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proxy information fees your written permission is needed anytime you authorize someone else to conduct any transactions in the admissions and records office on your behalf you will need to provide your proxy with the following • written permission which includes your proxy’s name your signature and detailed information on what transaction you authorize them to do • student id number and birth date • your name address and telephone number your proxy will need to show a valid photo id before any transactions are completed enrollment fees • $46 per unit for california residents • $251 per unit 205 per unit plus $46 per unit enrollment fee for students who are u.s citizens or permanent residents and are not california residents or for students who are not u.s citizens attendance if you miss the first class meeting or are absent for the equivalent of two weeks without approval you may be dropped by the instructor if you do not attend class but fail to

waitlist how do i manage my waitlist go to the waitlist is a way to prioritize the enrollment of students after a class has reached its maximum there are no guarantees that you will be enrolled from the waitlist therefore it is always best to enroll in a class with open seats if you are still on a waitlist when the class begins the instructor cannot consider adding you to the class unless you attend the first class meeting click on insite/webadvisor log in to your insite account click on webadvisor click on registration registration instructions click on manage my waitlist my priority registration dates important search for sections check for your insite mail regulary for your waitlist status search and register express registration register for previously selected sections drop sections manage my waitlist manage my waitlist action waitlist status expire date term section name and location meeting information faculty title active summer engl-222-2068 diablo valley 2013

orientation take your assessment test at least four business days before orientation so that the counselor teaching your counseling 095 class can review your scores and recommend the correct courses students should bring an unofficial copy of their high school transcripts if applicable as well as their assessment score print-outs to the counseling 095 class meeting students should also review the dvc online catalog and class schedule before coming to class saturday classes include a lunch break couns-095 orientation to college p/np .3 unit couns-095 classes designed for new students planning to enroll in summer class summer 2013 classes section day date time bldg room may spring 2013 classes section day date time bldg room sssssssssssmtmttw 4/13 4/13 4/13 4/20 4/20 4/20 4/27 4/27 4/27 4/27 4/27 4/29-4/30 4/29-4/30 4/30-5/1 9:00-3:50 p.m 9:00-3:50 p.m 9:00-3:50 p.m 9:00-3:50 p.m 9:00-3:50 p.m 9:00-3:50 p.m 9:00-3:50 p.m 9:00-3:50 p.m 9:00-3:50 p.m 9:00-3:50 p.m 9:00-3:50 p.m

sec days hours room instructor dates arths-196 art digital media artdm-110 digital imaging process and technique ii sc 1.5 units recom artdm 110 or equivalent 2024 mtwth 9:00-12:35pm a-303 note photoshop software used artdm-136 koym k 7/8 7/24 introduction to digital photography sc 3 units recom art 160 or equivalent note students must have digital camera with manual functions 8110 mtwth 5:30-9:45pm atc-110 thomas b 6/17 7/25 note materials fee $25 note students should have basic photography experience digital slr required artdm-145 digital editing sc 3 units note same as film 165 and bca 165 2039 mtwth 9:00-4:15pm atc-110 artdm-160 7/8 7/25 3d modeling and animation i sc 3 units recom artdm 110 or equivalent 2047 mtwth 9:00-5:05pm atc-110 artdm-165 flanagan k leeper k 6/17 7/3 cartoon drawing for digital animation sc 3 units recom art 105 or equivalent note course may be repeated only when software is revised credit by examination option available 2051 mtwth 1:00-4:30pm

sec days hours room instructor dates chemistry chem-108 introductory chemistry sc 4 units prereq math 110 or one year of high school algebra or equivalent recom eligibility for engl 122 or equivalent 2126 mtwthf 8:00-9:35am ps-277 held h 6/17 7/26 mtwthf 9:50-11:40am ps-205 2125 mtwthf 8:00-9:50am ps-217 corcoran m 6/17 7/26 mtwthf 10:05-11:40am ps-265 0141 mtwthf 8:30-10:05am ps-267 samuelson r 6/17 7/26 mtwthf 10:20-12:10pm ps-217 4324 mtwthf 10:30-12:05pm ps-267 johnson j 6/17 7/26 mtwthf 12:20-2:10pm ps-205 4323 mtwthf 10:45-12:20pm ps-275 frasier d 6/17 7/26 mtwthf 12:35-2:25pm ps-217 4361 mtwthf 10:50-12:25pm ps-277 borowski l 6/17 7/26 mtwthf 8:45-10:35am ps-221 note this section is team taught 4362 mtwthf 10:50-12:25pm ps-277 larson w 6/17 7/26 mtwthf 12:40-2:30pm ps-221 note this section is team taught chem-121 general college chemistry ii lr 5 units prereq chem 120 or equivalent 4368 mtwthf 8:00-9:35am ps-275 mtwthf 9:50-1:15pm ps-209 4367 mtwthf 9:00-10:35am

sec days hours room instructor dates orientation to the registered dental assisting program p/np .3 unit note students must complete health requirements before the beginning of the fall semester this will allow the student to work on one another on patients in the clinic on patients at the university of the pacific dental school and in the dental internship offices 3453 th 3:00-8:50pm lhs-217 boyd l 5/30 5/30 note this mandatory orientation course will provide detailed information for students who wish to enroll in the dental assisting program only students who complete this course will be eligible for the program lottery selection process only the selected students from the lottery may register for the fall semester registered dental assisting classes dentl-191 pit and fissure sealants for the rda sc 1.5 units prereq dentl 183 and current american heart association or american red cross basic life support with defibrillator certificate or equivalents note current enrollment in

sec days hours room instructor hsci-128 medical terminology sc 3 units hsci-140 human sexuality sc 3 units dates recom eligibility for engl 122 or equivalent 8151 tth 5:30-9:45pm lhs-210 muller b 6/18 7/25 online and hybrid sections 5159 online muller b 6/17 7/25 note online course all instruction will be online go to for course access information recom eligibility for engl 122 or equivalent 1157 mtwth 10:30-12:35pm lhs-210 hewitt b hsci-170 6/17 7/25 6/17 7/24 history hist-120 history of the united states before 1877 sc 3 units recom eligibility for engl 122 or equivalent 2186 mtwth 8:15-10:20am h-110 graham k 6/17 7/25 3949 mtwth 10:30-12:35pm pl-101 krause l 6/17 7/25 2740 mtwth 12:45-2:50pm la-215 staff 6/17 7/25 8021 mw 5:30-9:45pm la-215 alixopulos h 6/17 7/24 8020 tth 5:30-9:45pm la-215 carter ii b 6/18 7/25 online and hybrid sections 5562 online powell m 6/17 7/25 note online course all instruction will be online go to for

sec days hours room instructor dates sec days hours room instructor dates math course flowchart math 65 arithmetic math 75 pre-algebra math 110 elementary algebra math 114 geometry math 124 math for liberal arts math 140 tutor training math 121 trigonometry math 142 statistics math 181 finite math math 183 applied calculus ii math 192 calculus i math 195 discrete math prerequisite math 292 calculus iii may be taken concurrently recommended math 294 differential equations 5018 online knight l 6/14 7/26 f 11:30-1:30pm ma-107 note online course mandatory meetings only on friday 6/14 6/28 7/12 and 7/26 from 11:30 am-1:30 pm in ma 107 go to for course access information 5020 online levy t 6/17 7/25 mw 10:00-12:30pm ma-251 note online course mandatory class meetings for instruction and exams on monday and wednesday 6/17 6/19 6/24 6/26 7/1 7/3 7/8 7/10 7/15 7/17 7/22 and 7/24 from 10:00 am-12:30 pm in ma 251 go to for course access information 5014

sec days hours room instructor dates continued from previous page 8201 tth 5:15-7:30pm pe-pool flores j 6/18 7/25 section 8201 is .5 unit note students must demonstrate the ability to swim 25 yards 1 lap of freestyle with rhythmic breathing in any depth of water pe-105 water aerobics sc .5-2 units 4444 mtwth 10:30-11:35am pe-pool section 4444 is .5 unit 8996 mw 5:30-7:40pm pe-pool section 8996 is .5 unit pe-106 ward l 6/17 7/25 ward l 6/17 7/24 beginning hatha yoga sc .5-2 units 0707 mtwth 9:30-10:45am gym-floor 6/17 7/25 section 0707 is .5 unit 0709 mtwth 3:30-4:45pm pe-202 ayres s section 0709 is .5 unit san ramon campus 9398 tth 6:30-8:40pm src-e181 millar v section 9398 is .5 unit pe-109 6/18 7/25 6/17 7/25 6/17 7/25 pe-117 fitness jogging sc .5-2 units pe-119 fitness walking sc .5-2 units 8081 tth 5:30-7:35pm section 8081 is .5 unit pe-track stafford s 0218 mtwth 9:00-10:15am pe-track flores-lowry j section 0218 is .5 unit 8091 tth 5:00-7:05pm pe-track staff

sec days hours pecmb-124 room instructor dates intermediate aikido sc .5-2 units recom pecmb 114 or equivalent weekend 8218 su 2:45-6:20pm pe-202 section 8218 is .5 unit note section 8218 will not meet su 7/7 harris c phys-121 6/9 7/28 pilates mat work sc .5-2 units pedan-130 6/18 7/25 6/1 7/27 burke j 6/17 7/24 martin-mcgill w 6/18 7/25 jazz dance fundamentals sc .5-2 units weekend 8420 s 11:30-2:45pm pe-108 section 8420 is .5 unit note section 8420 will not meet s 7/6 pedan-142 martin-mcgill w ballet fundamentals sc .5-2 units 8373 mw 5:30-7:35pm pe-108 section 8373 is .5 unit 4549 tth 10:30-12:35pm pe-108 section 4549 is .5 unit pedan-136 sumner a martin-mcgill w instructor dates general college physics ii lr 4 units staff 6/17 7/26 calculus supplement for physics 120 lr .5 unit prereq phys 120 may be taken concurrently and math 182 or math 192 may be taken concurrently or equivalents recom eligibility for engl 122 or equivalent note the calculus component may be

dvc dvc 2013 admissions and records office 925-685-1310 321 golf club rd pleasant hill 94523 important dates check for updates march 1 begin accepting applications for admission to summer 2013 april 1 registration by appointment begins for eops dss foster youth and eligible veterans online registration only april 3 registration by appointment begins for continuing students enrolled in summer 2012 fall 2012 spring 2013 online only check insite/webadvisor for your specific appointment day and time april 13 registration begins for new matriculated and returning students online only see page 2 returning students who missed more than one year need to reapply april 22 begin new non-matriculated student registration online only may 27 holiday memorial day college closed may 28 open walk-in registration for all students except special admit/concurrent high school students may 29 begin new and returning special admit/concurrent high school students registration grades 11