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our philosophy is based on a very simple principle let the crafts flourish give a gift of value to yourself and others the best materials functional aesthetics and impeccable manufacturing are for us a matter of course following our guiding principles we have put together a gift catalogue with a selection of unique products to meet the most demanding requirements first class tool for the home and garden handicrafts and knives know and give our experience and know-how of more than a decade in the production and sale of outstanding tools which is also reflected in more than 300 craft courses we offer feel inspired if you wish to make a gift of sustainable value dictum has the present that suits you

also e availabl anded for left h rs rke woodwo a s in a e come d durabl n a ical pract systainer a entry-level plane set in t-loc systainer price advantage basic set for all plane work stowed safely away in a durable systainer made of high-quality polymer with a specially fitted inlay 396 x 296 x 105 mm low angle jack plane for right-handed use no 703420 or left-handed use no 703419 • finishing • joining • truing • chamfering 14 smoothing plane no 4 no 703331 • finishing and smoothing rabbet block plane no 703335 • working on rabbets and tenons • smoothing small workpieces including end grain for right-handers in t-loc systainer® weight 7.4 kg no 703434 318.49 € 379.00 € for left-handers in t-loc systainer® weight 7.4 kg no 703435 318.49 € 379.00

our book recommendation forged from japanese triplelayered steel tipre mo harvesting at tu www.dic a gartenwerkzeuge richtig schärfen und pflegen rudolf dick using sharp tools makes gardening work not only easier it also helps to improve the life of your plants whether pruning saws scythes hedge shears or chainsaws in this book you will learn how to sharpen the full range of cutting tools used for gardening the author shows how to create perfect results with simple sharpening methods explains the care of garden tools and shows how to repair them properly many useful tips complete this valuable book which is indispensable to any hobby gardener 128 pages hardcover colour photographs on every page 160 x 230 mm in german no 713684 24 18.60 € 19.90 € a harvesting knife deluxe with fire-hardened handle archaic-style knife for harvesting flowers herbs cabbage and lettuce the triple-layered blade with a core layer of white paper steel cuts effortlessly through even

garden c d c woolpower® cardigan dark navy 400 g/m² very warm cardigan with thick collar and a full length zipper cuffs have thumb holes the back is longer to prevent undesired ingress of coldness woolpower logo embroidered into the neck 70 merino wool 28 polyamide 2 elasthan xs s m l xl xxl no 815082 no 815083 no 815084 no 815085 no 815086 no 815087 121.85 € 121.85 € 121.85 € 121.85 € 121.85 € 121.85 € 145.00 € 145.00 € 145.00 € 145.00 € 145.00 € 145.00 € e d woolpower® cardigan grey/turquoise 400 g/m² cardigan with stand-up collar and decorative coloured seams woolpower logo embroidered into the neck the back is longer to prevent undesired ingress of coldness 70 merino wool 28 polyamide 2 elasthan xs s m l xl xxl no 815065 no 815066 no 815067 no 815068 no 815069 no 815081 121.85 € 121.85 € 121.85 € 121.85 € 121.85 € 121.85 € 145.00 € 145.00 €

kitchen c c small knife with sheath 3-piece set with this starter kit you are well prepared for any cutting work three compact knives in an attractive red leather roll-up case light-duty knives with rustproof triplelayered blades and sheaths made of water resistant enju wood double-bevelled hardness 58 hrc set includes • all-purpose knife no 719217 blade length 105 mm blade thickness 1.2 mm overall length 220 mm 40 g • vegetable knife no 719229 blade length 105 mm blade thickness 1.2 mm overall length 220 mm 40 g • fruit knife no 719020 blade length 100 mm blade thickness 1.2 mm overall length 200 mm 30 g no 719195 39.92 € 47.50 € d d acacia cutting board this massive board made of wonderfully grained hard-wearing acacia wood provides excellent service for all chopping and cutting work in the kitchen brushing with clean water and oiling with vegetable oil will preserve the beautiful surface of this natural work of art for a long time acacia wood is not a

artistic handicraft the extravagant painting on the porcelain lid is exclusively made by hand and a sign of highest art and perfection for a video showing the manufacturing process see a a teapot kumo hand painted 0.8 l japanese teapot with black and blue pigmentation and a black handle the extravagant painting on the porcelain lid is exclusively made by hand and a sign of highest art and perfection the lid is decorated with countless maple leaves strung together Ø 180 mm height 70 mm 1.8 kg no 820334 87.39 € 104.00 € for matching tea bowls in two sizes see page 54 52 0.8

higonokami japanese pocket knives until two decades ago nearly every young man in japan owned a higonokami pocket knife it has been manufactured in the traditional manner for over a century the blade is set in a handle without locking mechanism and is opened using the lever tang a1 2 a higonokami tsuchime the folded iron handle and the upper area of the blade have a very decorative surface structure design this pattern called tsuchime is created by precise hammer blows the blue paper steel hard core is covered by two steel layers the knives are forged in japan already in the third generation comes with an elegant kiri wooden case not rustproof hardness 60 hrc 62 1 higonokami tsuchime small blade length 65 mm blade thickness 3.3 mm overall length 150 mm 65 g no 700447 50.34 € 59.90 € 2 higonokami tsuchime large blade length 70 mm blade thickness 3.8 mm overall length 170 mm 90 g no 700448 67.14 € 79.90

a damascus rose blade a hunting knife »damask« exclusive nordic style knife for demanding requirements the brightly patterned blade is made of rustproof damasteel manufactured in sweden the damascus steel blade is produced by powder metallurgy using the sintered and forged steel types rwl-34 ‚light‘ patterns and pmc-27 ‚dark‘ patterns the handle is fashioned from stained nordic curly birch with a reindeer horn ferrule and a brass hand guard supplied in a robust cowhide sheath rustproof hardened to 58 hrc blade length 80 mm blade thickness 3 mm overall length 195 mm 95 g no 709103 335.29 € 399.00 € 72 handle made of stained masur birch reindeer horn ferrule brass hand guard inclusive free sharpening pass for more information see page 3 two free lifetime sharpenings

arts and crafts b c b bamboo bowl large bulbous salad bowl ideal for family meals or parties fits bamboo salad servers no 820399 Ø 300 x 180 mm 1 red no 820384 2 green no 820385 3 natural no 820386 27.14 € 32.30 € 27.14 € 32.30 € 27.14 € 32.30 € c1 2 3 d c bamboo bowl medium nibbles salad bread fruit a bowl for numerous applications fits bamboo salad servers no 820398 Ø 220 x 135 mm 1 red no 820395 2 green no 820396 3 natural no 820397 1 2 20.76 € 24.70 € 20.76 € 24.70 € 20.76 € 24.70 € 3 e e bamboo bowl set sets of bowls in harmonising colours for cereal finger food or simply as decorative objects red orange yellow cream Ø 100 x 45 mm no 820364 28.15 € 33.50 € f d bamboo bowl small this bowl has a bulbous deep form and would make a very good fruit salad or muesli bowl Ø 150 x 100 mm 1 red no 820392 2 green no 820393 3 natural no 820394 1 2 13.11 € 15.60 € 13.11 € 15.60

arts and crafts r che t a -c sk eye y de lareearn ev o our book recommendation c 1 von der fläche zur form 2 extraordinary inlay work arranged in geometric patterns c marquetry rule extraordinary wooden ruler designed for daily use with an elaborate inlaid upper side various pieces of wood are arranged in complex geometric patterns to create inlay work mdf backing material cm scale 1 checked pattern 300 mm x 50 mm no 707932 16.72 € 19.90 € 2 various motifs 300 mm x 50 mm no 707933 16.72 € 19.90 € order hotline phone +49 0991 9109-902 • paul jackson this unique practical handbook provides the basics of paper folding in more than 70 techniques designing three-dimensional objects from paper is an important aid to decision-making for architects and interior decorators as well as in jewellery making it helps with both surface design and creating the form of complete objects in step-by-step instructions with simple folding diagrams the

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