner a 6/27 8/1 1:00-3:50pm section 1468 is .5 unit section 3808 is .5 unit note while open to all students this section is designed for physical fitness for sr san ramon campus 9226 mw 6:00-8:10pm src-e181 cordes s 6/22 7/29 football conditioning section 9226 is .5 unit weekend 8079 s 8:00-10:50am pe-202 section 8079 is .5 unit pe-125 martin-mcgill w 5/30 8/1 power lifting/training sc .5-2 units 0298 mtwth

dvc 925-685-1230 diablo valley college administration diablo valley college president judy e walters 2201 vice president of instruction susan lamb 2203 vice president of finance and administration chris leivas 2533 vice president of student services john baker interim 2232 executive dean of information technology and services ben seaberry 2355 executive dean of san ramon campus kevin horan 5104 dean of applied and fine arts michael almaguer 2312 dean of biological science and p.e dennis smith 2442 dean of business and english krista johns 2199 dean of counseling and student support services terry armstrong 2288 dean of enrollment services outreach management and matriculation elizabeth hauscarriague 2053 dean of instruction and support services john mullen 2038 dean of library and learning resources ann patterson 2237 dean of math and computer science rachel westlake 2609 dean of physical education athletics and dance bill trumbo interim 2736 dean of