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Pleasant Hill Campus: 925-685-1230 | 321 Golf Club Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

San Ramon Campus: 925-866-1822 | 1690 Watermill Road, San Ramon, CA 94582

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where do i start new students – never attended college or transfer students with fewer than 12 college units completed • submit an application step 1 and follow all steps returning students and new transfer students with more than 12 college units begin at step 1 • contact the counseling center at 925-685-1230 ext 2276 or ext 2278 to make an appointment with a counselor to discuss current educational goals or plans continuing students – enrolled in summer 2009 fall 2009 or spring 2010 • view registration appointment time online webadvisor and begin at step 5 concurrently enrolled high school students • go to to complete an online application at the time of registration submit a special admission recommendation form in person signed by the high school principal parent and student this form is needed each semester if enrolling in a class with a prerequisite see page 6 for more details high school students in 11th or 12th grade •

adherence to this policy relies on the initiative of nonsmokers to politely request that smokers follow the policy and on the courtesy of smokers to follow the policy willful or persistent smoking in any area where smoking has been prohibited by law or by regulation is a violation of the student code of conduct and can be grounds for disciplinary action a drug-free dvc it is dvc’s policy to maintain a campus where students are prohibited from the unlawful manufacture distribution dispensing possession or use of controlled substances as listed in schedules i through iv of section 202 of the controlled substances act 21 u.s.c section 812 and from abuse of alcohol this includes student participation in field trips athletic competition and/or any activity sponsored by the college any violation of this policy will be cause for disciplinary action up to and including expulsion the use of controlled substances or the abuse of alcohol has significant health risks for a description of

dvc transfer center location dvc counseling building telephone 925-685-1230 ext 2588 website we want you to transfer transferring requires a lot of thought and planning as a dvc student you have access to free expert assistance through the entire process how can you get started visit the transfer center to get all the latest information you need on transfer • take counseling 095 “orientation to college” this short class six hours gives you the “big picture” on how to navigate the transfer process it also includes an individual appointment with a dvc counselor • meet with a dvc counselor dvc counselors are specially trained to guide you through the transfer requirements for uc and csu schools they can also assist you with private and out-of-state colleges it is strongly recommended that you meet with a dvc counselor at least once each term • meet with four-year college admissions representatives — here at dvc to find

english as a second language esl financial aid office telephone ext 2214 or 2582 location learning center 117 hours posted on office door telephone ext 2290/2363 or 2180 location student services center hours check website for current hours offers information about esl courses registration adding/dropping courses choosing pass/no-pass english tutoring assessment testing financial aid student organizations public transportation and more the financial aid office offers information and help in determining eligibility for federal and state financial aid grants work-study and other forms of aid are available to close the gap between student resources and academic expenses extended opportunity programs and services eops telephone ext 2236/2366 location student services center 2nd floor ssc 214 hours check website for current hours eops provides support services to low-income and educationally disadvantage students qualified students can obtain

book center book center profits support students buy an asdvc sticker and receive a 5 discount on textbooks and most merchandise • all textbooks new/used year-round buy back • dvc clothing hats tees and sweatshirts • supplies • general reading • art • calculators • tape recorders • scantrons • gifts • bus passes • cap and gowns order your course textbooks through the book center’s website and have them shipped 925-682-7363 see website for hours closed fridays during the summer connect card your student id and library card is free diablo valley college connect card all dvc students must have a dvc photo id the “connect card.” this free card is both a library card and student id and is used to access services at a variety of locations around campus it is valid the whole time you are a dvc student emerge ncy 911 please bring proof of current class registration with your name

sec days hours room instructor dates astronomy sec days hours room instructor dates business astro-110 the visible universe lr 3 units bus-101 business english sc 3 units recom math 110 or equivalent eligibility for engl 122 or equivalent recom eligibility for engl 122 4385 mtwth 8:15-10:20am sc-601 castle k 6/14 7/22 on online and hybrid sections 4387 mtwth 10:30-12:35pm sc-601 castle k 6/14 7/22 5119 hours by arr online seefer c 7/6 7/22 note online course all instruction will be online go to for course access information biological science 5197 hours by arr online seefer c 7/6 7/22 note online course all instruction will be online go to for biosc-101 fundamentals of biological science sc 3 units course access information recom eligibility for engl 122 or equivalent note this course does not include a laboratory students requiring or wanting a laboratory to accompany this course should enroll in biosc bus-109 introduction to business

sec days hours room instructor dates room instructor dates esl-067 esl-081c esl-081g staff lehr a esl-081h 6/14 7/22 6/15 7/22 esl grammar sc 2 units recom completion of esl 76 and 78 or equivalent 0559 mtwth 9:00-10:15am lc-101 o’connor r 8878 mw 6:30-9:20pm lc-101 lehr a 6/14 7/22 6/14 7/21 high intermediate grammar sc 2 units recom eligibility for esl 086 and esl 088 or equivalent 8889 tth 6:30-9:20pm la-117 dewolf l sr san ramon valley campus 9015 mw 5:30-8:20pm srv-e225 cramer a 6/15 7/22 6/14 7/21 english engl-090 engineering engineering technology recom engin 119 or archi 119 or equivalent note same as archi 126 course may be repeated once when software changes 0335 mtwth 8:00-12:30pm et-122b khandani s 6/14 7/1 12:30-4:50pm et-116 mtwth 3 hrs by arr per day dvc library esl conversation sc 2 units recom eligibility for esl 86 and esl 88 4880 mtwth 11:30-12:45pm lc-101 8186 tth 6:30-9:20pm lc-101 principles of microeconomics sc 3 units computer aided

sec days hours room instructor dates sec days hours room instructor dates math-075sp prealgebra and arithmetic review self paced sc 4 units japanese recom math 065 or equivalent note in this computer-assisted self-paced class students study out of the textbook and online and take a combination of online and in-class note japan 120 and 121 combined are equivalent in content to japan exams this course has a lab requirement see hours by arrangement 145 146 and 147 combined in course listing the labs may require computer access 50 of your 4161 mtwth 8:15-11:45am bfl-212 nezuka n 6/14 7/22 lab hours must be completed in the dvc math lab and the rest may mtwth .75 hrs by arr per day be completed in any location with computer access on or off campus note the lab requirement may be completed through distance education or students may choose to complete math 075sp in one semester or take through the foreign language lab see the foreign language lab schedule up to 4 semesters math 075sp

sec days hours room pe-154 badminton sc .5-2 units pe-158 bowling sc .5-2 units pe-172 beginning tennis sc .5-2 units 4595 mtwth 10:45-12:00pm gym-floor section 4595 is .5 unit off instructor dates flores-lowry j 6/14 7/22 1943 tth 8:15-10:20am paddk staff 6/15 7/22 section 1943 is 1 unit note fee $40.00 section 1943 meets off campus see off-campus locations 0532 mtwth 6:30-7:45am section 0532 is .5 unit 4614 mtwth 8:15-9:25am section 4614 is .5 unit 4615 mtwth 10:30-11:45am section 4615 is .5 unit 8089 mw 5:30-7:40pm section 8089 is .5 unit pe-173 mckean m pe-courts benko p 6/14 7/22 pe-courts benko p 6/14 7/22 pe-courts mckean m 6/14 7/21 distance track training sc .5-2 units 8770 tth 7:40-9:45pm section 8770 is .5 unit pe-180 pe-courts pe-track 6/15 7/22 neu m 6/15 7/22 basketball sc .5-2 units note students should be physically capable of performing vigorous exercise 4620 twth 12:30-2:20pm gym-floor coccimiglio s 6/15 7/22 section 4620 is .5 unit pe-185

campus directory office/program for most numbers building dial 925-685-1230 then the extension ext outside phone no adding/dropping courses––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– admissions ssc—————————————————— address/name/phone change–––––––––––––––––––––––––––– admissions ssc——————————————————

admissions and records office 925-685-1310 10 great reasons summer 321 golf club rd pleasant hill 94523 1690 watermill rd san ramon 94582 to enroll this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 new state-of-the art buildings for science technology business foreign language and a new campus in san ramon evening classes don’t seem so late when it doesn’t get dark until 9 p.m degree requirements are easier to schedule and easier to focus on job training prepares you for a great job in our local market career services and resources will help you find that great job low tuition only $26 per unit convenient schedule options classes that won’t interfere with your summer plans smaller classes and easy parking puts everyone in a terrific warm weather mood great instructors enjoy teaching in the relaxed atmosphere of summer more choices we offer more courses more sections more online courses more convenient locations and some of the best guaranteed transfer opportunities of any