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Bicycles 2011 by Diamondback

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Catalogue: Diamondback Bicycles 2011
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Diamondback Bicycles
6004 South 190th Street
Suite 101Kent
WA 98032If

Diamondback Bicycles
Hermann Hartje KG
Deichstr. 120-122
27318 Hoya

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simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ~leonardo davinci what s in a design for our knuckle box bikes a lot there are simple laws of physics that dictate how suspension designs work and what s possible optimizing one s design to fit the number of riding characteristics demanded by today s rider is another game altogether at the end of the day its understanding these elements and working in harmony with them that makes the simplicity of the knuckle box design exceptional for 2011 we ve kept in place what s been working on our bikes for years the knuckle box bell crank remains the core of our single pivot four bar suspension platform and for good reason years of testing have told us exactly where to place the pivots within the bell crank to lower the leverage ratio this equates to superior pedaling efficiency and small bump compliance placement of the bell crank is also key bringing the weight of the bike closer to the bottom bracket lowers the center of gravity and allows the bike t

overdrive comp s i lv ersi lv e r butted 6061-t6 aluminum overdrive 29r frame sr suntour xcr-rl 29 w/remote speed lock 100mm fork shimano acera rear derailleur w/slm-310 8spd rapidfire shifters sl-7 double wall rims tektro draco hydraulic disc brakes 2 9 allmoun ta i n x c overdrive black black butted 6061-t6 aluminum overdrive 29r frame sr suntour xct-mlo 29 100mm fork w/lock out sram x-4 rear derailleur w/x-4 8spd trigger shifters sl-7 double wall rims tektro novela mechanical disc brakes 25 db20eleven

lux sport mirror black lightweight aluminum women s-specific trail frame sr suntour xcm 100mm travel suspension fork shimano fc-m171 crankset mx-260d double wall rims tektro novela mechanical disc brakes w women s-specific levers women smoun ta i n lux mirror pearl white lightweight aluminum women s-specific trail frame sr suntour xct 80mm travel suspension fork shimano fc-m131 crankset mx-260r double wall rims alloy linear brakes w promax women s-specific levers 48 db20eleven is not a reseller or dealer of Diamondback.

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